Nokia Lumia 520

Nokia Lumia 520

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  • Tanaya

Hi Guys! I am Use This Phone Alredy.Camera Is Good.Video Playback Is Very Good.But, This Phone Is Very Hang.

  • nike

Its brilliant you can buy it by closing your eyes.

  • aaaa

hi, 08 Feb 2014hi guys... can i know how long the battery can stand per every c... moreI usually use GPS, and play games too much my battery lasts for less than a day.
for normal usage texts/ some calls about it lasts about 30 hrs.
Viber is stable in Windows Phones.

  • Dhruv

Where to view downloaded vedios in limia 520

  • hi

hi guys... can i know how long the battery can stand per every charge for normal use?... and can i know apps like whatapps, we chat and viber stable in windows phone.. please reply me.. thanks.. :)

  • musaddiq116

is it good for using facebook and twitter? does it support whatsapp and viber?

  • L520 user

Anonymous, 08 Feb 2014No, it won't be deleted.Yesterday i updated my phone first time and sadly it was updated to amber not Lumia black, i thought it was black update, as you said files are not deleted

  • hassan

i hv used lumia 520 last one month bt when i use internet my phone is very hot pls solution for me.......

  • AnonD-231597

used this phone in depth...its suitable for light users and who dont love much features in the who dont want much settings in phone,less apps,less games will love this phone and comment good.but phone is not suitable for smart heavy users,apps addicts,game addicts...missing large number of features....and phone is mostly suitable for pc users non pc users will cry....

  • kimbaby

how do i download music cause it seems to hanging

  • AnonD-231587

nokia lumia 520 is one of the best phn ever....
the one who don't know how to use windows.. comments bad about it.

  • Anonymous

L520 user, 05 Feb 2014If I used WiFi to update my Lumia 520 to black it will delete th... moreNo, it won't be deleted.

  • Anonymous

Look and feel is good.But here are some issues faced in last 6 months:
1. Hangs up sometimes(Needs reboot).
2. Sometimes the caller name is not displayed even when stored in contact list(Works fine when switched off and switched on later)
3. message SD card not found (after switching on), but can play the songs in SD card.
4. Won't detect service all of a sudden(at a place where network signals are pretty much high)

  • Maan

TejasN, 07 Feb 2014Dude, Go to settings> system settings > touch (4th last... moreThanks

  • Yo

I can only download games from store.There are only two good games for me.I know some websites that I can download great game,but it doesn't support window phone.It only supports android and IOS.If you like playing games, Go for android the best.What's good about window phone?

  • Maan

AnonD-100814, 07 Feb 2014Just on double tap to wake up.. when ur phone screen goes time ... moreThanks

  • Anonymous

In my lumia 520 when i try to used 3G it still show 2G . What is the matter ? Who can help me ? I live in the area that h 3G system . Thank in advance .

siva, 07 Feb 2014After i updated to black, my WhatsApp shows connectivity error, ... moreI think that the system of Windows Phone 8. I was using Lumia previously for 5 months only. In Lumia Amber and till GDR3 Preview for Developers, the WhatsApp that I installed show the same problem like you mentioned. Not only me, I checked the reviews on the Store about WhatsApp, many people in my region was experience the same too. Before I use Lumia 520, I used Galaxy Ace 2 never experienced that problem.


bad performance we cant send videos by bluetooth
many times it hang, not show memory card , many times no show the videos,cant play mkv files
its have no flash many time volume not discresed or incresed

  • siva

Is there any other alternatives to field test code, previously it is very useful to me, now i changed to black update, 2g irritating me... Please help me...