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  • Anonymous

vote it 10 10 10!

  • Anonymous

my n8 prototype can play divx xvid.

  • !!!!!

Anonymous, 09 Jun 2010Only problem with this phone: THE SLOW SYMBINA OS Won't pa... morevisit and countdown how many APP for symbian haa!
then you can see what SO have many APP

  • Anonymous

oooh my what a gr8 phone!

  • Anis

rome, 10 Jun 2010can somebody knows when it will be available?Avialable 24th aug, released in stores at first week of september

  • rome

can somebody knows when it will be available?

  • Anonymous

best from nokia!

  • Anonymous

Very much close to perfection,

  • Rishi Raj

Waiting for this dream phone

  • rebel

Dani, 10 Jun 2010People think that it has a 12mp camera and its going to be great... morei still don't get why any rational human being would compare the iphone4 to the N8.

  • Anis

[deleted post]There is many other devices came up, people stoped coming to N8 page .. lol its normal

  • Anis

AMANITA, 10 Jun 2010Yeah u r right,I think only N900 supports divX directly without ... moreyep thats true .. but sad still a powerful device such as N8 would not pre-support the Divx/Xvid


Anis, 10 Jun 2010To support it is something way different than play it by smartmo... moreYeah u r right,I think only N900 supports divX directly without installing any external software,am I right ?

  • Anonymous

hey is this slimmer than iphone...?..


I am waiting for the golden touch :) till then I ll keep dreaming about it ;)

  • Anis

To support it is something way different than play it by smartmovie thingi! .. well i like it that way at least i dunno lol. .. but still sad :(


Anis, 10 Jun 2010No Native DivX playback on the Nokia N8 Sorry guys, the N8 S... moreWhy r u caring so much about dvX support ? It can b easily played by Smartmovie n dvX player and it is easily available for Nokia :p,u know it

  • S

Anis, 10 Jun 2010According to Nokia : The Nokia N8 due out end-August and availab... moreHe he he! I stil think thy should've released it b4 the world cup. Gues i'l probably get it in October. Goodnes its lyk a whole year.

  • hartzzz

:), 10 Jun 2010haha i think what jobs meant by native was iphone to iphone ONLY... moregood one,i think iphone guys have gone mad and keep giving old stuff with highest prices

  • Anis

No Native DivX playback on the Nokia N8

Sorry guys, the N8 Supporting the DivX codec isn't natively, we Had a false information. You'll find the complete list of supported codecs below. You'll find the complete list of Supported codecs below:

Oops. Let me explain. Yesterday we published an article after the Mowbli's Party, during which we had confirmation (by a Nokia representative) that the N8 read DivX.

I think there was a problem with language or words used as Nokia France contacted me to clarify the position of Nokia about that: not playing files encoded with the DivX codec ... See Morenatively on the Nokia N8.

i think what the person at the Mowbli's meant is that it is possible to read files of type "movies. Avi files encoded in DivX" but on condition of re-encoding before! . Here is a complete list of supported codecs official Nokia N8 (natively), directly from Nokia.


MPEG-4 advanced simple profile level 6 30fps 12Mbps. Audio: stereo 48kHz 128kbps
H.264 Baseline, Main & High profiles 3.1 30fps 14Mbps
VC-1 Main profile level 2 03fps 20Mbps
Sorenson Spark VGA 15fps
Real video 10 QVGA 30fps

Streaming Video:

720p 30fps H.264 Main profile
On2 VP6: VGA 30fps
Sorenson Spark: CIF 30fps
Flash Lite 4: Flash 10 compatibility for video

Videorecording :

H.264 baseline profile 3.1 720p 25fps 6Mbps MP4, AAC-LC 128kbps 48kHz stereo.

QCIF 15fps H.263 baseline 1.0 60kbps, 8kHz audio 3gpp 12.2kbps ... See More

Now if you re-encode a file. Avi DivX or Xvid MPEG-4, H.264 and other codecs supported, the file will be read. But it is rather conventional.