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  • Manu

Wheez, 03 Oct 2010I got mine for 499 here from Finland. What I dislike about t... moreIf not all, then most of the phones have speakers on their back side. For instance, I'm using iPhone & HTC Legend. And latter's speakers are on its back. Also, I'm in habit of keeping my phone inverted on the surface I.e on screen. Infact, I see many people who are used to this activity. I also place my iPhone on its screen coz its back panel is prone to scratches far too easily.

About browser, as you know Nokia has already announced new browser for S^3 at NW'10. So not really a big issue.

Only problem I observe from your view is Ovi application is not running swiftly. I wanted Nokia to leave no room for lag/glitch in Oovi especially as it has been the loose end in both S60v3 & S60v5. I hope initial fw update can improve experience in this context.

I really appreciate that you've tried to answer every single query about N8 clearly & rationally based upon your experience so far.

My priorities for desired device are :
1. Extensive browsing : I use smartphone more then PC for routine internet usage. So practically speaking, I prefer browsing on iPhone coz all temp files, history, cache are stored in mammoth 32GB memory & I'm left with nothing to worry. Generally in Nokia devices, browsing history/Cache is stored in meagre internal memory instead of hard-disk. So can you plz enlighten me if N8 stores cache in userr internal memory or 16GB disk ?
2. Lover of Portable gaming : I loved Nokia for N-Gage but all Nokia devices were marked by same problem I.e low RAM & low user internal memory. Have you checked whether game's directories are saving on user internal memory or 16GB drive !
3. How is Ovi Music application on N8. Is it crisp & promise on entertainment ?
4. Virtual keypad : I'm typing this message on HTC Legend, so you can imagine, I love texting on my touchscreen smartphones. Hence I've reservations regarding performance of virtual keypad. I would be glad if you can share your first hand experience with its keypad.

Thanking you in anticipation of response !!! :-)

- Aman Dutt

  • Anonymous

Wheez, 03 Oct 2010The retail OVI Maps (3.04) that was in my N8 doesnt, but the 3.0... moreThe 3.06 beta works smoothly on my current 5800 without any single issue. Its much better than any previous version. N8 should give same results, just my guess. You can try it. If you encounter any problem, you are free to switch back to 3.04 at any moment.

  • Wheez

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2010hey, do the ovi maps support the pinch to zoom??The retail OVI Maps (3.04) that was in my N8 doesnt, but the 3.06 that is still in beta supports pinch to zoom. It has been said that the beta works wonderfully on the N8, but personally I don't wanna update till it's final.

  • Anonymous

Wheez, 03 Oct 2010Hmmh, that's quite a tough one. Well, I'd try to change the p... morehey, do the ovi maps support the pinch to zoom??

  • Anonymous

My friend in China got one and he is very happy by performance of phone. I have prebooked one for myself & i will be getting it on 17th Oct. Demand for this phone is very high. The Nokia exclusive shop where I booked my N8 have 450+ bookings already. Stock will arrive by 15th Oct.

  • Wheez

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2010How do you change n8 if nokia ask you this question?Hmmh, that's quite a tough one.

Well, I'd try to change the place of the speaker to avoid the issue I described earlier.

I'd get the browser to have better control of multiple windows/tabs (has good control of em when you just manage to open them :D) but this is underway with the upcoming new browser.

Maybe an option to use QWERTY also in portraid mode, wouldn't use this myself, but I'm sure some would. This will probably get fixed when Swype comes, though.

To customize the way the power saving feature (which is frigging awesome!) works. Mainly I'd want to have the screensaver clock visible even when i have power saving on. This may be doable with some off the battery life-apps available, though. If I could have the screensaver clock, I would only use my N8 in power saving mode, it lasts like forever! :D

That's about it. I would definitely not change the OS. I don't personally like Android, but even if we put it into this, think about it: The 680 Mhz wouldn't be enough to run Android, cos Android can't use GPU to render the UI, so we would have to put in 1ghz processor, in which case we most likely can't fit (physically or battery lifes sake) the same good GPU it has now. We also probably just traded away over 50% of the phones battery life by changing into Android, in which case we also would need bigger casing to fit a bigger battery possibly too. The phone would become just a typical Android phone. Not to mention I have nothing to complain about Symbian^3. It's fast, it doesnt lag, it doesnt hang, it doesn't show any signs of crashing either till now, it supports a myriad of HW features, app store is still abit small, but I think that'll grow once the new Symbian^3 devices launch worldwide (currently OVI has over 2 million downloads daily, so not exactly small either).

I'm Lovin' It! :D

  • Mango

NYN, 03 Oct 2010To teuu, You can definetly go for iphone 4 inwhich you can get a... moreThanks pal! :)

  • Anonymous

Wheez, 03 Oct 2010I'm finding it very good. I'm very satisfied with the purchase. ... moreHow do you change n8 if nokia ask you this question?

  • Wheez

Anonymous, 03 Oct 2010hey you have got n8.Congratulations May u tell me the price of t... moreI got mine for 499 here from Finland.

