Nokia E73 Mode

Nokia E73 Mode

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  • Horsfall

Best of the E-Series...

  • CanadianDesi

Is this phone compatible with the Canadian Network WINDOMOBILE?

I think they are using 3G frequency 1700 and this phone is also got that.

  • Anonymous

yazi, 24 Jul 2010design is better then E72.nope! I like better the e72 design...

  • Eric

Can you the Wifi without the data package

  • yazi

design is better then E72.

  • +628561565645

only talk time m better..still overweight phone!!

  • BlinD Hacker

Why we need to purchase its the complete mirrior of nokia e72 with some less feature.... i think nokia need to end the smart e series, and they found other smart series like n8 type........

but my openion dont do that, we are proud your e series to purchase.

  • James

myfavorthing, 18 Jul 2010Is this a worldwide phone? Can I use this phone in Vietnam?... moreOf course because it is a quadband phone. Are you stupid or what?

  • Fatic

no infra red, cannot using tv remote ex psiloc ir-remote. still complete nokia E71

  • nufailnm qatar

what difference bitween e72 and e73

  • myfavorthing

Is this a worldwide phone? Can I use this phone in Vietnam? Thanks

  • Rajesh

What is the cost of the E73 in Chennai and where is this phone available ?

  • nwaka

Mr Nokia, 13 Jul 2010This phone is awesome and I'm selling a brand new one seale... moreyah sure its good alright, and in your site you practically added NO RETURN NEDDED, which means its not a good stuff.

  • Deep Aryan

can we play online stearming vedio on this mobile.
could you tell me .. which mobile support RTSP protocol suite.
i mean.. Run Time Streaming Protocol.

Plz suggest if you know...

  • Anonymous

DK, 14 Jul 2010Hummmmm!! Not able to understand what major difference betw... moreit was already mentioned a few times. the e73 is meant for the US market. its basically the same as the e72 though

too bad. i prefer this color scheme than the one on the e72..

  • Anonymous


  • DK

Hummmmm!! Not able to understand what major difference between the E72 and E73, Specification wise( OS/CPU/RAM/Camera/Battery backup etc.) both looks similar.

Even though Same OS version, But I like E72 much as compare to looks wise, specially the small buttons for Home-calendar and Contact-messages

  • Mr Nokia

This phone is awesome and I'm selling a brand new one sealed in the box.

I also personally have this same phone and love it! Couldn't imagine not having it.

  • Anonymous

imran, 11 Jul 2010nokia E72 is some what better than E73 in afte... moreI don't think you know but i need to tell you this if any phone got os it should have ram and processor oh! And it does.this phone got symbian os so that means it got ram and processor they didn't specify it though, maybe mistake.

  • Anonymous

What is Wifi Hotspot UMA and what is ATT anyway ?