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  • Anonymous

EEEEEEEEWWWWWWWWWW!!!! FLASH LITE 4.0 wat da hell is that!? afaik android is enjoying FLASH 10! did you hear that flash 10! and 600mhz!! OMG this is another joke from nokia! avoid this phone. literally.

  • Anonymous

Aaron, 08 Jul 2010Yes well i am anyways not amused by the i phone.. The samsung wa... moreother thing, you won't get service support like Nokia from any other brand. This atleast holds very true in India. They have many service centers unlike Samsung and after sales service of Nokia is best. Also, they update their devices frequently to improve performance. Take 5800 for example, this phone has received 8-9 firmware upgrades in last 18 months from launch. On the other hand, Samsung's high end Omnia HD, symbian phone have never been updated! It is still laggy in some tasks and modders themselves have cooked firmwares for their phone but no official from company. But in Nokia, even the low end 5230 have got 5 updates from launch.


V, 08 Jul 2010The longer N8 is released, the more market share of smartphone N... moreYeah,Nokia is taking too much time ! But I trust them,this time they dont want to make any mistake like they did with N97 ! N8 ll b lag free & they ll solve memory problems too ! So,let them take their time ! I dont think nokia ll b lose market ! Bcuz N8 is gonna rock !

  • Aaron

Anonymous, 08 Jul 2010'Symbian ^3 is 180% faster than Symbian^1 and matches the perfor... moreYes well i am anyways not amused by the i phone.. The samsung wave is an ok phone for a 17,500 rs price tag.. Although there are problems like gps and slow to switch from menu to camera plus pc sync. Is also an issue there..the impressive thing about samsung wave is the processer and usable ram.. 5 m.p is good.. But without flash takes down the glory.. I don't like samsung as it displays its model number in the start up.. That really sucks.. Nokia on the other hand has a wonderful start up as usual..

For people who want to make free video calls.. Please download fring.. Fring is a software where you can video talk and call over instant messengers.. Most probably you can use it with 2g tech. But i'm not sure.. You can actually.. 3g will just give you super performance.. Try it out.. If you have another smart phone with a video call camera.. Cheers.. And nokia you rule.. I hope n8 doesn't exceed 22k rs..

  • Anonymous

ppl u say da release is toooo late...but do u know dat nokia is having updates fr this phone evry our better experience wid it...soo...i can only say..BE PATIENT...!!!!

  • izz irfan

Hadz Republic, 23 Mar 2010Good job Nokia...Udahhhhhhhhhhh lama ku tunggu berita baik ini! ... moreso good, aq ske harge die pon x bape mahal hahahhahah

  • Anonymous I expected....iFake is a piece of crap as always and daily interest is going down while the daily interest of the n8 is rising. NOKIA rules the mobile tehnology FOREVER!!!!

  • User

Anonymous, 07 Jul 2010The spec sheet looks good but i think the overall performance wi... moreYeah, it seems great! Anyway, i don't trust Nokia any more. It never releases a reliable phone. For example, can we use the flashlite 4 to watch Youtube or any other web videos?

  • nicks

AMANITA, 07 Jul 2010Yeah,tft display consume more power than amoled !thnks amanita

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]'Symbian ^3 is 180% faster than Symbian^1 and matches the performance speed of most Android phones'
This is what Eldar Murtazin of has to say who has criticized Nokia badly but he is satisfied by N8's performance. According to his second preview of N8, the device is all good now except default browser which is still sluggish. Even if it remains so till final release, you know you have lot of alternatives to default browser. Coming to topic, as per Eldar, his proto is receiving frequent updates and device is becoming more snappier and better. So it is sure that Nokia is still optimizing the performance of N8 and it will be better to wait and to get perfect phone in hand unlike iPhone 4 which turned out problematic because of lack of enough prerelease testing.

  • Aaron

abhi, 08 Jul 2010i jus wanna know how is its it smooth as xperia ... moreIts pretty duffint that the n8 will have a better touch than the x10, as far as processing is concerned x10 is better because of its specifications.. N8 with symbian^3 is a mystery.. You can't comment about its processing speed.. But as far as i'm concerned.. N8 symbian^3 will be a success. More over x10 doesn't have a secondary camera.. Thats one of my main requirement for video call.. :)

  • Sicked

I m completely sicked waiting this think. What are waiting for Nokia? Dont u know u are loosing your market share

  • Ali Abdulla

i'd wait for nokia world at mid sept and decide which handset to aim for

  • Anonymous

blue_pacyfic, 08 Jul 2010thanks for the reply bro, currently i am using a n82 with 8gb me... moreI use n82 as wll, and sometimes have the same problem. Also me disconected bttery and uplod neet soft, i think only wy how to help. Try to reduce applications, but ntohing more i think you could done

  • V

The longer N8 is released, the more market share of smartphone Nokia will lose.

  • Anonymous

futuristic phone!!!!!!!!!!!

  • abhi

i jus wanna know how is its it smooth as xperia x10 and does the phone hang..........i wanna buy it but dont wanna repent afterwards.........

  • Aaron

I think the cpu has been made in such a way so that minimum amount of battery is consumed.. Plus according to the 680 Ghz, the ram and rom is fairly acceptable.. With a 12 m.p camera the phone shows out beauty. But naturally not many people will leave it on 12 m.p of spontaneous picturing.. The flash is superb.. And auto focus is another good feature.. I think this phone is quite unique.. And i hope it reaches the market before september.. But i doubt it.. Samsung is a very good competitor.. But to be frank i really hate it.. Although its quite superior in some case's.. Plastic body is the biggest turn off.. Nokia symbian^3 will not be sluggish like other symbian devices.. The experts will make sure that they make the best.. Because they know that n97 was problematic for many users.. This is Aaron from india.. Have a nice day.. And i will be posting regularly.. So i hope everyone will be familiar with me.. Tc

  • Baracus

I hope this phone has a good virtual keyboard. I think that will be the only thing that may keep me from getting this awesome phone.

  • Anonymous

pass, 08 Jul 2010probably nope, super omoled is a big energy saving inventionYou are right. SuperAmoled is more energy saving than Amoled.