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  • Odietz

anjath, 04 Jul 2008hey.. there is no better phone in the market right now in this p... more6220 music quality is on par with N81, so you only have to sacrifice wifi

  • Anonymous

can you use n78's fm transmitter and receiver at the same time?

  • Anonymous

how good is the sound of the n78 fm transmitter to the other fm receiver?

  • n78 owner

allenkeynyc, 03 Jul 2008how slow is the gps without data assistance? are you really rea... moreThe gps with out data assistance is still quick enough, yes you really get used to the keys in fact now i'm finding when i text my thumb is actually sliding across the bars of the keypad so it's even quicker, did have a problem with the keylock today not unlocking unitil the third time or so but switched the phone off and on now it's ok, i'm actually not sure if you can ajust the keylock at all cant seem to find the menu for it and nothing in the user menu.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 03 Jul 2008if only n78 is dressed in n81 8gb's clothes, or if only n78's fe... moreIf you want N78 features plus more in a slider you should wait for the N96 looks like that phone will be a winner

  • Phea

anjath, 04 Jul 2008hey.. there is no better phone in the market right now in this p... moreThanks that you spend your value time to give me many good ideas concerning to N78.....i decide to buy it today :) . Take care....

  • anjath

Phea, 03 Jul 2008I'm planning to buy N78... It's only 430$ that is affordable. Bu... morehey.. there is no better phone in the market right now in this price range. its got everything. u should first of all understand that in forums and such posting areas only people who have problems post. those who are happy with it dont waste their time rumbling here. there is no problem with the n78. its the best phone in this range. it has almost everything. if you dont want music quality go for n82 with 5mega pixel and xenon. if you want to lower price and can sacrifice both wifi and music quality then go for 6220. but in the long run n78 is the way to go. all the best. the only phone marginally better than n78 is the n95 8gb because of its large screen and few other things but still the n78 beats it many areas which you can know easily by just comparing the spec sheet.

  • Anonymous

if only n78 is dressed in n81 8gb's clothes, or if only n78's features are put into n81 8gb's casing, this would've been great! n78 is a lot more feature-packed than n81 8gb but the looks is simpler & cheaper than n81 8gb. n78 wouldve been so much better if it was a slider. n78 almost has it all except the design! how i wish n78's design is that of n81 8gb, but of course keeping its slim dimension. because first and foremost, n78 has more rights to be in the N8x lineup than n81 8gb which should be in the N7x. you know what i mean?

  • dick

hi i am from singapore. i have this phone for 3 weeks and would like to share my thoughts about nokia n78

- build quality sucks. you think your sony/samsung buttons creaks, not responsive and has dust under the screen/camera, paint peeling off, wait till you see this nokia...

- camera flash and sound cant be switch off. i have no idea why other manufacturers can and nokia cant. dont make sense at all!

- call quality is loud and clear and voice is natural. some other manufacturers distort the voice into mickey mouse or robots.

- music player on headphone is good. sounds like my mp3 player and on my pc. amazing music playback hours, even better than my mp3 player. dont hang anymore after new firmware. other phones may be able to listen to music but the sound and the music playback hours cant compare with the n78.

- camera is good and fast(1 sec). 1 megapixel without autofocus on nokia n78 looks as good as 5 megapixel with autofocus on some brands. dont think about the pixels, think about the quality.

- battery is amazing. after listening to 2 hours of music, received a couple of calls and sms, watch some video clips, view some pictures in gallery, take a couple of pictures using camera, using the alarm clock functions, 12 hours later the battery meter is still full. my phone is turned on 24/7 and so far i charge the battery every 3.5 or 4 days. should be able to last 7 days on light use.

excellent phone for music and camera if you can ignore the terrible build quality.

  • Odietz

6220 classic if you don't need wi-fi, furthermore it's cheaper.

  • Phea

I'm planning to buy N78... It's only 430$ that is affordable. But i'm reluctant to get it after seeing the many cons of N78.... Is there any perfect phone for me ??? :T_T:

  • Anonymous

Battery is not enough, it should have 35000 mah lion battery, so it's standby time will be about a year.

  • allenkeynyc

how slow is the gps without data assistance?
are you really really getting used to the smallness of the keypad? i tested at the nokia store and found it so frustrating, fashion over function.

any help with my forum post?­897

  • ram

The Nokia N78 runs on a newer OS with nicer fades and animations as well as other improvements. You can review Neilís

  • n78 owner

luversdoc, 02 Jul 2008yes i have been using the fone...but got probz on the ear [iece.... moreI have owned the N78 for about a week now and have had it changed over once for the following problems,
Loudspeaker crackle on phone calls,
Back light overflow due to poor build quality
Call / log button failure
The replacement phone has no problems now although for the first day I was having a problem with the call button again not working but then the phone sorted itself out so i suspect it is a software glich, also had a problem with the back cover having movement and generally not feeling very solid on both phones rectified the problem by folding up some paper and placing behind the cover so now feels great and solid dont know why nokia didn't pick up on it and stick some foam on the back cover though, despite what people say about the keypad i have little problems getting used to it once you use the phone for a bit you should be able to text as quick as any other phone, the clear key though is placed in a bad postion feels like you need a double jointed thumb to reach it, the end key also feels like its placed a little too close to the edge but it's useable, im also still getting small amounts of backlight overflow all around the sides of the keypad in the dark due to the design but i can live with that, i'm a moderate user and get about 2 days use out of the phone before charging, the navi wheel is flawed just a bit to sensitive and does not work in all menus but you can switch it off if it's not for you, overall im pretty happy with the phone its really light and a good size for what it is and the software platform is quick along with nice transitions which can be activated via the themes, its worth the money despite the average build quality

  • Anonymous

8GB is no problem, available for less than 30 euro in netherlands (Mediamarkt) See < a href=''>


it was a good loking ph.but prich is very hi.

  • luversdoc

yes i have been using the fone...but got probz on the ear [iece...when i was in a call couldn't hear well...its cam isn't dat good...and sometimes it gets mad, the sensors on the joystick become too sensible...i dunno but there are loadz of probz on this fone...its options also isn't as usually friendly as other fone...if u want to have a number of a contact who missed call you...u have to go to ur phonebook coz u cant get it from ur log else u fone the person den the num dont make such fone again...

  • wants 2 knw

ay can dis pone use an 8GB memory card???

just wanna knw!!

  • gaurav

it is a good phone