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  • Rushikesh

pls shutdown your unit & decrese pricein 5000/-

  • Anonymous

im very sad,i drop my n8 in the water and now dont work..very expensiv phone and dont work under water...dont buy this,bad cality,now ill return to my old omnia hd,much,much better

  • Anonymous

hey guys what bout its comparison with sony ericsson satio(camera quality)....has anyone got link comparing both the phones....???

  • Sails

RONALD, 06 Nov 2010Frends if u dont want to believe then ok and if u want to believ... moreThis has been said so many times. You can't just install every S60 app that you come across. N8 runs fast and smooth, but there are several badly coded old apps that can break your phone.

If your phone suddenly starts to slow down and lag, I suggest you uninstall what ever you have installed lately.

I've pretty much stuck to Symbian 3 apps from OVI store and my phone runs beautifully.

  • Tanvir_666

N8 is sent from heaven ..... :) Today I've used it,but one ques guyz, I found its brightness bit low than I expected from an AMOLED display...But there was sticker over it... Is it due to the sticker?? Will I get a better brightness if I remove the sticker? Any N8 user plz reply....

  • Tata

does N8 read or write Arabic???

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2010This phone hangs like anything.. too slow... even slower than it... moreThis phone or the guy that used this phone is slow.

  • Anonymous

This phone hangs like anything.. too slow... even slower than its previous Symbian siblings...!!

  • Anonymous

RONALD, 06 Nov 2010Frends if u dont want to believe then ok and if u want to believ... moreI dont know what have you done. Try to restore factory settings.

  • Nick

RONALD, 06 Nov 2010Frends if u dont want to believe then ok and if u want to believ... moreCan u please tel us that which games and apps r u running in ur n8, so we can judge u r telling true or lie...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]good joke!


Frends if u dont want to believe then ok and if u want to believe then believe this truth about n8 that its laggy and slow and its hang every day if u run heavy games or app or big movies(around 1.5 gb or more).

I am using n8 from a week ,first 2 days i just put few songs and little videos clips and injoy some camera clicking phone works good,
Then i try to put some apps and games and full movies to my n8 some of them i download from ovi store and some i download from from other sites,
From then i noticeing some lag and slowness of phone then when i install some app and games my n8 goes hang and hang and hang it happens continues every time in some apps and games for than i have to power off my n8 to come to normal position and some app are running very slow and even not responsing :(

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2010hey. VOTE it 10 10 10 vote it 10 10 10! vote it 10 10 ... moreHey.

I did did did

i did did did
i did did did! :D

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Forgot to metntion, the best part of N8 is the incredible camera. Its very high quality and can take decent photos in the dark. It's worth the money go check it out. I hope I helped you out..

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Good question. I personally own a black SE Vivaz.

- 3.2 inch screen
- 8MP camera with 720p HD video recording
- Some cool games or apps
- Touchscreen sensitivity is not the best but still okay
- Speaker is really shitty, just like the iphone its not even loud
- Music player is not the best
- Symbian S60 V5 OS
- 720 processor
- Good battery life
- $350 CAD

- 12MP camera with 720p HD video recording
- Xeneon flash
- 3.5 inch AMOLED touchscreen
- Symbian 3 OS
- can play any movie file on the phone
- Built in 16GB memory
- Good battery life
- Very loud and high quality speaker
- Nice built quality overall
- Lifetime Navigation Ovi Maps
- Better touchscreen sensitivity than SE Vivaz
- $650 CAD
- 680 processor

Overall, if you have the money go for the Nokia N8. It's a much better phone than the SE Vivaz. I would go for the N8 if I were you...

  • NokiaJunkie

I love nokia. However, after purchasing the N8 two days ago, my opinion regarding the companies standereds crashed. The music player is faulty, the software keeps crashing, the web browsing experience is awful, and the touch screens response is jagged and doesn't function smoothly. On the plus side the camera IS SUPERB! brilliant camera indeed. However, if i wanted a brilliant camera i could've simply gone and bought a 100$ one rather than paying 550$ for this disappointing device. Sorry nokia you just lost a fan.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Nov 2010i drop my n8 in the watter and now dont work...very poor cality,... moreIt's your fault dropping the phone in the water, why the hell are you questioning its quality?

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 05 Nov 2010The N8 may have all those features but what good are they it giv... morenot really had any of these problems at all... the phone is quite good if you ask me! Ive actually used it... really awesome phone, no lag, no freeze or crashes...

its a really well done phone if u ask me
and it is a long way better than the Iphone 4...

Buy this if u want a good phone

  • Anonymous

i drop my n8 in the watter and now dont work...very poor cality,dont buy thiz phone

  • lim

my brother bought me the N8 three weeks ago, then not use at all, now even after charging the battery, it still no response to power on.
Anyone here face this problem?

i am from malaysia. this phone bought at Kuala Lumpur Nokia official luanching with 2 years warraty.