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  • Diego

At the website of Nokia it says that the N8 has "Office document editors", which is a very important app for those who are looking for a complete smartphone. You should correct that (because here it says only that its document viewer) to verify if this this is real or if Nokia its lying on its website.
Check it here if you want:­ia-n8/specifications#Software_applications

  • Anonymous

Sony and Nokia!, 22 Sep 2010They won't fail you, I've been using Nokia for years too and I'v... morei am ALSO used Nokia few years ago!
Only TWO models not dissapointed E51 and 5800...
Other models is STUPID and outdated... like N8!!!
Nokia have ugly fonts, menus, OS everything is OLD and OUTDATED!
No innovation from long time...
Shame you Nokia!!!

  • brap

HDMI link for viewing your videos on the big screen - very niiiice

  • Anonymous

wht should i pick N8 or moto milestone wid 8MP camera???

  • Coon

What do you pick from N8, Blackberry Torch, or Iphone 4?

  • i

i hav nokia n80 totaly slow phone frezzz alot so many problem

  • Sony and Nokia!

Amardeep, 22 Sep 2010bought my first Nokia in 1995 since then buying always Nokia, ve... moreThey won't fail you, I've been using Nokia for years too and I've NEVER been disappointed, it will be worth the wait!

  • Ali Abdulla

N8 Boy, 22 Sep 2010i can sure my borther , you will be very very sad in the next 2 ... morei was kidding :)

  • Wheez

[deleted post]And why's that? I'm pretty sure featurewise it will still be 2nd to the N8.

  • N8 Boy

[deleted post]i can sure my borther , you will be very very sad in the next 2 years , unless if you want to pay a lot of mony and bay ipohne and n8 both of them ..........
that's right , nokia dont need Concerned people cant wait for just one month .
for me i will wait 10 month to get the real fancy N8

  • N8 Boy

Does anyone relise that the N8 has A animated wallpaper , thats fantastic , you can also choos to normal wall paper to save energy not RAM memory ... that's a real fancy smartphone .

  • N8 Boy

[deleted post]i was have the same problem my friend , but when i take a round all of devices i see that the keybored was somthing from the past , now you need just a theen device , not havy (with the keybored) , thats the next generation of the smartphones ...... and trust me you will use to it .

  • Xver

N8 or E7... so hard to choose. I guess it comes down to camera & fm-transmitter vs. keyboard & bigger screen

  • R

[deleted post]all u need now is the n8 and your complete mate. if it ever gets here lol

  • N8 Boy

ther are not pictures of this device , i need some nice pictures to zoom in the apps ........... any site or blog to have pictures for the N8 ?
meaning Good Pictures .

  • N8 boy

[deleted post]What do you mean ?

  • Mark

Im so bored of waitin END OF OCTOBER IS TO LONGGG.. omg cnt wait till i gt my hands on this phone.. No one cn beat N8.. So far.. N8 rocks.. Will wait even though its takin long to launch...

  • skt_khulna

Hi, N8 may not be delayed for the early birds... here is the response from nokia USA

"The first shipments of the Nokia N8 are expected to start by the end of September, and consumers in the U.S. are expected to receive their devices thereafter. As with every global launch, when the devices reach customers will vary market to market."­ping/

  • Amardeep

bought my first Nokia in 1995 since then buying always Nokia, very comfortable with the operating system waiting for N8 for long, hope it will give same result as early nokias.

  • feeltch

Can I also make phone calls through FM transmitter in a car or is FM transmitter only working for playing music?