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Nokia N78

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  • dave loves kayne

n78 is now officially available in the Philippines! 20,200 pesos. 2gb memory card.

  • The killer

@vijay and babyLUV

you both should also consider the n82. In my opinion you will like it. Also its cheaper than the n78.


who overtook nokia? Whats ur source? Stop living in dreams. This is the opinions section. Try to help some1 rather than posting fake homemade things.

  • Alavalathi Jeffy

Nokians today are not properly naming their N-series phones. N82 should have named N95-1 n vice versa. N95 is such a feature packed fone, but they used a lower Amperage battery that sucks!!! Why do they do like that?

  • Vijay

anjath, 10 Jun 2008hey vijay! DONT buy n95. it has lower spec than the new n-series... moreThank you brother. Thank you very much for your help.

  • lullabye

Nice features thats good on N78.
The music player and radio is good. Agree with sarmad.
Display is also good.
I use a lot of FM transmitter and its a treat. Transmit good quality of music to my car audio.
UPnP support is INTERESTING. Home media! Wish that nokia include a full version that is free.
PTT is also a treat at project site and plant proved to be usefull.
Speaker is ok but just... Im hearing impaired! ;P
Camera and photo software is good.
(see also previous comment)
Sarmad i have no problems with the camera flash.
I do however encounter some hiccups while using the transmitter.
And 1 wierd display color distortion while going out from keypad lock.

  • Anonymous

can we set Swf (Flash files) as wallpaper in N sieries phones (Like 6500s,5300)
Or do we need to install flash lite s/w for that?

  • Quicksilver

I wanted to know from those who have used the n78 & n95 8gb.which is the best phone among this 2 in music and loudspeaker

  • anjath

Vijay, 09 Jun 2008I want to buy a new smartfone. N95 and n78 are under considerati... morehey vijay! DONT buy n95. it has lower spec than the new n-series phones. the memory low problem exists. the ram available is low. the internal memory is low. there is no auto rotate. there is no xenon flash or lens cover.

if you meant N95 8GB then ok.. there is no battery problems for that. its one of the best nokias ever. but n95 8gb is different from n95 even though they look same. thats why n95 8gb is way more expensive due to better power better battery and LARGE screen (2.8 inches is really good)

if n95 8gb doesnt come within budget then your choice is simpler. get the n82 if 5mp and xenon flash is your preference. get n78 if you are music oriented. n78 is better than n82 in all departments except camera and flash.

operating system
headset with remote
web with feeds
geo tagging
24hr music playback
brighter screen etc.. plus every other dept u can think of. so letting go of 1.8mp of cam power looks like a good option!

pls avoid n95. atleast for the price its coming now its not worth it.

  • Vijay

I want to buy a new smartfone. N95 and n78 are under consideration. But i heard rumour about the poor battery life of n95. So iam in a deep trouble. Should i sacrifice d xtra 1.8mp or should i take the global leader? I use phone heavily for sending sms and for hearing songs in loudspeaker. Please help me out. Thanks!

  • Sarmad

I am using this for a week now. Very nice feature packed phone, I would say an allrounder.
Excellent Music player
Good camera but have seen better 3MP cameras
The menu setting and GUI very nice
Nice browser
Expensive looks, nice materials used
Nice innovations navy wheel and breathing
Hard keypad
Buttons positioning awkward
Call end button very tough, never sure if i have ended a call. I dont know if its the same with every one.
One little bug though, my camera flash does not turn off. Does any one have this problem?????

  • BabyLuV

CONFUSEEEEED! which phone to get... when i go to nokia n81 8GB opinion... users say get the nokia n78 and here they say it sucks... so honestly I don't know which one to get... thought about getting nokia n95 * GB Ugly phone but amazing features... so confusing????????

  • lullabye

My comments on the keypad layout.
The NAVI Wheel(tm) is a GEM! like it and kudos to the decision to include it no matter what other people say. Coz i believe designs if it makes things simpler and better its should be all to use and not for profits. Same goes to touch screens.
The browsers shortcuts is good too.
The numeric keypad makes my thumb goes numb and for people with soft fingers and text a lot it'll sort of harden ur thumbs like a guitar player fingers would. (which i reckon the design team has)
The Clear (C)button at bottom right is not very good. It slows u down when correcting massage typos.
The answer (green) and end (red) button is a bit tricky to use and while on that, the menu button position takes a little time to get use to/ u have to get use to.
While on active call my thumb kept on touching the camera button. Same goes to the camera lens, with my pointing finger.
The camera shortcut button. I feel that i have to press and hold too long of a time to activate the camera. I know its to safe-guard against accidental pressing but i wish i can dictate the time of pressing. Makes me feel that its unresponsive which it is not.
Oh well.. Just to share with you folks. Any other who would like to share their oppinion?

  • j

surprise surprise, nokia chirp up with yet another dodgy n series phone, how many of these cheap trashy phones r nokia gonna throw at us(this being the worse n series of the lot!) go back to the days when u kept things simple, you know the days when u were the best around, sadly now, you've been over taken!!!

  • MiGs

The speakers are poor.. As i've posted here:­he-sound-of/
its like the sound of an old radio when playing a song...

However, the user interface is great. no hang ups.. its fast and smooth to use.


Its wi-fi capable so you can surf the web and yes, make VOIP calls using your favorite mobile phone VOIP application.


I'm reviewing the N78 so if you have questions in mind please place them here or visit

Thanks guys!

  • Anonymous

Parth, 09 Jun 2008Very poor phone. its bogus. pl. pl. Dont buy it .sold it after 1... moregood phone~!

  • Parth

Very poor phone. its bogus. pl. pl. Dont buy it .sold it after 1 day use.believe me i swear this is true. Speakers has low volume then 95. The main thing is that fea. Pack 2 is very buggy. when you try to go back to any app. it exits and returned to standby screen. if you any questions feel free to ask me

  • Anonymous

RMQ, 09 Jun 2008Can the Wifi be used to surf the net or is it just for voip calls?yes wifi is for surfing web

  • RMQ

Can the Wifi be used to surf the net or is it just for voip calls?

  • jimbob

is the n78 louder than the n81 only people that have had these phones apply and no se lovers that bash the nokia fans

  • anjath

Special, 08 Jun 2008thank you, i tried finding the option for the idle time, and i g... moreyes.. that light on the navi wheel is termed as "breathe" by nokia. i think they were trying to let us know that the phone is still breathing (not switched off?) or something?? anyways.. there is an option in settings for the breath option also were you could turn it off and on.