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Nokia N8

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  • V

The longer N8 is released, the more market share of smartphone Nokia will lose.

  • Anonymous

futuristic phone!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abhi

i jus wanna know how is its it smooth as xperia x10 and does the phone hang..........i wanna buy it but dont wanna repent afterwards.........

  • Aaron

I think the cpu has been made in such a way so that minimum amount of battery is consumed.. Plus according to the 680 Ghz, the ram and rom is fairly acceptable.. With a 12 m.p camera the phone shows out beauty. But naturally not many people will leave it on 12 m.p of spontaneous picturing.. The flash is superb.. And auto focus is another good feature.. I think this phone is quite unique.. And i hope it reaches the market before september.. But i doubt it.. Samsung is a very good competitor.. But to be frank i really hate it.. Although its quite superior in some case's.. Plastic body is the biggest turn off.. Nokia symbian^3 will not be sluggish like other symbian devices.. The experts will make sure that they make the best.. Because they know that n97 was problematic for many users.. This is Aaron from india.. Have a nice day.. And i will be posting regularly.. So i hope everyone will be familiar with me.. Tc

  • Baracus

I hope this phone has a good virtual keyboard. I think that will be the only thing that may keep me from getting this awesome phone.

  • Anonymous

pass, 08 Jul 2010probably nope, super omoled is a big energy saving inventionYou are right. SuperAmoled is more energy saving than Amoled.

  • pass

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2010TFT consumes more battery than Amoled and SuperAmoled consumes m... moreprobably nope, super omoled is a big energy saving invention

  • Anonymous

joey, 08 Jul 2010guys the release date of nokia n8 is in october http://recomb... moreNokia promised Q3 release and so far they have not indicated of any delay. Of course, some operators may introduce the phone in Q4 rather than in Q3 when they know for sure it is available.

  • blue_pacyfic

rey, 05 Jul 2010Read the manual and hold the power button down for 8 seconds (ju... morethanks for the reply bro, currently i am using a n82 with 8gb memory card, and when it hangs nothing works not even the power button even if i hold it for 10 seconds only way is to take out the battery and then switch it on.... help me fix the problem also the phone gets too slow after switching it on..........................

  • mk

asda, 08 Jul 2010this phone is bad Then what's your phone?
Let me know it

  • Sam

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2010Whats your budget? If you can afford N8, better go for it. Its 1... moreMy budget is around 400 usd. But i am just getting tired of waiting for Nokia, earlier they kept us all waiting for e72, now it is the n8, one of the key reasons for Nokia's downfall in the highend phone market, they just cant keep up with the time and trends, i really like Nokia as well as symbian, it does everything you want, and that too in a simple and familiar way.

  • Anonymous

asda, 08 Jul 2010this phone is badYea, it is a bad phone because it beat your favorite phone to the ground. :)
Its the notorious phone which beat every other phones :)

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2010it should be free with 30pounds contract. You pay 99pounds more ... moreYou mean Iphone 4 is King of failure?

  • asda

this phone is bad

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2010it should be free with 30pounds contract. You pay 99pounds more ... moreiphone 4 is a epic fail with reception issues, faulty sensors and display. how could it be a king?

  • Anonymous

Dwane, 06 Jul 2010Do you think the N8 will be free on a 18 month contract or do yo... moreit should be free with 30pounds contract. You pay 99pounds more to 30pounds three contract you can get iphone4. Iphone4 is a king and N8 is wanna be

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]Whats your budget? If you can afford N8, better go for it. Its 12MP camera phone with Xenon flash. Also you get HD recording and HDMI 5.1 dolby digital output, a unique USB over the air feature, faster data transfer standards even EDGE and GPRS class 33 support ensuring high speed on non 3G networks as well. These is no other phone which can beat this one in terms of multimedia features and finally its from Nokia, so you can always be sure that you phone will get performance updates, new features along with cool goodies like lifetime free navigation with voice guidence preinstalled.

  • Anonymous

wow from 81% a while ago to 86%!

  • Anonymous

Daily Interest rising again! Way to go Nokia.. The fightback has just begun!