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  • Tsepz

Any word on Vodacom are getting N78? Im planning to upgrade to this BEAUTY of a Multimedia Computer next month, hopefully it wont be branded.

  • Special

anjath, 06 Jun 2008congrats special! nice to see ur enjoying it. about that ques... morethank you, i tried finding the option for the idle time, and i guess what you said was right, that's why in the center of the navi wheel the light lights up when you get a message or a call instead of showing it to you on the screen like the previous nokia phones..

im really having fun using the phone, and im not finding any problem with the phone.. to all the people who are saying the buttons are bad, i've been messaging now for 2 days, and its very easy and i havent even typed a wrong key until now which shows that typing with the buttons are easy.

The only thing is that the back cover moves abit and that sometimes bother's me, but the phone itself is excellent!

  • Dani

It looks %&*(*&^%^&*&^ messed

Design were on Drugs when they designed this N78
what were they thinking ?

and the keypad? W880 style..

  • Waqas

ram, 06 Jun 2008n78 camera 3mp 550$ also n82 5mp 430$ why?My brother cuz its new and has some new features which other 3 megapixel phones dont have.First read and then comment

  • MuFeeD

Quick, 06 Jun 2008I wanted to know from those who have used the n78 if the loudspe... moreno the sound is not as loud as n73..but is loud enuf..!

  • mi

I just wanted to know bout the handsfree quality compared to sonyerricson's
i really linke the soniz. is n78 az good az talking bout hands free sound quality.
the shape and convenience apparently is not as good as sony's [img][/img]

  • anjath

viperkid, 06 Jun 2008based on ur needs and plans, i think N78 would be ur best choice... morethat was outstanding viper.. good review and opinion.. ill tell you another good site for you just like smape.

again just like smape there are two versions russian and the translated english version. check it out.

  • JOEŽ

Ramesh, 06 Jun 2008Folks, I bought this phone a few days ago and returned it yeste... moreRamesh, the first shipment of nokia phones "ALWAYS" contains defects.. And these defects are changed with firmware updates...

As for the battery cover and the speaker, after a while of manufacturing, they improve, so you should wait for a good n78 to come out...

N82 had same problems in first shipments as well.

  • Anonymous

Silence, 06 Jun 2008i m agree with u not that big difference between n78 and n82 the... morethanx for telling me i didnt know that US version is out

  • Silence

ram, 06 Jun 2008n78 camera 3mp 550$ also n82 5mp 430$ why?i m agree with u not that big difference between n78 and n82 the only which i sawis, n78 is slim and light that weight and the os is Symbian OS, S60 rel. 3.2, the only big difference is n78 have HSDPA 2100 / 900 and HSDPA 850 / 1900 - US version (which is out in the market)­php?product_id=snp883

  • Gud Marus

just like a chinese n82

  • Goale

N82 is best than N78

  • ram

n78 camera 3mp 550$ also n82 5mp 430$ why?

  • Anonymous

viperkid, 06 Jun 2008based on ur needs and plans, i think N78 would be ur best choice... moreGreat review. Appreciate your time & effort.

  • Quick

I wanted to know from those who have used the n78 if the loudspeaker is the same as the n73

  • Anonymous

des, 06 Jun 2008hi do i off the blinking of light at interval times a... moreI believe I saw an option somewhere in settings called breathing which disables that light.

  • des

hi do i off the blinking of light at interval times at the navi-wheel there?

  • viperkid

Anoymous, 06 Jun 2008Guys I am considering to buy a phone with a good music playing c... morebased on ur needs and plans, i think N78 would be ur best choice. coz it has the best camera wd autofocus and flash, and very good sound quality (in stereo speaker mode and earphone mode [provided dat u plug in a good headset]).

besides, N78 also has d biggest screen amongst em (great for viewing d pics/vids u wil be taking wd its camera). not to mention d intuitive navi-wheel (for easy navigation on ur ever growing music library) plus d ability to search in music library too (a la phonebook) by gradually typing d first letters of d song for faster selection of ur tracks.

