Nokia N78

Nokia N78

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  • R

This is one of the best phones i have seen in a very long time.

  • najkks

I think this is a nice piece of phone, small enough but yet packed with nice technique.. and YES the pics are the same quality as the N73!!

There's a cam-test on N73.. with SE-K800 and LG-5mpix-phone.. It seems like the N73 kicks the other phones out of that test..

If you're going to re-edit the pics on say a computer or so, you should get the SE-K800.. cause it has more "real live pics", but if you're just going to mms them, post them on to a blog, or send them to friends and so on, you should get the Nokia N73.. because it has more *wow* -factor in the colors..

So, if the test says N73.. and the N78 has the same cam-specs, or even better.. the N78 also should be better than the K800 and 5mpix-LG!! That's enough for me, im getting it!!


  • Harsimranjit Gill

Good One

Nokia again proves that I m the winner among all companies..

This phone seems dashing look, now i m using nokia 5700 and nw to change ma phone with this MODEL...

AnYonE tell when this phone launches..

  • HaSaN

Its keypad is not dat much good :(

  • sandii

it looks bulky though :(

  • Mr Mambo Jumbo

if its cheaper i wouldnt mind

  • gka3000

no matter what anyone say i think this phone is cool and function rich ... this phone is pro looking for gents specially ... rock on ... :-)

  • ALE

FM transmitter but no RDS for the FM radio :(

  • fahmi

this is the most ungliest phone ever in nokia!!!

  • Anonymous

no xenon flash.....y did nokia not add this to N78? w/o this, pics will be low quality until dim / low / coloured lights....

  • Ashes of Manila

This is surely one hell of a mobile!

Considering 12GB microSDHC is now a reality (and other bigger capacity cards sprawling in the market), would-be users of this phone will truly be satisfied.
I've been using a 5700 since June 2007 and once this N78 comes out, I'll definitely grab my hands into this one.

I'm not much into cameras but 3.2 mp autofocus is just fine. I browse too much using my 5700 and it works fast, I'm sure it will be much faster here in N78.

Best of all, I love music. N78's 3.5 mm audio port is a great deal (with 5700, I still had to use an adapter). The user interface is so Nokia (read: the best!).

This N78 projects a serious yet upbeat impression. I'll pick the one with the white back.

Save me one!

  • gerrycho

does n78 have the "pencil" key?!? it seems that it does not....

  • rakeb

nokia n78 very beautiful, nokia e71 and e66 and 5710 coming soon in company

  • billy

urgh, it looks awful!

  • romanista

just perfect!

  • najkks


Allow me to say.. "hah..."

The only think different with N82 from this N78 is thata the N82 has 5Mpix-cam (and let me say.. a relly mediocre one, tried it out and was not impressed by its standard-pics)

Also.. the backside of the N82 feels plastic, maybe its the darn "pearlwhite/silver" color (they refer to it as Titanium/Grey") that does it, i don't relly know.. fact is that its quite heavey to!

In the other hand, the N78 has following nice things that the N82 do not have:..

*Radio with function to stream audio

So if you're about to get a nice looking phone with great specs, look at this one..


  • Anonymous

this phones performance & the design is

dedicated to ladies and gentleman who

got the style ... u know what i mean ...

it got a look of a rich function rich

piece of technology ...

  • hery

design is look cheap performance

  • Anonymous

good feat, bad design, look cheap.

  • junkyskunky

najkks and rest of ya'all...
clearly none of own n82 so i'd forgive u for all the whining about n82's look and keypad...
but for pete's sake...i dont think any phone could top what n82 has to offer...xcept for n96 which has dbv-tv...
and about the n82's screen autorotate function...its cool and mushy...never had any issue about it