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  • shah

And what if the phone freeze?! should i wait for the battery to be dead?! :S

  • Karthikeyan M

hey guys... i am looking for a cracked signed quick office for n8 ...kindly help me..
i do tried on top torrentx, but all was unsigned.. so on intsalling not accepting .HELP PLZ

  • Me Myself and I

I upgraded from a N97 Mini to an N8 5 Days ago. It's such a shame there's so much name slinging and false reports going on. It's makes it so hard to find real reviews/experience from others. So, I'd like to try and give other readers an honest insite into what this phone is like to own. In no particular order here's my observations/experience from upgrading to the N8:

1) I really can't tell which camera is better. Sure, for indoor shots the N8 wins hands down. However, indoor flash shots sometimes come out too dark. For outdoor shots there really isn't that much of difference to make the N8 an outstanding winner. I've done multiple comparisons shots and quite often the N97 shots look better (until you zoom right in). Sure, N97 adds to much color but it produces sharper pictures. It really is annoying how the N8 blurs the background. The N8 photos do seem to look a bit washed out but that is because the colors are more natural.

2) I really can not pickup much difference in the speed between the phones when it comes to general use. I've done side by side comparisons in browsing menus, opening contacts, opening music player, using Opera, etc and the performance of both are almost identical. Multitasking is much better in the N8 - I love how you can see what the app in the background is doing. But really, who multitasks alot on a phone.

3) The screen on the N8 has much better color than then N97 Mini and is fantastic for use in direct sunlight. The N97 was really bad for outdoors use. A key selling point for me.

4) I don't really have a preference for Capacitive or Resistive screens. I really can't tell that much difference. I think Nokia need to tune the N8 Capacitive screen a bit better. i.e. sometimes a quick touch is not registered. I have also noticed the screen register a touch before I actually touch the screen (static maybe?). I liked the accuracy of a resistive screen but not its ability to scratch easier. Multi touch on Capacitive screens is really nice for viewing photos and zooming in on Web pages. I still haven't removed the screen protector that came with the phone so I can't tell how easily the screen marks.

5) Games are definately better - but that is only when it comes to 3D games, otherwise there is no difference. I'd like to see more games released for the N8. I'd also like to see the N8 be more like Android phones and share games with Iphone Games - eg Words with friends.

6) Most other software seems just the same. The Quick Office viewer is worse - it keeps telling you a feature is not licensed when you try to pinch to zoom.

7) Video recording is great on N8. No contest at all.

8) HDMI output to my TV blew me away - how cool! But really, it's just a gimic that I won't use that much. I'm worried how long the flimsy flap at the top will last. I was surpised to see that video out through the headphone jack still works.

9) USB on the Go. I've used it, it works. Not that much of selling point really. Who wants to carry around an cable to use a USB key when you can just use a computer, get more functionality.

10) I don't think I have experienced any restarts. Although I am thinking it may have happened once when connected to my PC in Mass storage mode. Otherwise it seems pretty stable

11) Battery life seems better. But I never really had an issue with the battery on the N97 mini. Sure, I charged it every night but not once did it run flat.

12) Telephony is a mixed bag. I miss selecting a contact and pressing the green Icon to call a contact. Now you have to hold your finger on the contact for a second or two and choose call from the pop up menu. Volume is better in calls. Answering calls is better on the N8 as the icon to answer is much easier to see and use over the silly slide to answer on the N97 Mini. I do miss the use anykey to answer option.

13) The Internet browser is still a disgrace. It's only good point is pinch to zoom. I'm using opera 10 instead which sadly does not support pinch to zoom.

14) GPS navigation is still just as good. A key selling point.

15) I prefered the music player on my N97. i.e. I don't like how the N8 opens on the artist list. Although I do like how Shuffle play is immediately available.

16) I like being able to change between Ovi Suite mode and Mass storage mode without having to unplug the phone.

17) The social networks app is ok but takes to many steps to start and exit. It is quicker to use a hyperlink from your main screen to open the Facebook web page.

18) The Ovi store client is much better!! A huge improvement! A really big improvement!!!

19) Messaging is a mixed bag. I love the new conversation view. Composing SMS's is cumbersome and needs improvement ASAP. i.e. A portrait QWERTY keyboard is needed. The interface also needs to allow you to scroll through what you a typing rather than highlighting text. Compossing an SMS on the N97 was a much nicer experience.

