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  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 22 Jul 2010What do you mean "pretend to handle 12mp"? There are ... moreIMO, voting before a phone is released is simply misleading.

I have known this site looking for specs, reviews, users opinions and experiences. I wouldn't be too
happy to have bought a crap phone on its release on day one after seeing it got a 9 / 9 / 9 thanks to 70000 dreamers/thinkers/youtube viewers (maybe there are 1500 real beta testers) without knowing all of that, ever thought about that ?

There are really some nice comments here pointing out all kind of stuff, and sadly many childish ones too.

I just hope that as i said this phone will be performing well due to its late release with so low specs compared to what's currently already out. It seems that many ppl among comments never used many different phones to see how a good performer is and that's why ram and cpu DO really count whatever OS it is, especially when the phone starts to be loaded up with content, contacts, messages etc..

Samsung has been stupid enough this time to copy Apple while releasing near perfect phones with only 5MP cameras and even no flash for one of them.. That's really too bad. I'm pretty sure throwing at least a 8MP cameras at them would have made them to be so much more popular right now. I would have just already bought one of them if they had a 8MP+ camera.
Just compare what they had achieved before with simpler phones like S8300 Tocco Ultra, Pixon 8 & 12 and Omnia HD. sigh.

  • Anonymous

Really nokia 680Mhz only ??? Today anything under 1Ghz is pretty outdated and sluggish, 680Mhz + slow ^3 OS = FAIL!

  • sea-breeze

when ? ? ? we have waited too much ... i think i'll go to the samsung galaxy i9000 .., so boring nokia what r u waiting for

  • Phonepro

Maywell, 23 Jul 2010the processor is too slow... many better phones are out there...The processor is most probably not to slow. The Symbian OS needs less cpu power than the iphone os or android (maybe 2.2 is different but that i haven't tested yet). So important is how fast the aplications run and thats all about how the processor and the applications are optimized. You can't argue that one phone is better than another because it has more mhz in the processor - that reminds me of the good old times when intel had processors with more mhz than powerPC processors but the Mac computers where faster in the benchmarks (I don't like apple :-)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2010Any phone with symbian isn't good, The future is android and ap... moreTher 3GS is a piece of crap that is so limited in operations it may as well been made 10 years ago!!

  • Anonymous

Nothing can beat the Samsung S8500 Wave with it's dolby surround output the 720p HD Video at 30 frames per/sec. 1GHZ Processor and the kick ass new OS BADA.
I have used every type of OS and nothing works as well as BADA. FACT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • manpote

whats really freaking me is the 'usb on the go' feature. Reading USB flash drive? I think this phone s gonna makea change in the mobile world

  • Anonymous

Maywell, 23 Jul 2010the processor is too slow... many better phones are out there...Like?

  • Anonymous

BL-4D used in nokia n97 mini and lots of people know it sucks dude haha whatta shiny piece of junk !

  • Priyank

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2010Any phone with symbian isn't good, The future is android and ap... moreLollz.....buddy just use the compare option on and see how N8 is out running the iphone in almost all the featuers.. :D

  • r 3 b 3 l

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2010Any phone with symbian isn't good, The future is android and ap... moreAny sensible human being knows the 5800 out performs the 3gs. Nokia operating profit has fallen due to the falling price of mobile phones and not due to lost customer base. Expectedly, you couldn't decipher the part that said number of smartphones shipped increased.

And for you info, symbian is by far the most powerful mobile os (if not the most powerful consumer os) there ever was. Not even meego could possibly out perform it talk less android. Go learn something about computers and programming . Your ignorance is annoying.

  • Anonymous

Any phone with symbian isn't good, The future is android and apples os4.

Nokia bring out 100's of different nokia h/sets in one year yet the iphone brings out 1 iphone per year and there's no h/set out there that can even take on the 3gs.

Nokia has lost 2-thirds of profits in there shares and there n8 is all hype and no action its a brick

  • Anonymous

PotaPota, 23 Jul 2010This phone is amazing in specs and features but how can you enjo... moreThe battery low issue is so so so old already pal.
How can you know the batter will always at low before you even try it?
This is just what u think.
I am lazy to explain to you anymore too.
Go and google up the website and see what forums say about the battery consumption.

  • PotaPota

This phone is amazing in specs and features but how can you enjoy all of that when your phone is always says battery low? LOL! Nokia why bL-4d battery? Too bad man!

  • SidewindeR

Anonymous, 23 Jul 2010It is Stupid to say that the processor is slow. because Symbian... moreIn addition, Symbian^3 supports RAM caching. So unused apps will automatically be moved to the cache created in the phone memory to boost performance and free up RAM.
I have something similar to this on my 5233 with latest modded firmware. So even with 128mb RAM, haven't come accross a memory full warning till now. But the factory fw had this problem though.

  • Pppppc

John, 23 Jul 2010Hey IFans, what are you upto, Go download the dedicated iPhon... moreLol!!

  • Cindy

I just heard that the Nokia N8 will have "virtual memory" like the N900! YAY! This means an additional 768MB of RAM will be used from the hard-drive if NEEDED. Yes 1GB of RAM ! S0 Symbian ^4 will be coming to the N8 afterall! Apparantly the processor has been designed so that users are able to Over-clock it to +- 1GHz! And the SCREEN is 800*480 resolution!!!, but Symbian ^3 only works in nHD res, BUT an upgrade to symbian ^4/hackers will hopefully sought this problem out. I can't wait! I just bought an Iphone 4 and I already NEED and upgrade! Go Nokia! I am just sad about that Profit loss news. Hopefully the N8 becomes a best-seller!

  • Anonymous

amit_rulz, 23 Jul 2010exactly... many home screens would create confusion & make ... moreyou're rigth about the home screens and more so the official site says n8 has multiple homescreens and it's number only depends on the amount of free memory!!so as you can see you need no 3rd party app to get more than 3 home screens on your n8!!cheers!!

  • Anonymous

It is Stupid to say that the processor is slow.
because Symbian^3 is Maximum Optimized for the highest Speed , so it don't need too fast processor.
the RAM is the same idea because no one will need more.

  • John

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