Nokia E73 Mode

Nokia E73 Mode

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  • David Shenba

vasile, 04 Aug 2010... :) its actually hard to carry with you all the time a l... morevasile got a point. What is the use if we are not able to fully utilize the data speed or the front camera? But I think if it is possible in other Nokia phones (as you mentioned that your earlier mobile has it), then there should be an application for this phone too. Confirm before you buy.

  • vasile

... :) its actually hard to carry with you all the time a laptop and use it for skype calls... i cant imagine this in a bussiness world... easier to use a small, light tech... as a phone that has a camera and can be used for skype out to call any country in the world on the PHONE not on the LAPTOP... am i wrong? i was using the nokia n95 and making video conferance using fring and i was making a lot of skype out calls to different countries... the only bad thing was... i didt get fast conection, because on tmobile i was able to use only edge conection, so i was hoping to get 3g high speed conection to do all this stuff on tmbile, because i dont like verizon or att

  • Your Dad

vasile, 04 Aug 2010thanks guys... so , there is no skype app for nokia e73 mod... moreBuy a laptop along with E73. Carry both where ever you go. Install windows 7 and then Skype. Also get a mobile internet connection. Connect E73 to your laptop. Then you will be able to skype call technically through your E73

  • renee

hey guys.. i was planning on getting the E72 till i found out there's an e73. should i get this phone in stead? i'm reading all these bad comments about it
does it have wi-fi? and also i've been curious about what the messaging menu (texting) looks like as i'm a big fan of sony ericsson, wanted to get the Aspen phone but can't find it anywhere. also i've been reading that the E72 hangs a couple of times a day and that many people have problems calling and texting? is this true? makes me doubt whether to get this phone or not!
thanks! x

  • vasile

thanks guys... so , there is no skype app for nokia e73 mode... if fring doesnt have skype in its there is no use for the front camera for nokia skype app in fring, no skype app at all...or may be there is a skype app... anyone knows... that doesnt make sence to me if there is no video call posible with nokia e73...why then high speed and front camera...and its still have the old simbian...thats disapointed to me!

  • abu

vasile, 31 Jul 2010i have a question anyone used fring video call on... morePlease refer to fring newsroom. Skype banned fring.

  • ave

vasile, 31 Jul 2010i have a question anyone used fring video call on... moreat the moment there is no skype services in fring. (

  • shop owner

vasile, 31 Jul 2010i have a question anyone used fring video call on... morefring is a totally differant app, nokia uses a symbian app o/s but i am no sure is you will find the skype app.

  • Naeem Azizi

vasile, 31 Jul 2010i have a question anyone used fring video call on... morejust come to the point that Skype stop service with Fring, thats why skype not working with fring. U can download NIMBUZZ messenger

  • Sandeep Arya

Nokia E73 mode is available in India or not...

Would it be better than Nokia E72.

  • Sandeep Arya

Is Nokia E73 mode is better than Samsung S8003 (Also Known as Samsung Jet S8000).
I am planning to buy a E73 mode. Please suggest me.

  • rk2012

its price is 70$ in usa. It means around 3500/-.

  • Ohyeah

E73 looks way better than the E72. People saying that E72 is better is in a denial since it's the unit that they have.

  • wheres my name?

I didn't try this phone yet, but by the specs, I think this and the E72 are the same, except E72 looks better.

maybe, if a miracle happened, this would be cheaper than the E72?

  • vasile

i have a question anyone used fring video call on nokia e73 mode? when i download fring on this phone... there is no skype in the fring i cant call using skype ... or maybe there is a skype app for nokia e73... because i want to use it to call via voip using skype... easier and cheaper to call other countries... can anyone help me with...

  • forhad

i use e72 and i think it looks greater than e73 and also provides better service than it.

  • Anonymous

I have an E72 and it looks a lot better than E73. In fact, E71 and E72 look better than E73. E73 looks like a low end qwerty phone, not fit for corporate executives.

  • KS

E7.. series. Not much changes since E71, I still have the E71 before that I use to change at least a phone every year, after buying the phone 3 years back, Nokia still provide free navigation download ... shows that the people at Nokia still care for its faithful customers. Thanks Nokia.

  • Samurai

Whats the internal memory of this units? The E71 has 110MB with 256 MB ram..
I think they could've done better withe the look of this model, the E71 looks better.

  • karaberis

i think that E72 have similar specifications with E73.The E72 looks better than E73..