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  • Anonymous

okeyyy...hey thnx man mdn,so in nutshell i dnt need this hacking thing for sure... I just care abt camera,office documents n routine mobile m cool without it... Ya abt lamination,actually i bought like 4 differnt type of protection covers bt they all have limitations(bulky,not pocketable etc) so went to this frnd of mine a mobile shop owner n got the whole mobile laminated n made a tiny hole just for its cool ,no scratches,slim,

Anonymous, 25 Jul 2013why do u hack? I mean i havent done this obviously but i wa... moreHow do you get it laminated? Sounds cool.
As for hacking, it's not harmful and it can be simply undone like it never existed. People do it for different reasons...
1. To be able to install unsigned apps (unofficial, not available at Nokia Store, apps for older Symbian models, pirated apps, apps and themes with expired certificate etc).
2. To get full access to system files - some need it for modding (you can change, for example, things that themes don't change, such as battery or signal indicators, then you can change theme effects, tweak some settings etc) and some need it to clean junk files from the phone and get more free memory.
I'm protecting my N8 too, I don't have money to buy another one and they don't make them any more. :-) Today I played with an iPhone (jailbroken, with quite a few apps in it) and after 10 minutes I was so annoyed with its design, uselessness and simplicity that I wanted to kiss my N8. :-D

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2013help, which anti virus is best 4 n8? netqin mobile security. can be downloaded from nokia store.

  • Anonymous

why do u hack? I mean i havent done this obviously but i wana ask wat benefit do we get? If some new applications cn b installed den what kinda applications are those? Is it harmful for the n8 in ny way... Actually m protecting my n8 like anything;-) ...its gonna b out of stock soon so i better take care of my it laminated fully the other day...:-)

schroede, 25 Jul 2013can i wacth any movie format on this n8 without woring abou... moreMost formats, yes. It can record HD video so it can play it too, the GPU is quite powerful (some say better than iPhone 4). So far it plays all I tried but .flv opens with built in Real Player instead of the default video player.

  • schroede

can i wacth any movie format on this n8 without woring about the small processor

  • eustassPH

Im using this nice, beautiful N8 for 6mos and i love the UI of Belle refresh. Whoever uses this smartphone knows it.
I just hacked/jailbroke my N8 to install some xpired or unsigned usefull apps. It's just awsome to have this. A Big PLUS is the 12MP Zeiss cam sensor that can beat some of todays smartphone and digicams.

I love Nokia!

Anonymous, 24 Jul 2013u agree with this 12hr talk time n 50hrs of music play... W... moreWho knows, everyone gives boosted data like this. Probably 50 hrs if you don't have a SIM card inside and use no other functions.

  • Anonymous

u agree with this 12hr talk time n 50hrs of music play... What music play?through headset or on loudspeaker? Bcz i beleive both these claims are false

  • Anonymous

help, which anti virus is best 4 n8?

  • Anonymous

no reason to change to any other phone... Its a g g grreat device ..all purpose it ,symbian was a great hello do sometning ,bring symbian60 back...

  • Stupid me

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2013may b it dznt read the new diversions of the roads but the ... moreI'm sure the voice navigation is generally good (especially for big, heavy traffic countries) - and I did not expect much for a tiny speck in the ocean so I got exactly what I expected - did not expect the cemetery though:-) Major locations are correct but fine details are lacking. It would not be something I would advise visitors to use though. I hardly think that the map was updated. I think Venezuela next door would be pretty accurate though. At least I know that feature is working!

  • Anonymous

I have also N8.
I had to do several times the hard reset to make it my phone just right ,and after all upgrades I have only 62MB left on my C memory.
Read the article on called "pimping my N8" you'll find all answers regarding setting just right your N8

  • adg

i have this phone for 2,5 years and it's great.
best mobile camera and best gps ever. I'm going to switch to 920. hope it holds the standards.
n8-best phone i ever had

  • bilawal ayub

very exellent nd nice set

  • Anonymous

may b it dznt read the new diversions of the roads but the othet day i went to ludhiana(india) n the voice guidance was correct..i wud say 95%correct..its gud

  • AnonD-15781

MdN, 23 Jul 2013That's strange. Are they signed? Is your memory full? Did y... morei have 30mb of free space in c . And in software settings everything is perfect as you mentioned. Also most of my applications are installed in E drive and Dont know What is eating up my memory in C.

AnonD-15781, 23 Jul 2013I am not able to install few applications nd when i try to ... moreThat's strange. Are they signed? Is your memory full? Did you go to Settings - Installation - Installation settings and check Software Installation - All, Online cert check - Off, Default web address - none?

Stupid me, 22 Jul 2013MdN & Carol Oh boy! I tried out voice navigation tod... moreThere's not much to mess up with upgrading to Belle really. If you have wi-fi just go to SW update and see if it's available and basically you just download, wait, wait some more and restart phone. I'd do it rather sooner than later, before you have too many apps, photos, contacts etc. Also, install Nokia Suite on your PC, if you haven't. It will guide you step by step and you just have to blindly follow. :-) So I'd recommend doing a back-up of important stuff via Nokia Suite first, also you can upgrade to Belle while at it, and then restore your backups.
Heh, I guess the maps aren't always totally accurate but hey, Facebook uses Nokia Maps too. If you were using Apple maps there's a chance that not even your island would be in them. Things like that actually happened. :-D

  • AnonD-15781

I am not able to install few applications nd when i try to install it Simply exits while installing with error message 'application cannot be installed'. Please help.