Nokia E73 Mode

Nokia E73 Mode

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  • Kollyrichy

No clear cut difference from E72. Is a very good fone with a long lasting battery life and easy route to the internet. But the fone sound system is inexplicably poor.

  • Nash

May i ask for it's Price in Philippine Market?
Is it alredy available here?


what is price value ?

  • arsl

v nice handset i have ever used.....

  • CK

It is like Nokia E71.not so good music quality.

  • iloveü_1428

Why there's no color BLACK?? :(
Almost perfect but no nokiaE73 color black D:

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]I'm in brov

  • malicia

[deleted post]i like it, where can c it 4 sale?

  • AnonD-23893

best phone i have ever used in ma life.

  • user4395

is it possible to use this phone in germany?

  • vickki

can sum1tell me d latest price 4 e73

  • Anonymous

there is no accelerometer in it :(

  • Mark

can you track an asset real-time on google maps this phone; i have tried other phones which are not able to download realplayer or flash player. Which other phone supports real player / flash player and can be used for real-time gps tracking

  • shakku

in my knowledge this hand set this handset i very easy to use & show i like it very much

  • AnonD-22809

Does anybody know how do I enable and disable 3G on this E73 mode phone?

  • belina

while it is true that u can not see videos thru the because it connects to the realplayer,or whatever player u have installed in the phone. there is away to actually see the videos on the site w/o dwnlding another app. i tried other apps to see videos and they did not work. i had sound but no pic.
so here is the way to see the videos thru the site like youtube...on ur phone when u are on youtube, scroll down to the bottom of the page, there u will see....desktop.. click on that and u r in youtube as if through an actually computer..IT WILL BE HUGE, but no worries hit the pound #) key and it will zoom out, and when u want to zoom back hit the star*) key.. and you will be able to see the videos through youtube.. also the back key always makes things so small, but what it actually does is give you the option to go back to other pages you've browsed..just that you would not know that if u dont try to figure out why the hell it does that.. so with ur sensor pad press left and it will go to other pages ,and right to go back to newest page.. the phone has alot of issues..but if one decides to stick with it. it helps to know these things and if we can live with it..i am still making my decision

  • belina

Gayle, 10 Jun 2011I hate this phone. It's not b/c of the great suite of features!... moreyour words speak truth.. i kept thinking it was a network problem until i got data. it is a phone also can not log into emails, or anything else that requires a password, well sometimes u can, but who wants sometimes. and only if your password has nothing else but letters in it. if u have symbols forget it.. and the list goes on.i think i will return it or exchange it.. the warranty is good.


how match price E73 ?

  • jerry

Is that mobile good to buy ........ how much it cost,, is that k to but that mobile with the suitable cost

  • Anonymous

I got one new nokiae73 but iside it does not watch video play function