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  • homieomt

AWESOME i bought a silver n8 4 days ago and it is DAM awesome BILLIONS OF NEW FEATURES lags at all very smooth OS ...if u wanna transfer songs from ur pc to ur nokia n8 i reccomend you to use nokia ovi player on your pc !

  • Anonymous

how the phones sound, can we call it a music phone

  • Anonymous

my phone is arriving on Monday!!

  • Sathish

i bought my new nokia N8 on wednesday.. really awesome phone with lot of features.For this low price.. no other brands can give this much of quality product. Nokia rox.

  • Delhi rocks

Awesome phone.b ut needs some upgradation.must buy for all

  • faisal....... k___s

i wana buy it but i dont no if i should plz tell me is it that good?should i buy it?and plz i wanna know the app's r they good ? are they bad and thanx i think the disign is great plz comment

  • su

[deleted post]thank was really a good reply....u shld have not wasted ur time u cud have just lolzz over it......he might be having a personal problem which is been cracked....forget ...we indian's have bter thk to do n deal with.....

  • Reaz ul Islam

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2010This phone or the guy that used this phone is slow.I dont know why these people say it slow. Spend some money and take it on. 12 megapixel a superb camera mobile ever with a xenon flash! The huge 3.5 Amoled touchscreen will tell you what it is? Through it's pixel is not upto mark but still it's looks great. What are you then waiting for!

  • Anonymous

owh guys plz its about n8 ok bhave urself

  • Anonymous

owh guys plz its about n8 ok bhave urself

  • new_boy

dj pc, 06 Nov 2010my n8 screen is blinking can u help me out wats wrong wid the sc... moresend your phone for software could be a software issue.

  • dj pc

my n8 screen is blinking can u help me out wats wrong wid the screen and how can i set my music equalizer plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz help me out help me adminnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn

  • North Africa

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2010order it onljne from the phone company sites or other legitimate... morei am sorry brother , we don't have this service " pre order" on the internet? we just wait until he comes in stores ....... any other idea ?

  • N8 LOVER S

Tanvir_666, 06 Nov 2010No second thought, no hesitation, just nothing else, I am going ... moreSure. No problem. We'll meet at Bashundhara City on 11th. My number is warid70 675675. I didn't put my full number to avoid stupid people. You give me a call on anytime from 10am to 10pm. When are you gonna go? I'm thinking that I'll buy the orange one (if it comes), else the black one. My wife and brothers are super hyped about the phone. All of us can't wait to go to Bashundhara City on 11th. Call me, okay?

  • Anonymous

North Africa, 06 Nov 2010hie , can every body tell me whay the Middle East from Asian and... moreorder it onljne from the phone company sites or other legitimate sites they deliver.....if u want it that bad that is.......ive pre ordered the samsung galaxy s and i4 got it in pwefect condition.......

  • North Africa

hie , can every body tell me whay the Middle East from Asian and north africa (Arab countries) cant have a new cell phones in the right time ?
i mean i live in algeria and still can't get the N8 ?
and also iphone4, samsung galaxy s? no thing ...
and now i have to wait for 5-6 month to get a nice phone Her , anyone help pls ?

  • Anonymous

good built quality but the n 8 is so slow nokia needs to realy make a major update its so slow i am a nokia fan but nokia needs to improve this software and fast and it hangs like some thing else

  • Anonymous

How to download video from YouTube?

  • Anonymous

what is the right way about charging n8 fpor the first time

after i get the n8, should i use up the factory partially charged battery of n8 until it completely drain, then charge it for 8 hours without disconnecting or using it. And do it for 2 or 3times?


get n8, straitforward charge it for 8 hours,

  • Anonymous

can someone show me the guide to install maps data to n8 after garmin mobile xt 5:00:50 is installed

some saymapsource is needed butsome say it is not needed, why?

What is thebest guide you have seen