wd regards to music playback, both W980 n N78 have d same stamina whilst dis phone, 5320XM got d upper hand by offering a whopping up to 24 hour or 1 day of continuous music. though d latter obviously scores d least wen it comes to camera but still, 5320XM is capable of shooting QVGA videos @ 15fps. take note dat N78 is again d champ here, coz it can produce up to 15fps-VGA resolution videos wd great stereo audio sound. bare in mind dat W980's camera interface is quite ancient, its in portrait mode unlike d nokias mentioned­w-250p6.php

a few extras, N78 also has WLAN which is good for uploading pics/vids u've created and even utilizes A-GPS in finding ur way to or a place/establishment and also serves an added feature in geotagging ur pics. u can play games in landscape mode with 5320XM wd dedicated gaming keys. both nokias r n-gage ready

FM transmitter r both found in W980 n N78 which can be handy if u forgot ur iPod so u can easily beam (over-the-air) though short ranged only into ur car stereo wd style =)

memory department, W980 has an internal 8GB flash based storage which i admit a pretty capacious for a phone but if ur an audiophile, takes lots of pics/vids or love watching movies on d go 8GB aren't really dat big. albeit N78 n 5320XM either r inboxed wd 1 or 2GB microSD cards only, these devices r microSDHC compliant, meaning theoretically, they can handle up to 32GB cards in d very near future. so far d biggest available microSDHC card is 12GB from SanDisk. also, do consider d processor inside of these phones, d nokias got a faster CPU, being 369mhz n 96mb n 128mb SDRAM in the order (meaning faster operation n better multi tasking). so in those departments, N78 n 5320XM wins­sic­oducts/phonegallery/w980/p_w980.jsp

back to music, N78 n 5320XM has an in-built 3.5mm audio jack for more convenience in using ur own headsets while W980 still uses d SE proprietary interface in connecting d adapter for u to use a 3.5mm jacked earphones. for dat matter, d nokias gets d positive point again

other music functions, W980 has walkman ID (basically d device gets database info from Gracenote, just lyk wat some music savvy Samsung phones do - relying on audio sound waves) which is a very cool feature, record a short clip of d song send thru their server n let them recognize d song title, artist for u. means less of d guess work of song titles u do not know =) this time, W980 wins

another one by W980, shake control. press walkman key n shake forward, backwards twice to easily go to d next or previous track, while shaking it back n forth will do shuffle mode. although u can do this too (except for shuffle) by using d dedicated keys on d phone (also wd 5320XM) or even wd d remote control from d audio adapter. on d other hand, 5320XM's say n play feature is also a cool feature, press d XpressMusic button n simply name d track title, artist or title n artist of d song n 5320XM will play em for ya immediately =) juz imagine wen u r driving, dis feature wil be very useful. who wins dis part? well it depends on ur preference..

last but not d least, both N78 n 5320XM r symbian OS phones using d flexible S60 UI whilst d SE W980 uses d A200 platform. again, it's ur choice.

but f u ask me, n if i wer in ur shoes n money is not an issue, i'll get N78 without a doubt. in fact, aside from d ones i said, the built-in accelerometer of W980 is d only real edge of dis particular walkman phone wen compared to N78. only IMHO guys.

in d end, its still up to u. answer ur questions.. wat features u rarely use, form factor/design u love, functions dat u think most essential n abiding to u, quality, ergonomics, price wise n other stuff dat would be beneficial n be more appropriate to ur personality in other words use ur good judgment. then if u've got ur checklist done, d last thing i could think of dat u do is.. follow ur heart

N78 review­rev.html

W980 review­w-250.php

hop dis helps =)

(sorry if i got a lil mushy.. geez, i got carried away)

  • Pep

Anonymous, 04 Jun 2008can you please tell me what is Fm tramitter?? n wich cell would... moreN82 for sure, looks better, better cam...

  • anjath

sam, 06 Jun 2008is its loud speakers and headset louder than n81??? i'm going... moreif you want music and games only then go for n81 no point in spending big money on n78. but if you have enough money and want a decent camera fm transmitter a-gps better navi-wheel high capacity battery and hsdpa then go for n78. there is no doubt in that