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  • Anonymous

wack, 20 Jun 2010iphone just introduced 3mp and now 5mp but its result is mo... moreBetter in term of what?
Details? sharpness? low light?
I don't think so..
Your statement is not convincing at all.
Please provide sample to support your statement. Thanks!

  • Anonymous

N8 VS Iphone 4, 19 Jun 2010Lets compare USB N8 OTG Support Iphone 4 – Only via it... moreLets compare

N8 OTG Support
Iphone 4 – Only via itunes
Rep- N8 wins

Iphone v2.1 and only A2DP Support
Nokia N8 – Bluetooth V3.0 with A2DP and File Transfer Support
Rep- Most devises are still on v2.1 so you will need to find something with v3.0 to get the benefit of this

N8 – 16GB on board + 32Gb MicroSD card support
Iphone – No memory Card Support
Rep- Does not impede on the phones performance all down to preference

Maps –
Nokia Lifetime Naviagtion service fre
Iphone – ??
Rep- Google Maps available plus navigation is by far better even in beta

Iphone – Old TFT technology
N8 – New AMOLED technology which saves battery
Rep- Arguable. sources that attended the launch were amazed by the it. Others even labelling it the best mobile screen they've ever seen we'll just have to wait on that one.
Flash Support
N8 – Flash Lite support
Iphone 4 – What, no flash support?
Rep-Most videos in flash are encoded in the newer H.264 format which can be accessed by safari
thousands of games in app store
Iphone 4 – Only TV Out
N8 - Dolby Digital Plus via HDMI
N8 Wins though it all depends on what equipment you have at home no TV with HDMI then irrelevant.
3G network
N8 – Pentaband HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1700 / 2100 /1900
Iphone 4 – Quadband - HSDPA 850 / 900 / 1900 / 2100
Rep- Don't know where you got these but if you access iphone spec sheet you will find there's no difference here.
N8 - VGA videocall camera over 3G and Wifi
Iphone 4 - Yes, videocalling over WiFi only,
Rep- Can't find any info that N8 will be able to make video calls over Wifi maybe through third party apps like fring, Video calling over wifi is better anyway.
oh, the I can use my laptop, ryt?

FM Radio –
N8 – FM radio and FM transmitter
Iphone – Oops, no radio here
Rep- FM Radio, on my N97 I could only tune in to 3 stations where over 10 are available so to me it's a waste os space.
FM Transmitter not needed, every good sound system manufacturer adds connection for Apple products, some even use it as a selling point.

And some one said, only the camera is better. Get your facts right.
My Facts are right my friend.

  • Niraj

wack, 20 Jun 2010nothing can compete iphone.iphone touch is best in every se... moreLol Nokia 5 mp carl zeiss produce even better results compare to Iphone 4. N8 will deliver even more natural image.

  • wack

iphone just introduced 3mp and now 5mp but its result is more good than 12mp.

  • wack

nothing can compete iphone.iphone touch is best in every sense.these mobile touh system is't good.check the iphone camera result its all about quality man not quantity

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 20 Jun 2010lastest videos is fact!Exactly which "latest videos" u are talking about?
Please do not compare a phone that is not out with phones that is already on the market.
Else, it is also not consider a fact.

  • Anonymous

r 3 b 3 l, 20 Jun 2010You get memory full warnings when you earn memory full warn... moreSymbian OS is meant to be good at memory management that's why Nokia does not add too much RAM i.e killing of idle tasks, yet all we ever get is memory full errors especially with the current Symbian phones. Try running Four intense apps the N97 and see the damn thing choke up. Why not just give the phones more RAM to avoid all this carry on?


hi this is rahul.ok let me tell u something abot the this mobile it is the one of the best mobile in nokia and also this mobile will kill other mobile with style

  • Nishant

Its a brilliant phn..i have tested a demo unit..excellent phn..if anyone wants to buy it from me contact 9988021414..U can pay me after u receive the phone for ur safety..

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2010Woopy dooo facebook comes pre installed in the N8, believe ... moren97's fm transmitter quality is good by default you can change the equalizer settings which is what i did..and now it sounded as loud and clear as all audio cd's

  • Anonymous

It's Gpu chip will totally outperform I phone 4.


Anonymous, 19 Jun 2010is it play avi and flv videogs? Is it has flash player 10.1... moreIf it doesn't support avi natively,then itz ok! Not a big deal ! We can get a smartmovie easily just like other softwares opera,opera mini,nimbuzz,slick & many otherz ! These all softwares ll b available when N8 ll release! So no worries!
N8 has flash 4.0,it can play majority of videos n content played by flash 10.1 ! Yeah 4.0 is upgradable to 10.1

  • Anonymous

Dubai88788, 20 Jun 2010you Not worry all world people . I AM fine Love Habit Nokia... moreyour welcome and good bye...and be careful...

  • hani

[deleted post]cause of some samsung fans using some kind of program to make mass vote with 1 1 1 last week the rate for samsung wave was 8.7 8.7 8.7 with 9000 votes today around 27000 votes and rate jumped to 9.1 9.1 9.1 , in last 4 months it got 9000 votes how come in 1 week it got more 18000 ?:D stupid people !

  • Anonymous

the cover flow is better than iphone one

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]The x10 is a nice phone for sure.

  • Anonymous

r 3 b 3 l, 20 Jun 2010You get memory full warnings when you earn memory full warn... moreGood point.

  • Anonymous

You just have to learn when you are running to many apps and you wont get memory full message.Nokia phones are top notch.

  • r 3 b 3 l

Anonymous, 19 Jun 2010I admit I just made that one up. I too come from a Nokia ba... moreYou get memory full warnings when you earn memory full warnings. Did you see how many apps she had running in background? Symbian Smartphones are like pcs. When you run too many apps and they run out of ram, then you have a problem. Only a smartphone would warn you while your pc would hang.

  • Anonymous

Mikey, 20 Jun 2010Have you used it? Until you do, whatever you say is opinion... morelastest videos is fact!