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Nokia E71

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  • jay

Anonymous, 01 Oct 2008Totally 110% agree with dcarin14 and Sanjeev on this.. to me, wi... moresearch for free symbian software SEVEN... you will forget the outdated BB service... e71 rocks....

  • Jay

This is the phone because of which im proud of nokia. I was a little disgusted with n95 but still used it for 2 years and was sceptical of switching to e-series. the n96 is a big mistake by nokia which is yet to be realised... but this just awesome...!!!!! only the camera could have been better or NOT THERE...

  • swayze

hi all,

can you retrieve hotmail direct, in other words not by having to go to internet first, thanks a million

  • Shou Ji

UK Mobile Choice Consumer Awards 2008 :

- Phone of the year : Nokia E71
- Best Camera Phone : Samsung i8510 INNOV8
- Best Smartphone : Nokia E71
- Best Music Phone : Samsung SGH-F400
- Best Stylist Phone : LG KF750 Secret
- Manufacture of the Year : Samsung Mobile

(held at London's Old Billingsgate Market)

  • Unknown

decision maker, 03 Oct 2008dear all, just want to ask does anyone know whether this phone i... moreYes it does support Excel, Word and... but I'm not sure if you can modify them in your handset. What I know is this phone is very close to E51 (which I have) spec wise and I can't modify those files in my handset I just can view them. Reply to your second question, yes this phone is very capablity in organizer wise, it's the most complete phone in the market. I hope I was helpful.

  • Anonymous

met many users for E71.. most of them have this problem and that is dust enter the screen.

  • sam

e71-1 from ?

  • Jeff

This is the best Nokia Phone I have ever used, and I've had a bunch of 'em.

  • decision maker

dear all, just want to ask does anyone know whether this phone is able to edit word, excel, powerpoint? can it read these files in the first place?

If it is able to edit word, excel or powerpoint, can the files be linked to a windows os computer??

Lastly, how good an organiser does this phone have? is it able to show all the activities for the week, together with the different timings???

Thanks all for the advice and clarification.

  • Adam

LindaR, 02 Oct 2008Hi everybody. I'm thinking of upgrading from my Nokia 6680 to t... moreAs of today Linda, there is no better phone out there than NOKIA E71. Just buy a 8GB microsd card to upgrade your memory to the max and this phone is basically a mini laptop. Its solid stainless steel...and the best you can buy right now and the price is incredible!!

  • Ahauw

what else do you need?
extra storage? just equip this baby with an 8Gb Micro SD
camera? is a 3.2M pixel is not enough?
Internet connection? HSDPA up to 3.6Mbps
plus, you can play flv here.

  • reg

Anonymous, 02 Oct 2008I had a e71, or rather 2 e71's, both of which decided to crash o... more
i have to disagree.. my e71 is functioning as it should exactly according to its specs.. just an unsolicited advise, have to check the network though.

  • reg

LindaR, 02 Oct 2008Hi everybody. I'm thinking of upgrading from my Nokia 6680 to t... more
promise u wont regret getting e71.. I love this phone

  • Anonymous

I'm looking for a 'Net Monitor' software whihc an be installed on my E71. Basicaaly this software shall give me the Cellular operators' network strength in a particular location. Can anybody help me please

  • Anonymous

When I click the camera button it takes 3 second for the display to appear on the screen. Mind it am not asking about leg for picture but the time lag for view to appear.Is it normal?

  • Anonymous

I had a e71, or rather 2 e71's, both of which decided to crash on me (the later one twice in the same day) and when i connected it to my laptop to use it as a modem i (eventually) managed to connect, this was after half an hour of struggling with the bluetooth internet settings. i understand you'll be thinking, why dont i just use USB? well, whenever i did use USB and moved the phone even a little bit i would lose the internet connection...

tried to use the built in web browser, which was also slower than GPRS speeds, managed to download opera mini (also a verrryyyy long time to load a single page, not to mention the amount of time wasted downloading the application) which resulted in yet another crash. all in all, extremely fustrating and a high disappointment. Really liked (and still do like) the phone on cosmetic appearances, not to mention its spec. just the internet speeds (or lack of) in addition to its tendincy to shut itself down and reboot caused me to give up and just return both handsets!

HOWEVER before returning the handsets i decided to find out exactly how fast the internet was, so, after a fustrating wait of 5 minutes per webpage i managed to get onto broadband speed checker and run a test, only to get to 30% before losing the internet. again. its reading was 22kbps.

and to all those skeptics and cynics who love the e71 i dont blame you, and my area for mobile internet is fine, have used the lg viewty and a S/E and they work fine- just this model let me down, and it was such a shame =[.

Now im just hoping that it was a fault with that mobile, and not symbian s60, as i have my eye on the lg kt610.... so sorry nokia! amazing design, but could have been better.

  • LindaR

Hi everybody. I'm thinking of upgrading from my Nokia 6680 to the new E71. Anybody using the E71 yet? Is it a good choice? LindaR, South Africa

  • John-Lee

Hi Guys and Girls,can anybody tell me how many messages the E71 can store on the phone memory?Thanks a million,keep the site cooking,I love it!JL-South-Africa

  • SHaKeeL

Hi All

Is there any one knows about new Firmware when coming?


  • jazzyl

well i think i like this phone i will be upgrading my contract soon well ive had the E61 browser on that handset is very nice. and i think on the 71 it will be even more.. but im still a crackberry for life i own an 8310 CURVE