Nokia E71

Nokia E71

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  • xxx

battery cant last unitl 1 day , can anybody tell me y?

  • khan

my nokia e 71 have gps but i dont open without internet .any body can help me please .my phone is finland made

  • Roni

Anonymous, 08 May 2011It's very good....but we can't use it's front camera for taking ... moreDownload Camera fx software...u will b able to take a snap

  • anji

Nokia E71 is really good mobile , i am using this mobile from last 6months its performance is too good ,its cheap and best business mobile not only for business it can be also use for personal uses, white piece is very beautiful. Don't miss it

  • aven

this is da best phone.. ive used... grt phone with all da facilities...ive been using dis phone since 2008.. simply rockin!!!

  • AnonD-8524

adedayo, 12 May 2011please i bought Nokia E71x and i want to change the software to ... moreyou can try flashing your phone.. it is a complicated work but its rewarding if you do it right..if not your phone will be unusable... try upgrading your firmware via nokia pc suite..

  • AnonD-8524

Anonymous, 14 May 2011i dont like any phon without apps this phon is just confusing pl... moreyou can apply for certificates for your phone @ that's the downfall of symbian phones.. you need certificates to install apps... my phone is hacked..try downloading hellox.. you can google it guys...

  • AnonD-8524

this is a nice phone.. good cam quality.. you can download apps from for others who wants apps for their e71.. enjoy...

  • tnx

If you want to download symb application
If certificate expired, you must set the year / date
Before install it

  • Salim

I have bought Nokia E71. I am fetching some problems. I can not find the keypad light settings. Some time it dosen't light. How can I solve this problem.

  • Anonymous

i dont like any phon without apps this phon is just confusing pls if any one nows hw to hack it pls i cant install anything in this phon

  • Leon


dude just go to the site " and download Xplore from there and ur done ! and for some other other apps u have to hack ur phone using CERT and KEY

  • Anonymous

hai frends tell me how to upgrade E71 os

  • Lokeswar

Ist very good phone for internet users

  • tfash

where can i dawnload application expecially xplore on my phone because if i want dawnload xplore its usually write certificate expire pls what site can i download e71 app

  • adedayo

please i bought Nokia E71x and i want to change the software to Nokia E71. Please is it possible and how can i do it. Also the speaker does not loud , what should i do please.

  • sohail butt

Tomorrow I get the Nokia E71 then I'll use it ,then tell the truth of Nokia E71 phone is wanderful...!
But my think it is...........!

  • hello

Hi! My new E71 has a password to use bluetooth and I don't know the password. I tried simple p-words like 0000 or 1234 or 00000, but still no go... Can anyone help me?

  • sachin

not so much good

  • suramani

three month used... ideal for net usage by wi fi...