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  • Wheez

Matt, 28 Sep 2010I've got the faintest idea that the Nokia N8 sales are going to ... moreYeah, it's a shame that US people for some reason just have to dislike Nokia, and they mainly just dislike it blindly.

Like the iPhone 4, it's a great device in the aspects it's good in, but the things you actually can do with it compared to the N8 is laughable, the iPhone stands no chance.

Then again, theres lots of people in America, so theres people for every vagon. I'm sure there are a fair share of Nokia lovers too, but its still a fact that Nokia isnt that succesful in the US, but it is everywhere else.

The US people seem to think that they are the only market as well and think that Nokia is dying cos they dont see many Nokias on the streets. In these cases it's good to show them the charts where Symbian (Q2 2010) still had like 40% of smartphone markets compared to Apples 14% or so.

  • Anonymous

Matt, 28 Sep 2010I've got the faintest idea that the Nokia N8 sales are going to ... moreagree

  • Anonymous

Matt, 28 Sep 2010I've got the faintest idea that the Nokia N8 sales are going to ... moreagree

  • Matt

I've got the faintest idea that the Nokia N8 sales are going to be through the roof, surprising and blowing away everyone who said it was pure crap

I'm going to love that moment :-D

In India alone it will be a n°1 hit, and guess how many people live there? :D
who cares about people in the US hating Nokia... let them play with their iPhone thingies and leave the fans of actual smartphones alone

  • Athrune

People have been waiting so long for this unit. If nokia won't release this phone next month, people will go tired of waiting and lose interest over this it and will switch to other brands/unit instead.

  • Wheez

I Wheez too y not xD...

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Look at ur ip address man!!! on ur reply "battery" post


  • Wheez

waiting , 28 Sep 2010its been delayed til 22 oct in uk now whats all that aboutDemand exceeding supply, if nothing else.

There has been some word going around about tweaking the software too for that time, which is an obvious thing cos they'll keep pushing updates for it, so with some luck, you may get a newer firmware and maybe even the new browser

  • Wheez

The baseline is that the battery is not removable.

But it is, the bottom cap will come off when you unscrew the two screws on both sides of the phone and the battery comes off too. However, this is very likely that it may void the warranty cos the screws are some special "torx" screws to my understanding and no screwdriver for that is included. Nokia/the manual also says that you should take it to a Nokia Care if you need the battery replaced for some reason.

However you have quite little reasons to have it removable. Even if the phone would hang, the power button has a hardcoded power cut off no matter how bad the hang is. Just like in computers/laptops, hold the power button for 6-8s and it will certainly go off no matter how bad its jammed.

Unless you are one of these people who like carrying spare batteries with you (does anyone really do that?), I see no reason to even need a removable batteries. For those special occasions there will be Nokia/3rd party accessories to help you, like some external battery pack thingies.

However, Nokia and me suggest that even if its removable, don't do it yourself, you may void your 2 year warranty (which wouldve done it to u for free)

  • waiting

its been delayed til 22 oct in uk now

whats all that about

  • Anonymous

Wheez, 28 Sep 2010The problem isnt domination, the problem is battery life. Nobody... morei agree with you.. i almost forgot that the higher the processing speed the more it consumes battery power. i am really impress with the battery life of my XM phone.

-almost the same apps running with other phones but can stay longer...


  • Wheez

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2010how come Nokia still did not provide a 1Ghz processor phone comp... moreThe problem isnt domination, the problem is battery life. Nobody likes to have a dominating device that blacks out after 4-5 of idling.

It's not only about the CPU, N8s dedicated GPU and the 680mhz CPU are more than enough to be very even with the 1ghz phones with an integrated GPU.

Nokia could easily put both in to the phone, even the current CPU is underclocked, but they don't want to do that cos after being (and inventing)in the whole mobile phone business for some 40 years by now, they realize that a mobile PHONE is not a good PHONE if it can't hold it's power long enough.

I think this is their current mindset now and in future, they are making PHONES, not PDAs/laptops

  • amit

wow it is a star.

  • Wheez

Just look at the comments in that article. Eerybody thinks the author is a clown and that article is just baseless and stupid.

You don't even have to be a Nokia lover to find that article extremely stupid and unfair and underresearched.

  • Gerald

Wheez, 28 Sep 2010You're N97 also has less free RAM (main reason it probably hangs... moreTotally agree with you. I wish all nokia and symbian haters will stop saying bad things about this phone. I totally love this phone.

GO N8!!!

  • Peter

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2010CAN YOU GUYS JUST STOP ABOUT THE USB OTG FEATURE!!! I had thi... moreand why are you upset about it?

I GUARANTEE YOU, I'll use it on the go daily with my little key chained flash memory.

oh I forgot the DVB-H handset, ready for watching TV ON-THE-GO?

or how about plugging WUSB adapter to connect USB devices wirelessly?

Connect> webcams, joysticks, remotes, MP3/4 watches, keyboards, mouses, huge-spaced hard drives, Digital Cameras, USB Printers etc...

so stop being here if you don't like it and go somewhere else.

  • Anonymous

how come Nokia still did not provide a 1Ghz processor phone compare to any other phones?? but i belive that this phone is a lot better and competitive compared to phones with higher processor...

Nokia will surely dominate if they can release a phone with the same specs as N8 but having a 1ghz processor and hardware accelerator...

  • Wheez

Anonymous, 28 Sep 2010680 MHz processor????????????? I don't think this is fit for the... moreYou're N97 also has less free RAM (main reason it probably hangs), no dedicated GPU (which the iOS and Android phones cant match against N8 either) and an OS that is not optimized for touch screen devices.

Featurewise iOS and Android don't stand a chance to Symbian^3 and the N8. I give you that it isnt the fastest or prettiest, but it has functionality. The main reason the iOS is fast is cos its full of "sleight of hand"-effects and lacks features (The browser is fast and smooth due to no Flash as one of the reasons).

Also remember that we see ur IP so don't try to agree with yourself as another person. I'm not sure if you tried to do that but the 3 different messages with the same crap content would indicate that

  • Gerald

Savor, 28 Sep 2010So much hype and delay for this Nokia N8 which has OUTDATED spec... morehey can i ask you something?? yeah your right symbian is dying and it is freaking old but dude compare it to android phones they easily ran out of battery compared to symbian os. . . huh?

  • rakesh

NOKIA N8 is the best phone ... chutio