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  • Anonymous

[deleted post]good for you.. xD

  • uk27

My big question is 'Does N8 has the option 'play folder' for music and photos'? If not, is there any other touchphone with at least a 3" display and 16M colors, having this feature? I know some cheap phones have this feature, but they are useless as far as other features are concerned like display size.

I own 'Nokia 5235 comes with Music'. I am thoroughly disappointed with it. Because it doesnot 'play folder-wise'. All the music in one place, all the images in one place, including images of programme interfaces. Creating playlists is laborious. I have already expressed my opinion in their user survey.

We pay our dear-money for a device which costs more than a computer. A mere phone should never cost this much; so naturally it is expected do more than a phone. we have every right to demand the features we need or appreciate - to make work, play and life easy and colorful. Otherwise what are the programmers for?

Science and technology provides everything. But it is the business world which is miserly. It is OK for cheap ones. But when a someone pays big money for devices he must get what he pays for. No need to compromise.

  • deepest_sense, 18 Oct 2010N8 not yet officially released by nokia in bangladesh.but u may ... morethank you bro. .

  • snonre

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2010which is best?? nokia n8/htc incredicle/evo4g/iphone4/htc desire hdThere is no such thing as 'the best phone'. Kindly state ur requirements pls

  • snonre

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2010phone looks good.. but they r using led flash...haha... wat a joke..That phone will probably be released in Japan only

  • Anonymous

which is best??
nokia n8/htc incredicle/evo4g/iphone4/htc desire hd

  • snonre

hello, 18 Oct 2010I am really disappointed with this phone. I was using a nokia 58... moreWell there are some people like me who prefer symbian as the way it is now. To me, symbian is pretty easy to use and the lack of eye-candy means that u will get where u want to be more quickly. I think windows went backwards when they created WP7, there is a heck lot of eye-candy but check out the weakness:

No system-wide file manager

No videocalling

Limited third-party apps availability

No Bluetooth file transfers

No USB mass storage mode

No multitasking

No copy/paste

Too dependent on Zune software for computer file management and syncing

No music player equalisers

No Flash or Silverlight support in the web browser

No sign of free Bing maps Navigation so far

No DivX/XviD video support

No internet tethering support

New ringtones available only through the Marketplace
Swapping memory card requires hard reset; cards not readable by computer

Is like the iOS all over again lol. Btw if ur still unhappy with the ui, try the SPB shell app. Search it on youtube if u want more details

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 18 Oct 2010 looks good..
but they r using led flash...haha...
wat a joke..

  • Anonymous

Got it just for rs 23000/-
excellent phone.. Xenon flash is plus point for this cell.Video quality too is fine.
Advice:Go for black or silver color..other colors..may lighten in period of time.

At last ..
nice cell..but handle it carefully :-)

  • kmmbd

DM, 18 Oct 2010Battery life is good...Camera is excellent. It's the best possib... moreThere are numerous converter apps in the app store/getjar. And an unit converter utility is present.

  • ReVan

This is one phone that every specs field is complete :-)

  • Anonymous

Just enjoy the phone guys. I remember the first time I bought my 1st colour phone years ago. i was so happy and impressed by it that I couldn't stop smiling. Just do happy with your phone and it will bring a smile to you. No point comparing if this phone is slower or faster by a few seconds compared to other phones. Does a few seconds slower kill you. If you need something fast you your computer that's what it's for.

  • cormozy

andy burgin, 18 Oct 2010All you N8 buyers watch out,as its happened to me,just putting n... morejust hold power key 6 sacand it will restart

  • hello

I am really disappointed with this phone. I was using a nokia 5800 before this and was expecting nokia to do a complete revamp of the ui but unfortunately the only better thing is the homescreen everything else-browser,menus- are the same. I am a fan of nokia and symbian but i think symbian touch phones really haven't been as good as symbian non touch phones used to be. Symbian needs a complete revamp like Win mobile did to WP7. Symbian is still gr8 but really sucks at useability. Symbian has been providing all the levels of customizability that the android provides now since the n70 was launched. Its just that they are having sum trouble to adjust to touch. Hope they do figure it out soon.

  • Anonymous

Dwane, 16 Oct 2010Guys my bad! Don't let my inexperience with a modern phone put y... moreHey Dwane,

What is the frequency if it is to set for mail sync.

  • Parth

Dwane, 16 Oct 2010Guys my bad! Don't let my inexperience with a modern phone put y... moreHey Dwane,

i am facing the same prblem
What did you do?
Please suggest

  • andy burgin

All you N8 buyers watch out,as its happened to me,just putting new contacts on my sim card an the N8 as Frozen an can not turn it off at All,an because of the Stupid battery idea from Nokia,you use to able just remove the batteries on other Nokia phones an put it back in an the phone would turn back on,but mine justs shows the Clock an Date an nothing else works,so now going to return my N8 an see if it can get Repaired,so the first batch of N8s released might also freeze so watch out

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Well said! After all ,it's about our preference. No use in trying to convince others that one OS is bettert than the other.

  • Anonymous

The most important thing for a phone is the hardware coz you can't upgrade at all. Can a iPhone upgrade to 8Mp camera or HDMI port? Nooooo!
So if people are complaining about the Symbian 3 well to me its great but with software Nokia can just send an upgrade to improve the phone OS. We all know Nokia support is good unlike Samsung. I wonder when will Samsung Galaxy S get an upgrade well maybe next year. Or maybe when they discontinue the phone.