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  • Jade

Cindy, 08 Jul 2010If this is Nokia's High-End phone, then why did they decide... more@ Cindy

The Obvi Store has many Apps which are created for the nHD resolution. Higher resolution like 800x480 pixels need a scale optimization of every app. It could be possible to upgrade the n8 to S^4 since its Open Source but the 256 MB RAM makes this difficult.
Better Ressourcemanagement updates could solve this problem in S^4 when Nokia works at this more sensitiv.
in Symbian 3 we have QT integration which allows to install AApps of S^4, S^4 and Meego.
Like i said before the apps would need only a scale optimization because of the different Display Resolutions. To avoid this Nokia uses a nHD display in the N8 because all apss are written for nHD now in the Ovi store. Thats the reason.

  • Cindy

If this is Nokia's High-End phone, then why did they decide to give it an nHD display? 360 x 640 is really old now, and is only best suited for 3.2 inch screen sizes and below. Not even 800 x 480 !!! The current SCREEN can not compete with Iphone 4's AMAZING display or even the samsung galaxy S. If the screen was of a higher-res, imagine how great viewing your 12mp photos and HD videos would be !!!:) The N8 does not need a 1GHz processor people! Remember it is only Symbian^3, so 1GHZ would mean unneccessary power that would drain battery life. Maybe Symbian ^3 only supports nHD sad is that? Maybe an upgrade to Symbian ^4 will enable the screen to show a 800 x 480 res, what do you think?

  • anonymous

Anonymous, 06 Jul 2010NOKIA!!!!! RELEASE N8 ALREADY!!! Grrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!! I ... morealready, already ... this must be a Chinese

  • Anonymous

i dont get wat is its sais symbian evrywere but its is nokias cell. i see it rit ther in the name!! symbian/ nokia do some leerning gsmarena.

like wat if me said its its with a droid but ontop of my nokia 2730 lol

and camera is not close to new like wit 2730 iv had this camera for more thn YEAERS now!!

  • Anonymous

neha, 07 Jul 2010can anyone confirm the price of this cell??????is it just f... moreu r right i m also shock because of the price of this cell..but its true.

  • Anonymous

enable javascript, 08 Jul 2010all nokia device i had told me enable javascript while iam ... morehope so, but before that you can use Opera Mobile (not Opera Mini), Skyfire or DigiaWeb like browsers on your current Symbian phone to come out of that error. Especially Opera is much better than default browser.

  • Anonymous

sneha, 08 Jul 2010ya.. i too want to purchase this but dont know what will be... moreha ha! you yourself want to be sponsered? i will bet money!

  • enable javascript

all nokia device i had told me enable javascript while iam in web browser while it is enable already. Dont know why?! It happens with me on many sites same like hulu.i wish n8 pass this problem.

  • Anonymous

if anyone want to sell his or her n8 then plz tell me the price of this secondhand n8

  • sneha

ya.. i too want to purchase this but dont know what will be its cost.. if i get short of some money then somebody plz sponser rest of the money to me.

  • ambar

neha, 07 Jul 2010can anyone confirm the price of this cell??????is it just f... moreRight. Price will be 370 euros excluding taxes and local subsidies where applicable.
That's what Damian Dinning the project manager had to say.

  • Anonymous

There will be several versions of the device (according to my personal information source). First of all, it is a model with 32 GB of inbuilt memory and music service (for select countries). It will retail for about EUR 425-450 and most likely show up at Nokia World this coming September. The sales will start at the end of this or at the beginning of the next year. The second model is a cheaper one, with less memory, without the 12-megapixel camera. It will be called the successor to the "legendary" model and show up in the second quarter of 2011 at the price of EUR 230-240 (the price of the original N8 will have dropped down to EUR 300-330 by that time). There will also be a senior version of the N8, with a QWERTY keypad and form factor resembling that of the Nokia N97. However, the 12-megapixel camera will have to be sacrificed there, too. It may also turn out to be the first Symbian^4 product, which is still an open question.

  • Anonymous

370 eu!

  • Anonymous

According to that definition, the Nokia N8 has been selected as the flagship by the company in order for the customers to get acquainted with capabilities of Symbian^3 to create a better image for the platform. It is a focal model that will have the maximal sales across all Symbian^3 phones in 2010 as well as in the first half of 2011. Unfortunately, the company cannot make its whole product lineup Symbian^3 only in a blink of an eye, therefore we will observe a collection of models based on several versions of the OS in 2011. The low- and partially middle-end will be represented by solutions based on S60 5th edition. The high-end will consist of devices powered by Symbian^3 and Symbian^4, as well as some MeeGo solutions. It is a whopping zoological garden. That is why Nokia needs a focal model that has the best market potential and, likely, the maximal (for the company, not the market) sales.


i want to know it's price..

  • Anonymous

this is what i call it a a very complete phone (100% perfect)

Waiting to get one . ;)

  • Anonymous

long waits are worthy for a worthy n8!

  • mehna

id wifi in the phone ????

  • Anonymous

iphone 4 daily interest are going down from 92% to 91% and nokia n8 from 77% to 86% wow!

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2010nokia 1100 is better phone than this. no hanging problem, g... morebut 1100 can't record video in hd..., uh, it can't record anything... and the screen is a bit smaller