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  • timbs

there r stil mixed views about divx/xvid support,this site say dat it wil some others say it was a misundersanding and it will not, my ? Is simple wil nokia n8 support divx/xvid nativly? Can some1 clear dis up please.

  • Anonymous

Have you all seen the fujitsu docomo F-06B based on symbian ^2? what a pitty these guys are not present in the west. 13.2MP Camera, Full HD 1080p and water resistant. The Japanese! quietly ahead of the pack.

  • Anonymous

Mark, 19 Jun 2010That is because the software is not finished yet. When done the ... morelook...
galaxy, wave, iphone 4 ...etc... is much better tnan n8 with first software and firmware...
"NEW" firmware for N8 is illusion for "better"...
N8 is slow phone, that is fact!

  • Anonymous

Mark, 19 Jun 2010That is because the software is not finished yet. When done the ... moreI wonder such problems are yet to fixed in the N97 and N97 mini which to me suggests the problems is most likely to be not enough RAM.

  • Anonymous

Do the specs of this phone just say that it'll do DivX playback too?

About time.

  • reyals

Symbianworld, 19 Jun 2010Reasons not to buy the Nokia N8: moremost of the reasons they give are easy to solve by nokia with a software update. 30 fps multitouch keyboard and menu appearance can all be updated

  • reyals

philm, 19 Jun 2010It would be nice if n8 had slow motion video and concert hall so... moretoo bad samsung has a terrible support. I8910hd could be great but they let it die on support and firmware update

  • Anonymous

is it play avi and flv videogs? Is it has flash player 10.1 as in n900?

  • Rajdeep

Nokia n8 is better than than others.just see bellow-

nokia n8 -HSDPA, 10.2 Mbps
iphone4 -HSDPA, 7.2 Mbps

nokia n8 -camera 12mp
iphone4 -camera 5mp

nokia n8 -Document viewer (Word, Excel)
iphone4 - ???

nokia n8 -Rs. 21,000 to 23,000
iphone4 -Rs. 35,000 to 45,000

  • Symbianworld

Reasons not to buy the Nokia N8:­uld-not-wait-for-the-nokia-n8/

  • Mark

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2010guys what is the gyro sensor in IPHONE,If you are really hungry it shows you the nearest gyro shop.. Kidding.

It is an addition to the accelerometer.

Accelerometer indicates the change in orientation
Gyroscope indicates absolute orientation

Accelerometer is good for steering etc, Gyroscope will give you an accurate 360 playing field. You can create the 360 effect with accelerometer as well, but it will give you an approximation, not an accurate absolute position.

Hope this helps.

  • zidan

this it will be a most handset is able to be use in all arab countries case they are trust nokia handsets much ever any one elth

  • philm

It would be nice if n8 had slow motion video and concert hall sound effect and divx settings all provide by samsung..I am nokia fanbut they keep ommiting these functions provided by other manufactures..It would bump up sales..Can we get these onto a symbian device these functions even if i have to pay for them..dolby surround or any live settings that create the feeling of nightclub sound would be important to me but unavailable yet in nokias..

  • Anonymous

guys what is the gyro sensor in IPHONE,

  • rajiv

n8 is better phone plz tell me about

  • Dino

It says on Nokia's page that N8 has 640 x 360 pixels not what it says here, so this is mistake

  • symbios

Symbios, 19 Jun 2010This isnt the blog page!! I am expecting great things from this phone its finally released....judging by the quality of photos produced by my Nokia N86, i expect the photos from this phone to blow my mind....the HD recording samples that i have seen appear alot better than what my Samsung OmniaHD produce plus there was no frame skipping!! USB on the Go will really be a usefull feature plus the phone looks great....i can wait own one!! cheers!!

  • Symbios

[deleted post]This isnt the blog page!!

  • iphone ? Blahblahbla

n8 ruLzZz :)

  • heinnee

w0w.this stuff is more good than a iphone 4
also cheaper....hope i can have 1;)