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  • ALE

A full black colored version would be nice..

  • >$

i think the nokia n78 is one of the best nseries phone ther is up to date...!!! its absolutely the best phone iv used,only those who has used the phone will knw what am talking about. its not just about the navi wheel or how its made its about the performance and the features this phone has. 10 out of 10 for me.

  • Anonymous

the only thing that i like about this phone is the keypad coz i think it's sexy. but that's just about it. no more no less.....

  • Anonymous

isn't 1200mAh enough...?
and how can you judge a phone that it isn't coming out or even reach the final production stage...?
we shall see once N78 comes out...

  • Anonymous

looks quite pathetic actually. and the plastic quality they have started using can rival pencil boxes being used at schools at the best!

  • Anonymous

LOL you are so fool to think the battery will last more then a day
wait and see

  • Anonymous

@ 0@u{
u r so Stupid this phone has music playback time upto 24 hrs has video play back time of 6hrs (VGA@15fps) where as 10hrs of videoplay back @QVGA resolution however talktime is claimed of upto 5hrs bcoz Nokia never advertise false specification they minus the talktime since people operate phone which reduces power and as far Touchscreen concern Nokia is still working on it bcoz Nokia already released Touchscreen based internet tablet N810 has WVGA screen which might be just an experiment to see the review of people.

  • Anonymous

TO oh realy
tell me one phone of the latest nokias the has:
touch screen
fast interface
battery that last more then a day
u can?

  • Oh really?

N78 copies what from SE? I really don't get it..... - -'
tell me one SE smartphone (or even normal phone) that have all of the following features at 350 EUR:
- relatively thin, compact (76cc)
- 3.2 MP cam VGA 15 fps
- 2.4" 170 degree wide viewing angle 16min display, ambient light sensor also
- GPS/AGPS, top-class maps from Navteq
- true 3.5mm stereo jack
- stereo speaker
- native youtube built-in
- flash light 3.0 support
- native A-class mobile game support
- top class N91-like audio quality, 24 hour of audio playback
- straight 6 hour of VGA 15 fps playback time (9-10 hour for QVGA mpeg 4 30 fps)
- smartphone platform with 10K+ applications
- decent 1200mAh battery

I know you cant..55

  • symbianworld

Here more information about the N78:­with-nokia-n78-n96-product-managers/

  • CHAD88

Navi wheel

nothing special...crap phone
Nokia tries to copy Sony Ericsson.

  • CHAD88

lol. 3.2megapixel and The navi wheel..nothing special and prefitted 2gb micro sd makes the N series Much Expensive! Crap phone.

  • Yasir Bukhari

Dear, Please anyone could tell me about processors in Nokia N96, N78 or 6220 classic?

  • JE sam

This having lost of very best featute....
3.15 mega pixel Carl Zeiss optics, - Built-in GPS receiver
- A-GPS support
- Stereo FM radio
- FM transmitter
- 3.5 mm audio output jack
Document viewer
- Wi-Fi
defenitely the sounds are good in this piece coz of 3.5 mm jack.. there is no any other feature is needed for a good phone. really its a master storke..
the only drawback is the design is not good enough.. else its a best one next to N96..

  • bubert

n73`s bigger brother;))

  • Gianluca

Nokia is the best brand! This phone is better than the n73, is the evolution!

  • Hoang

It's so great the nokia n78

  • Engr: Syed Asad

It is Very nice and eye catching set, its look great then N82, I'm waiting for Gsm Arena To Review On N78

  • XPERIA and N96

why u people consider battery performance on talktime this phone will offer 24 hours of music more than 260 minutes of video playback at VGA 15fps it will snap around or more than 300pix hence such performance is great foq a phone also u forget that XPERIA X1 has many power hungry features like WVGA screen with touchscreen 500Mhz CPU also the phone uses powerhungry WINDOWS MOBILE OS where as Symbian OS consume less power sure XPERIA X1 going to be one of best handset but don't forget about Nokia N96.