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  • kevinaux

from_the_US, 11 Jun 2010I dont know about others, but I feel using a 12MP camera to capt... moreYou don't know and that's the key here. Neither do I nor anyone else know as well. Not until the phone comes out would we be able to truly put the battery life to test. But based on things like AMOLED display, a frugal OS and CPU, it might just pull it off. We hope for the best.

By the way mate, I have an N95 that is a great phone and a great snapper but I still at times carry around a low end Nokia XpressRadio when I face some serious time away from a charger. Although this little devil takes comparable shots to a dedicated snapper, it would be unwise to think any smartphone (or phone) designed within its constraints and limitation would ever replace a dedicated camera with its much larger battery pack on a long vacation.

  • Anonymous

nokia take good care of the ovi store,

  • from_the_US

I dont know about others, but I feel using a 12MP camera to capture pics while away might be an overkill on the battery and processor. If I am a tourist somewhere, I run the risk of running out of battery soon if I go on a clicking spree with this phone. This phone is purely for those who are camera specs crazy and think 5MP does not produce even decent quality pics.

  • Anonymous

Nowadays phone design. Ui design and app store are the most important

  • Anonymous

from_the_uS, 11 Jun 2010The phone design and controls look outdated and ugly. Even the d... moreThe phone design looks great

  • from_the_uS

The phone design and controls look outdated and ugly. Even the display shown in pictures reminds me of 2004 Windows Mobile OS. Overall, looks like a bunch of nerds who have assembled a phone to boast a few features. Girls would never be impressed with a contraption like this.. they will mistake me to a lifeless nerd if I am spotted with one.

Android-based HTC/Moto or an iPhone 4 for me please. Thanks.

  • Anonymous

Is it possible to fax on this phone?
Is the screen resolution enough?

  • Anonymous

iphone killer.

  • Anonymous

hope to see more s3

  • Anonymous

c7 looks ggod.

  • Anonymous

n8 is the most powerful.

  • Anonymous

weeee. ected 4 c7.

  • eddy

Anonymous, 10 Jun 2010and... what is your argument? N8 is better? n8 is the best phone for only $500. ofcourse you'll get better phone with more money, but is it worth-it?
money-wise: 2 samsung i9000 = 3 nokia n8

  • Roy

Best set of features and appealing design! Thats what I have to say. When its hitting the Indian market, a tentative date?

  • Drover

goron goron, 10 Jun 2010im also a computer technician.and if u a gud technician u will a... moreAbsolutist agree. Probably the best phone on the market (fall time). Sadly no keyboard but i guess i can deal with it. And yes CPU speed will be definitely enough for Symbian 3.

  • touraj

Why gsmarena not mention that nokia n8 support mkv video?

  • Anonymous

Various, 10 Jun 2010That question was already answered. I dont want to waste my time... moreand... what is your argument?
N8 is better?

  • touraj

Is it true that the N8 will be able to play .mkv files?

  • Various

[deleted post]500$