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  • nokia e7

Anonymous, 10 Apr 2013Try to turn on the "Online" mode on the "Connecti... moreOther solution??? I try this...nothing again. In my Nokia 5800 GPS works perfect

  • Dunblex

PLK, 05 Apr 2013Exactly my point becuse at the first time i thought the problem ... moreNot only u man i've replaced mine 4times... it's d worsiest fone ever made by nokia..

  • Anonymous

Nokia Fan, 09 Apr 2013Why i cant navigate with nokia maps, GPS WAITING and nothing eve... moreTry to turn on the "Online" mode on the "Connection" setting.

  • Nokia Fan

Why i cant navigate with nokia maps, GPS WAITING and nothing even after 30 min waiting outdoors, i try with diferent positioning methods and still no change. Please HELP !!!! I love my Nokia e7 but this bother me so so much.

  • Cello

Lately when I try to use my camera, I get a message Camera module not ready.What is wrong

  • PLK

vikimax, 29 Mar 2013Nokia E7 is the best phone i´ve ever used, infact is the 3... moreExactly my point becuse at the first time i thought the problem lies with me which means i might have mishandled it. Mine's charging port has been replaced three times and currently is not charging again.

  • Anonymous

Nothing is perfect in everything. This phones may have mid ranges power (processor, RAM, and GPU), but miraculously Symbian can run even in a lower power requirements than this. Also, Nokia have already given several OS updates to this phone. Belle Refresh is the lattest, which is a very beautiful and good OS.

For nokia fans who like 4" big screen with Clear Black Display Amoled, Qwerty Keyboard, and very beautiful good looking phone, then E7 may be worth consideration. Beside taht the price of this phone is much cheaper now, especially the used one. Don't worry getting a second hand Nokia phone, because Nokia device is so durable, good built quality, and long lasting.

  • Anonymous

walexx, 20 Feb 2013My E7 is not charging for some days now the led light just keep ... moreno problem wid ur phone just use nokia's orignal charger..... It happened wid me ones

  • Macedon

hrishikesh, 01 Apr 2013I want to buy this phone should I by this phone yes or no?Go and buy it. Price for this phone now is low becouse of OS anything else is perfect trust me. I buy mine few days ago for 90 eura, Chears

  • balls

very good phone just that the battery life is limited ans that if stuck or hit by a virus, is easily affected

  • hrishikesh

I want to buy this phone should I by this phone yes or no?

  • pramod

hi guies its gud but being so hang yar

  • RIP Nokia

Very good looking phone but severely rushed by nokia. too fragile (repaired 3 times already including the famous charging port, unstable software. not a long term phone.

  • setiaji

Anonymous, 28 Mar 2013Does viber work on this phone?I have repaired my nokia E7, but need along time finished

  • vikimax

Nokia E7 is the best phone i´ve ever used, infact is the 3rd among Nokia´s top of the range phones. But nokia did not carefully look @ the specs before manufacturing the product. Nokia should have done the following for nokia fans to enjoy E7
1) nokia made a very big mistake by creating only one charging port compared to E6 and the likes. The charging port serve multipurpose function which will eventually damage the charging port. Many E7 users are complaining abt the charging port even myself, i´m experiencing the same.
2) the CPU is extremely low for such sophisticated phone. Atleast the CPU sho have been like 1GHz even higher.
Nokia should look @ the specs ones again and make adjustment to E7. My charging port is giving me serious probs and i really want to sell my phone.

  • Anonymous

Does viber work on this phone?

  • Anonymous

The E7 design is so beutiful and elegant.. especially the Dark Grey color.

  • smohibm

i buy this phone in shor time


I have been using this phone for a week. I keep getting updates on my gmail and BBC news. Can someone tell me where to switch off things. I want upgated when I log in not everytime.

  • Anonymous

nokia e7 is the worsest product of nokia! the device keeps freezing even after i updated! moreover there is no update regarding to this freezing issue of e7 from nokia! as far as i know maximum users of this device is facing the freezing issue and nokia seems to be pretty much quiet about this issue and not responding! by this mean they are losing the faith which we had on nokia few years ago! why should i buy nokia if they dont care about the users! i suggest samsung/apple/sony/htc and others are better from nokia coz they care about the users and tries to resolve! sorry nokia u guys are RiP for me! even if anyone offers me free nokia i wont take it! nokia is really getting worse day by day!
nokia should name themselve as No Care!!!!!!!!