Nokia N70

Nokia N70

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  • sunilsinghngk@yahoo.

how to install softwares from mobile net
i cant install softwares like mig33,waptrick etc

  • Anonymous

Can anybody tell me where I find suit office for n70 (cracked)

  • Anonymous

It is the best phone for connectivity and for office use
i recommend NETQIN antivirus program,which is best now a days

  • Delts Warriors

I have 1 but in 2day,its keypad tear off leaving it like it have not enough teeth..he3

  • Dr. Basher

i am using N70. this phone is nice but little bit slow. and wats the recomended antivirus for this phone

thanks & regards

Dr. Basher

  • ishtiaq Ahmad

i have n70 but fewdays its phonememory show full butideleted notdeleted kindly send formatet procedure and restore phoneworkig


hi friends ... can any 1 tell me its phone on ringing or acseding ?please help me out thaNks

  • charmed

I have this phone for six months now, and it is a nightmare. At first I am enjoying it. Then, after a few months, it started to "hang". I can't even send a simple txt msg. I am now thinking of going back to SE.

  • lolo_da_king

Hy guys! this phone is gr8.but i have a problem with it.altough i dont keep anything on the phone memory it is still 16 meg it gets more and more by the week.can anyone tell me why and how can i fix it?pls!!!! P. S. I have 15 themes but they are installed in my 2 gig card,an they are not even 8 meg in total.and the music player is very this all because of the card? pls help!!!!!!!!

  • Anonymous

you can download at

  • essen

can anyone tell me where to get opera 9.5 the latest version(cracked)???

  • Anonymous

n70 is a good phone but i cant deny that in time it gets a bit shady! over all its a good phone, i have mine for two yrs

  • Waqas

@ visor619
thanks i will update i now

  • John

Nokia n70 is very good fone.I love it.Very much

  • shem

that's a good phone... i have 1 and i love it... it's really2 stylo...

  • Dragon

This phone is great.Can it support 2GB memory card?

  • gee

hey im looking for codes mfor the nokia n70 music phone pls!!! my phone is way to slow .

  • Anonymous

its nice but i had a small problem with this phone can any one tell the solution for it. My mobile gets switched off even if the battery is full. Its normally gets switched off in the nights when I dont use it. Can any one help me out. please mail me the solution.

  • visor619

@ ian
yes the virus might infect ur fone.. it might enter ur fone through the files u transfer n then affect the system files.. therefore dont do so to keep ur fone safe

  • visor619

@ mystery guy
the fone is gr8 n ive bin using it for almost an year now.. the sound and camera quality havent changed yet.. n as for fone hanging, its probably because of the loads of crap symbian applications u installed on to the fone. the fone is not to blame, its the user who shud be blamed.