Nokia N78

Nokia N78

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  • haji

design is better than n73,wi-fi and keypad is very bad.

  • haji

design is better than n73,wi-fi and keypad is very bad.

  • Anonymous

no camera lens cover?

  • Anonymous

3.5mm audio jack....wi-fi....if you add a 5mpg camera with xenon flash......basically...this fone is almost "perfect".....

  • Anonymous

what the hell does NOKIA's doing with their keypad?

  • najkks

I dont like that people writing here just wracking down on Nokia phones.. i haven't used nokia for 3-4 years.. but im going to get one soon!

Well.. this is the "next N73" because its specs!

The difference between N82 and N78 is:

*Camera quality (5mpix vs 3.15mpix, and 30fps on N82 vs 15fps on N78, video-rec.)

GPS (the N78 has geo-tagging, the N82 does not have this cool function)

FM-transmitter (you can bluetooth-stream the music from the phone into your radio, carradio etc..)

Motion Sensor (now the N82 has it.. the N78 doesn't have this function.. but.. this function isn't good at all.. No way.. the whole concept is that the screen autoadjuste when you flip the phone on the side.. allowing u to watch big-screen movies..
But the fact is that this function is slow and sometimes it does not react at all! (On iTouch they have the same.. thats really a good function because its fast and reliable)

*Size (the N78 is much slimmer and weights about 13g less then the N82)

*Design (now here i think the N78 beats the crap out of N82.. mainly because its slim fit, and the fact that the keypad are kind of integrated into the phone.. also the N82 feels plastic and clumsy.. the only good about the N82 is the camera-lens-hatch)

They said that N82 was the most slim smartphone out there, with all it specs.

But if you can be without the 5mpix-cam, and motion-sensor.. then this is the phone that u should try out! Its a nice GPS to!

Otherwise.. why should u want a more plastic phone with just a little better cam for much more money, when you can get N78 instead!!

  • Anonymous

I can not believe this.nothing new features,,.Still no touch screen..I was waiting from Nokia touch screen phones..So what is different between N95,N78 and N96..Both same think..Wake up Nokia time to make touch screen phones..I never buy any Nokia phone anymore.. if you don't make it touch screen...

  • JG

Why Nokia changed to 3 softkey map? Is there any reason??

  • KIWI

Nokia what the hell are doing with your KeyPads???

  • Anonymous

how to upgrade to feature pack 2, for nokia's previous phones?

  • firdee

if u wanna learn more wat is fm transmitter, log on to Youtube and search for 'nokia N78 fm transmitter'... this application is pretty cool..

  • Thaer

FM Transmitter ??? what is that

transmit my calls :D

  • Anonymous

Nothing new feature of nokia n-series,i am truly disappointed

  • elwood

Funny, the complaints about the keyboard. It may not look like an everyday solutions but maybe it works great. Just wait and see.

  • shah

Ya sure man this is awesome phone & ill damn guarantee that it will take over N73s & N81 coz it has the form factor ! Ill gonna get this phone plz tell me when its gonna hit the market .:)

  • john

ehh looks like the nokia n73 but upgraded. im seriously not feeling the keypad though. but its aights

  • Johnny

The features are great, but the keypad is terrible. It is even worse than the one on the Nokia n82! The screen is still QVGA too. Looks like I'm getting the SE Xperia X1! Oh well!

  • Anonymous

keypad is....omg...sigh

  • Antik

Looks like the next Nseries bestseller! I think the N82/N95 are too expensive for general public to buy and so make bestsellers.

  • vladimir

I think that numeric keypad are not suited for ergonomi and writing sms.To bad.