Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520

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  • AnonD-88117

jide, 25 Feb 2013D L620 combination of nfc, dolby sound enhancement, flash & ... moreLumia 520 also comes with Dolby Sound Enhancement, you should check the Lumi 520 page

  • user

All Nokia user,

Tell me one think:- why people buys smartphone?? I think for better performance,for better camera can capture every moment in day or night,and for better music.
Am i right??? then check this all think before buying any lumia phone.

  • khotha

I am using lumia 510,and its worst camera con,t take over 1mtr photo in night with flash also.before buy this worst one, check its camera well.

  • AnonD-86376

I am seriously yet to figure out how Nokia managed to put dual core Snapdragon S4 processor, Andreno 305, IPS LCD 4" super sensitive screen in such a low price?!
I hope they dont compromise on build quality. But they are unlikely to as none of the Nokia phone in last year or so had disappointing build quality.
This phone puts other manufacturers especially cheap chinese phones in a shame.

  • AnonD-86376

Cube, 25 Feb 2013Does it supports wifi hotspot function those in androi... moreyes, it does support WiFi hotspot. This feature is called as simply 'internal sharing' in windows phone. And in windows phone 8, you can share your internet over WiFi to 8 devices simultaneously.

  • AnonD-117437

Priced at $184(~Rs10,000) 520 is real value for money. features similar to htc 8s, priced almost double.


  • AnonD-117449

Sounds nice...hopin' for a release in Germany :)

Alpha UCS

  • Chris_ro

Foot solider reborn. :)

  • AnonD-8044

Seems like Nokia are getting Symbian type battery life out of their W8 smartphones.

  • AnonD-85332

Yes, it does

This ill be a great phone, price will be around 149 here. That is in the price range of the Huawei W1. But with this phone you will get the cool Nokia apps.

  • Anonymous

Price is 139 + tax in Europe..

  • AnonD-95454

Cube, 25 Feb 2013Does it supports wifi hotspot function those in androi... moreyes, upto 8 wi-fi enabled devices.

  • rajesh pmr

this is a great budget phone device & it is great to have a windows phone within 12 k

  • jide

D L620 combination of nfc, dolby sound enhancement, flash & front camera to me are not enough to beat this L520 which had virtually all other features with additional battery capacity & screen estate. L520 is a better choice if its cheaper.

  • AnonD-116744

He's priced around 220 ni Europe

  • jide

jide, 25 Feb 2013Nice spec but easy guys, this is successor to Nokia 500,has no G... moreD earlier comment was based on d info available @the time. Seems gsma has updated d specs so XD you're right it does have gpu & by that it's better that L620. As for d implication if doesn't have gpu question, without it some applications can't work expecially games, learnt d hard way from Nokia 500, I had to buy my wife another phone Nokia 603 as replacements when some of her favorite apps on my Nokia 701 failed to work. So guys I declare L520 open to you all, but for me I can only have 720 after 701. Cheers

  • AnonD-58875

This phone just sliced me by looks hope it works fine. I wish it had radio too for the 10K pricing.

  • Cube

Does it supports wifi hotspot function those in androids.....?

  • Anonymous

Don't buy the lumia 620 yet. If you don't need the front facing camera and the led flash, this one is for you. It has much better design and better battery life.