Nokia Lumia 525

Nokia Lumia 525

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  • Nokia

Nokia lumia 525 which sd card best in phone are Comfortable please tell me

  • raj

awsome experience!

  • shiva

Shri, 07 Apr 2014when we will get new update ....., mayb in few months....announce on april...

  • palu

can i download video or mp3 song? can i move downloaded file into sd card? does it support background download? can i share downloaded song or video with my PC?


  • rejoice

sp, 07 Apr 2014As I m downloading songs or taking by Bluetooth is making... moreIts a common bug in Windows phone..ignore it.

  • Monte

WOW!!! this one is really great with 1GB+Adreno 320+HTML5.just luck of a LED flash.

  • sp

As I m downloading songs or taking by Bluetooth is making 4-5 copies of d song in music player ....what is the problem?? ...even when I m using nokia camera ....same is happening with the pics ...plzzz help

  • Shri

shiva, 07 Apr far im using Lumia 525..i dun face any problem...juz a b... morewhen we will get new update .....,

  • shivayoges

Its a good phone...1 thing make me happy is it cum with 1 gb ram,.hehe

  • shiva far im using Lumia 525..i dun face any problem...juz a bit disappointed coz it don't hav led flash or front facing camera..i juz feel a bit happy coz It cum wit 1gb ram compare 2 his siblings like 520,720 or 620...dun worry soon we will get windows 8.1 n 2 many of applications waiting 4 us 2 upgrade

  • Satish

Somebody, 27 Feb 2014I can't has the same screen, camera, processor,... moreRam increased fro 512 mb to 1 gb u can play lot of games than 520

  • Cj chiran

Friends plz help me tht i am thinking to buy lumia mobiles and i am long time user and most lumia has 512 mb ram so in future if windows released latest version does it has the capacity to accept it or shall i select lumia 525 as my mobile as it has 1 gb ram bcus 1thing i am thinking is it has 4 inch screen its looking small thts why..... ! Plz help me in this prblm

  • user

Does not play live videosss

  • bonny

anything about sound in headphones..??
bass or treble etc..??
is it like sony or ok ok..??

  • ranjith

all spfts is good ,i love 525

  • AnonD-202089

with help of YOUTUBE-HD application

  • AnonD-226291

Gaurav, 05 Apr 2014Man... Lumia 630 is the only dual SIM WP8.1 Phone and u r compar... moreSaid right that WP8 runs smooth on 512 mb ram...but there are lots of games and apps that require min 1GB ram :-)

  • Neal

That is an awesome phone. loved it to much......

  • ghany

devarshi brahmbhatt, 05 Apr 2014i want to buy nokia lumia 525. does itz good phone......? or a... moreBuy canvas juice

  • sarvan

how download youtube videos