What I dislike about this phone is that I can't really make up anything I dislike! But here's a few:

-The speaker is located abit badly, it's in the camera "bulge", meaning that if you put your phone on the table like you probably normally would, the sound quality takes a big hit if you have music coming from the speakers. If you want the best quality from the speakers you'd need to turn the touchscreen against the table and so that the camera points to the roof. But then changing songs etc is hard when u have to turn the phone around all the time. Not a big problem for me cos I never listen with speakers, but I bet some do.

The current original browser (new on the way) doesnt have a convenient way to open a new window/tab, but it does support em.

The OVI application and the photo/video-editors don't run anywhere near as well as the rest of the phone. It's not too bad, apart from that OVI has worked wonderfully for me (fastly downloaded, fastly installed) and the editors get the basic job done as well although their UIs don't work that fast.

That's about it, I'm just about loving everything else about this phone.

  • Anonymous

Wheez, 03 Oct 2010The phone has been released in some countries. I got mine alread... morehey you have got n8.Congratulations May u tell me the price of the phone? and some thing you don't like of this phone.

  • nomorese

I have made up my mind, I wont wait for MeeGo nor Symbian^4, I'll get this one, probably dark grey or orange just because of the camera. Around 4200SEK (~450) here in SWE, not too bad, I think I paid this much for my N95 some 3 years ago. Maybe it'll drop to 4000SEK by the end of the year. But I'll totally miss the hardware keyboard.
Apart from texting and calling and receiving calls the camera is one function I use the most, and it's been so much talk about the camera both from Damien and some dude from Carl Zeiss that I just gotta have it.

More than 16000 posts here, is this some kind of record?
@GSMArena -When is the review coming?

  • Wheez

goshdy, 03 Oct 2010to user N8..this phone good or not for use? coz i want buy this phone.I'm finding it very good. I'm very satisfied with the purchase. It of course depends abit on what you need and want. The N8 is a very balanced device and while not being the fastest or the prettiest it (in my opinion) brings the most strenghts compared to it's weaknesses than any other phone out there.

Just about everybody else who bought the phone so far have very little to complain about when I've talked to them on another forum. The techsite reviews arn't all that good, but some of those sites also show user reviews that were like 4,5/5. I'd give it something like 4,5/5 as well.

And yes, I've had the phone since thursday, so this is not just talk.

  • goshdy

to user N8..this phone good or not for use? coz i want buy this phone.

  • Wheez

Manu, 03 Oct 2010I'm sincerely waiting for review by GSMArena. I've read coup... moreYeah, not to mention it's frigging ridicilous to compare photographs that are the size of a little thumbnail, that have been compressed several times, while the N8s pictures native resolution is 4000x3000 pixels...

  • Shash

@gsmArena . Guys cmon. we need a review. when do we get to see your full review of the N8?

  • NYN

Mango, 03 Oct 2010Hmm,sounds good! Finally,pls tell me which is more expensive,the... moreTo teuu, You can definetly go for iphone 4 inwhich you can get all you want & U has access to world's greatest Apple store to download latest apps, I am using iphone 4 as well as Nokia 5800,I will never ever change my phone anymore I am complitely satisfy, iphone 4 withiut contract costs US$ 652 in NY & here in India Nokia N8 cost US$ 500 to 550.

  • Manu

I'm sincerely waiting for review by GSMArena.

I've read couple of views on others tech sites. One of them rated N8 - 3/5. Yes Nokia's flagship most anticipated device as 3/5. Another tested 12MP camera & compared it with iPhone4.

First adjusted that S^3 is polished OS but still is difficult to operate. One has to go deep into menus to find desired option though such hassle has reduced considerably in comparison to S^1. N8 has got one of the best hardware specs but app support still remains poor.

My Take : We were told categorically in early 2010, that there would be no major changes in UI & OS in update to S^3. Those apparent changes will not be visible before S^4. All I'm supposed to review in N8 in context of OS is strictly if S^3 able to enhance user experience & how settled is OS on the device !!!

Reviewers agreed its better & settled, however there concern is Symbian outdated & not easy to use as compared to iOS & Androids. C'Mon why are you reviewing the product ? We all knew it. In context of Application store, you better be aware of gigantic strides of OVI in recent while both in terms of volume downloads & concentration of good app/games.

Just to rate N8 - 3/5 coz its running Symbian is insane.

Another site, I felt pasted butter on lens of N8 while testing camera abilities of N8. More awful were over saturated pics of iPhone4.

  • Mango

NYN, 03 Oct 2010Audio of N8 is really too poor compaired to Iphone 4, But N* has... moreThnx! :)

  • NYN

Mango, 03 Oct 2010Helo whizz,i'm a big noki fan and am planing to get the N8 smtim... moreAudio of N8 is really too poor compaired to Iphone 4, But N* has goo price in india its only 22k to 25 on prebook status & also for preebooked customers great offers.

  • Anonymous

Qwheez... Nokia N8 have theme effect ON/OFF option like s60...