20) Speaker volume is about the same. I think the ringing tone might be louder. One downside is if you put your phone on a soft flat sufface - it tends to muffle the speaker. I'm wondering if there is an issue with message alerts as on a couple of occassions I have felt the vibration of an incoming message but not heard the tone I have assigned.

In Conclusion - I was lucky enough to get my N8 as a free upgrade from my N97 mini. So, the N97 mini is now boxed up as my spare. I have to honestly say I am happy with the phone and am still adjusting to the N8. Whilst the phone is better than the N97 Mini I wouldn't pay extra or buy one outright. I don't mind the Symbian interface butit's not the most intuitive interface for non technical users. The N8 still offers a better all round package than most other phone unless you want heaps of games and gimic apps. The OS does need some tidying up and I am looking forward to some of the improvements that will come with Firmware updates.

  • Anonymous

the phone that i want is the n8 .....although i wouldnt mind the htc mozart too only fck up is that they didnt put a mem card can htc be mem card in a smart phone now thats some dumb shite.....tho ide still think abt owning it....

  • snorne

[deleted post]"but also 3d graphic chip powervr sgx 540 with score of 90 million triangles/sec...he leaves ps1, ps2 and psp behind"

Is there anyway to prove it, cause i tried to find it at the gl benchmark website but apparently is not available CAUSE BADA OS IS NOT A SMARTPHONE OS!

  • N8 Future Owner

I am in KSA right now and I have been deciding to buy my smartphone which will be N8. My friend purchased Xperia X10 and I was able to play with it in about 2 days and I got confuse whether to buy x10 or n8... Will anyone here give me a word of techy advice which one to buy? I'd be using this most of the time in browsing and the most important issue for me is to give me justifiable service in terms of chatting, yahoo messenger or skype and the rest is not a major issue for me...

  • Anonymous

is its vibration really that bad?

Can we hear the phone ring when it is put in jean pocket

  • Anonymous

the phone that i want is the n8 .....although i wouldnt mind the htc mozart too only fck up is that they didnt put a mem card can htc be mem card in a smart phone now thats some dumb shite.....tho ide still think abt owning it....

  • mustafa

eny onr try it

  • lucky

Ferry, 07 Nov 2010I changed the default theme wallpaper to a pic of my choice from... moreGo to settings dan theme dan wallpaper n dan set it default.

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]oh... why do you say Samsung is better - the thing is I'm very attracted to nokia's camera but i need to know if it really is good phone or not and samsung and htc are my second options. SO I want to know why people are saying that samsung or htc is better.

  • Anonymous

I am looking for a new phone and I'm liking the sounds of N8, HTC Desire HD and Samsung galaxy. If anyone owns any of these phones can someone PLEASE help me make up my mind. :D

  • Ferry

I changed the default theme wallpaper to a pic of my choice from the photo gallery. Now I want to set back the default theme wallpaper. How do I do it? I do not see any option. Also, I don't see the default theme wallpaper in the gallery. Help!

  • mubashir

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2010how the phones sound, can we call it a music phoneyes bro....its awesome mainly for multimedia features...go for it...

  • mubashir

bro i am using dis phone from last 25 dayz ....if u r saying dat can v call it a music phone den my answer is yes ...nd go for it without any heztation, but remember if u r comfortable wid symbian den its best from symbian till date ,u will enjoy everything of it thanks....

  • Gitty

Itz truely a futurephone but nokia should keep working on N8's future ! Dont let it die ! The bugs need to fix with firmware updates ! Beware ! Itz symbian but not the same as previous versions ! Download supported content only from Ovi store ! Do not get a single thing 4m d net ! Otherwise it starts to restart automatically ! Beware! U can download the content 4m trusted provider eg. Nimbuzz n opera from their respective official sites ! Dont dare to download s60v5 content ! It supports s60v5 but shows problems ! Even the songs,get it 4m ovi music ! Waiting for firmware updates ! Hope nokia is aware of N8's bugs and soon able to do smthng !

  • idrees zargar

i want to buy this sell phone

  • jak

i want buy microSDHC for my n8. Class 2 @ class 4, which the best? Pleez rply..

  • Samy Mar Boy

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2010How to download video from YouTube? use yourtube.jar you can download it from

  • Gitty

youtube, 07 Nov 2010you can download youtube video from the are 3file... moreYeah I use it but only .mp4 videos looks great on N8 !