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Nokia N70

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  • Maximus Decimus Meri

I have use this set for last 5 month.the posetive thigns are--
1.Symbian OS(so u can install software,games,themes)
2.Mp3 player pixel camera with flash
4.visual Radio
5. 3G supported.
6.very good recent call log(last 30days)
7.very attractive degin.
8.Music edition has 1GB memory card included.
9.very useful & attractive hands free.
10.Mp4 supported video recorder.(Real player)
11,Very fast bluetooth

Negative things are---
1.very very slow OS(Processor speed 220MHz)
2.Poor imaje quality.(specially in indoor imaje,out door imaje r good but not equivelanet to samsung).no auto focus. quality (indoor)are poor.
4.Mp3 player without visualization & equalizer!!!
5.recorder can record only 1min(u hav to install other software for extended record)
6.Poor camera for 3G(front VGA camera)
7.Poor display & resulation(176*220pixel & 256kb colour)low contrast.
8.Lack of addiotional supported software(that other brand offer.u have to download & install new software)
9.Lack of 2d & 3d animation.
10.Phone speaker is not good at all
11.Batery drains too fast(if u heard song then u have to charge it every day)!!! volume rocker button!!!
13.very bad auto lock management(u have to enter passward every time)
14.Display time out require minimum 1min.
15.No attractive screen saver available.
16.poor gallery management(video & imaje are in a single folder)
17.poor ring tone folder/sound clip management.(mp3 ring tone which is bigger in size r shown in the tract or mp3 player menu)

  • rIz

i think this is the best ever phone of Nokia. Economical, durable, stylish & having almost everything which normal user needs.

  • rIz

i think this is the best ever phone of Nokia. Economical, durable, stylish & having almost everything which normal user needs.

  • sweety

is n70 is good?bcoz i want to buy dis phone....?

  • Anonymous

If your battery drain fast, maybe your phone is infected with a worms called cabir or caribe virus...

  • Sarah

hello can anyone tell me please i have n70 music edition so i have 1 gb card right now can anyone tell me in music edition 2 gb card supported waiting for the reply i need to buy a 2 gb card so please kindly help me thankyou all of u

  • Raju

hi, i want to purchase this phone, plz tell me the free things that i will get with the phone and the expandable limit of the phone.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 26 May 2008Can anybody tell me where I find suit office for n70 (cracked)nokia site

  • stylishdelinquent

Can some one please help me... My wife and I sometimes use the same phone and on the N70, deleted items can be retrieved...does anyone know how this is done?

  • armaghan

N70 is very beautiful mobile and all software inclnded in it.

  • Supastar

Help plz, when i try 2 open my messages da fone freezes completely! I hev 2 take da batrey out in order 2 get da fone workin again, but when i open my messages i experience da same problem! Any techno genius out der, plz help!

  • Jark

Anonymous, 26 May 2008Can anybody tell me where I find suit office for n70 (cracked)use mobi-system office suite v.4. it can open ms word,excel and powerpoint files u can even do editing. it has a nice interface nd very user friendly. u can download it full version at juz dont 4get to register...

  • Relap

lolo_da_king, 24 May 2008Hy guys! this phone is gr8.but i have a problem with it.altough ... moreYou may not have set the message folder to memory card. Open message menu then press option and click the submenu other set the option of saving the message in memory card. And there could be another prob that is if you have gprs connection enabled your lifeBLOG may be sending clicked photos to some BLOGs automatically and that is getting stored in the phone memory. to disable it go to lifeblog menu and set web permission to disallowed. . Then Download file explorer from use it to delete all photo memory stored in the phone . . .

  • sunilsinghngk@yahoo.

how to install softwares from mobile net
i cant install softwares like mig33,waptrick etc

  • Anonymous

Can anybody tell me where I find suit office for n70 (cracked)

  • Anonymous

It is the best phone for connectivity and for office use
i recommend NETQIN antivirus program,which is best now a days

  • Delts Warriors

I have 1 but in 2day,its keypad tear off leaving it like it have not enough teeth..he3

  • Dr. Basher

i am using N70. this phone is nice but little bit slow. and wats the recomended antivirus for this phone

thanks & regards

Dr. Basher

  • ishtiaq Ahmad

i have n70 but fewdays its phonememory show full butideleted notdeleted kindly send formatet procedure and restore phoneworkig


hi friends ... can any 1 tell me its phone on ringing or acseding ?please help me out thaNks