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  • Anonymous

TeachMe, 26 Dec 2010Does anyone know how are the cindition of N8s in the Philippines?its really great! im from cebu and all i can say that it meets my requirements as a smartphone

  • marksmanas

I think reason why Nokia N8 so popular phone, because you with phone camera can take superb quality photos, best camera phone ever build!
Nokia N8 it's amazing well build phone, even for screen and many specifications also I also like Samsung I9000 Galaxy S, but I more prefer to be had phone with best photo camera.
So my next purchase will be Nokia N8, just need to find for reasonable price.

  • gablec

faisal, 26 Dec 2010i got my n8 a week ago and it's a great phone but I'm having tro... moreFormat it to FAT32.

  • Slik Mik

Hello to one and all

Well I've had my N8 for about a week now...actually 4 days cause the one i originally had was taken back and replaced because the WLAN did not allow me to connect to the Ovi Music Store and everything else was fine...

The BAD:

- the WLAN still dont work via ovi music store
- at times loading is sluggish
- once or twice the phone restarted for no apparent reason


- design is fantastic!!!
- great camera
- GPS is fantastic
- touch screen is really user friendly
- earphones provide some real high quality sounds
- the battery life aint that bad


I rate the N8 as a fantastic buy...yes there will be a few bugs here n there but which phone comes straight owta production problemless??? also with a phone of this magnitude, downloading hundreds of apps will only harm the true potential this great phone has...dont download things u dnt need...i will seriously recommend this phone as a must have...but only if u have the patience

  • Gowtham

I bought a D Grey N8 10 days ago. Its awesome... I had 4 phones in mind when I went to the shop...
I Phone
Xperia x10

After spending more than 4 hours in various shops..using all the phones, I decided to go for the n8.

The I Phone got eliminated quickly...then XT 720.... And after long time X10 was eliminated

Its best for all round performance... and camera is amazing... clarity in ear phone in awesome....

  • Aussie

Hi guys,
I have had Nokia N8 for few months now. I think it is a great overall package as far as Features goes but where N8 lacks is in speed. The Lagging in the phone is very annoying.. I am guessing most of the lagging is caused by Symb 3 and I hope N8 gets a software update in the near future.

  • TeachMe

Does anyone know how are the cindition of N8s in the Philippines?

  • parth

Gitty, 26 Dec 2010Thx friend,I hope ! I hope so !hey gitty i had allready mk's link but it was removd by was frm pepronity. com right?but now i dnt hav it..pls post it if u can...ll b very thnkful to U..

  • faisal

i got my n8 a week ago and it's a great phone but I'm having trouble connecting pen drives to my n8- whenever I connect a pen drive to my n8,it says UNSUPPORTED DEVICE....what should I do now?

  • spa36

hi guys i was wondering if anyone can help me, ihave this incredible phone for 2 days but when i install the ovi store when the installation finishes the phone says invalid installation and i dont know what to do i did that for 4-5 times thanks anyway

  • parth

Gitty, 26 Dec 2010Thx man ! I ve downloaded games from our friend mk's site !hey gitty pls. put the link here if u can...thanx a lot in advance

  • Gitty

Anonymous, 26 Dec 2010gud luck buddy fr ur new device...i knw u had a terrible luck wi... moreThx friend,I hope ! I hope so !

  • The shopkeeper

N8 is the best selling gadget on my shop yeah some guys who dont know how handle beuty often complain i have updated the software once and most firmware related probs r gone. I had written a small article on n8 if you r interested visit

  • Anonymous

Gitty, 26 Dec 2010Tomorrow I am getting a new replacement ! So much excitement ! A... moregud luck buddy fr ur new device...i knw u had a terrible luck with this u were gr8 to be loyal with this device...n8 rocks...cheers..

  • A.Ghani

You can't search the music player... artist and albums are showed together.. music player sucks.. nokia should improve the music player in their next update.. its important... i can't believe you can't search the music player.

  • Anonymous

eyeshield, 25 Dec 2010Please help.. Anyone encountered invalid server name when browsi... moretry disconnecting it then turn off your phone
then turn it on again
mine got that "invalid server name" too but it got fixed
i just turned it off and on

  • Gitty

Soumadipta, 26 Dec 2010but in india there have been really very few defective units... ... moreHere so many defects and bugs ! Most of the users ve already sold it ! My N8 was restarting ! Loudspeaker of the 1st replacement stopped working ! 2nd replacement was switched off automatically n never turned on again ! NPD was guiding nt to buy N8 ! people told me that N8 has production faults,many users r facing problems !

  • Soumadipta

Gitty, 26 Dec 2010India>mumbaibut in india there have been really very few defective units... thats y i wanted to ask i'm from kolkata... n here not a single defective unit reported n nokia priority dealer guarenteed me nothing will happen n he kept his words.. max defective units have been in europe malaysia n phillipines dont know y!!!!!

  • Gitty

[deleted post]India>mumbai

  • Gitty

Soumadipta, 26 Dec 2010ya i'm sure u will get a perfect one this time... n trust me u w... moreThx ! Actually I still love N8 ,hoping to get a good 1 ! I had silver white ! I want orange N8 ! ;)