Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520

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  • AnonD-117277

HTC Windows phone 8s and This phone has almost same specification.I think LED flash and gorilla glass(It has Scratch-resistant glass) is missing. But 8s is 19500 INR. But it will be around 12500 INR. Great phone.

  • sijo

what nonsense people are there in Nokia, killing it. No LED flash for a 5 MP camera. Bull shit.

  • sisufos

it has no clear black screen ?
i like this more tahn 620.. the camera flash is a big problem ? what do you think ?

  • Ronak

I m getting mad about it's design, i am definitely going for dis one. No matter i was about to buy the 620 as on release in India but this phone's design has killed me, i like it so much, Nokia please release it soon in India, it's going to rock the smartphone world, better to go with this rather f***ing up with the cheap droids...

  • vis

no led flash??

  • AnonD-117220

it w'll rock d mobile markt

  • AnonD-56666

I think it has no light sensor on top.

  • AnonD-56666

What if the gpu is not in it. What could be the prblems.

  • xd

how stupid are you ppl? :d it has gpu! lumia 520, 620 & 720 have the same chipset

  • Anonymous

What is the use of gpu if not there..

  • AnonD-107466

Loving this phone just by it's pictures.
Great features: The camera is fine(compare to others of the same price group). Beautiful WVGA display, I love the tiles design on the screen(reminds me of being different from other phones), battery timing is good.

What's more. Ram is fine, thus Windows 8 Phone doesn't eat that much resources as compared to Android(no offense) to run. Therefore, every thing is perfect.

I hope to see Nokia rising as a winner both in Smart phones as well as applications :)

  • AnonD-20711

[deleted post]aaah.. I had actually not noted the missing gpu. But still for EUR 140, its still a good low end lumia.

  • AnonD-20711

vish, 25 Feb 2013LOL who vote. 10/10 for this... i think the scores are usually set to 10 by default. Then they start coming down as people give their ratings.

A very nice phone for that price. It kills the lumia 620.

  • jide

Nice spec but easy guys, this is successor to Nokia 500,has no GPU. Don't make the kind of mistake I made the last time when I bought Nokia 500 for d wife, who needs a real smartphone had to buy 603 later. Go for 620 or 720 which I'll be going for myself to replace my aging 710.

  • AnonD-91370

Its price is RS12,000 nokia is back with a bang

  • AnonD-6094

i wish if it had flash

  • Xavi3R

This could be exactly what I needed.
A lumia 620 with better price , body and battery life
I dont need flash and secondary camera
I hope the price will be right...

  • hudahel

Promising specs, Nokia put the external memory slot back.
We will wait for the hands on review. =)

  • Khan

Nice phone

  • vish

LOL who vote. 10/10 for this...