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  • Rajesh

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2010Mini n97 has screen brightness issue that nokia have not fixed. ... moreN97 mini has been around since 1 year, I dont think its difficult for a market leader like Nokia to fix this issue. I dont see any reason Nokia will not take efforts to support its sales of N97 mini or to attend to complaints of Nokia users regarding this matter. After all its been long time since this was reported.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 07 Jun 2010horrible os and proc i wanna something speeder ar betterget a netbook... n to make calls pls purchase C2-00 dont forget to bring along a camcoder.... if u into music pls add and mp3/mp4 player

  • Anonymous

Rajesh, 07 Jun 2010Here I am again with my genuine matter how many ti... moreMini n97 has screen brightness issue that nokia have not fixed. It is too bright even it is set to minimum

  • Pengait

Do N8 rating on a website mean a lot to you guys and gitls??
If you want N8 go get it when it is in the market regardless what is the rating.

For me the price is more important.

  • Rajesh

Here I am again with my genuine matter how many times its reported and deleted...I will try to post it again...firstly battery is a biggest mistake...sales of N97 mini has been lagging due to some complaints and one of them is the battery life being short...Mind you N97 mini specs are much much lower than N8...using same battery will only make users struggle to get full day of battery thing is due to high popularity and exceeding demand created by some of the N8 followers will make N8 sell at much higher than actual price atleast for first couple of weeks. The genuine N8 admirers will have to wait till the demand cools down and N8 can be purchased at normal price. The delears and resellers tend to cash in on hype created.

  • LIKE ME!!

[deleted post]Her bro ‘hoe can u say that?? Do u have a proof., actually there is a way to tell whether the person is posting with a diff name., u can tell that by simply looking at the code # below each of every post., like me even if I change my name my code number is still “laH1”., like Engineer Man is code number is “n5QF”.,

  • patience is a virtue

my sister cant wait for this phone to be out on market., she'll going to but this and where goinf to make a video in youtube comapring it with Samsung Galaxy S l9000., lets all see who's is a real monster phone.,^^

  • Awana

I love this phone....I wish I could buy this!!!!!!

  • Engineer Man

Actually I have no problems here. I'm not a dedicated nokia person & I can agree with samsung fans. I've owned samsung, se, nokia, motorola. So I take back my silly comments. My next phone will either be samsung beam or nokia n8 most likley. Whichever turns out to be what it claims to do well, well. That's all.

  • excuse me

Excuse me im not a Nokia haters duh! I just say what I saw., I have 5530 XpressMusic and my Second phone is N900 and I both love it., but I think for this phone Nokia have the edge for camera., but now a days people looking for Smater Phone., and if u want camera then buy a Digicam instead., so thas my coment..

  • Anonymous

Engineer Man, 07 Jun 2010I'm just in an unstable position to swollow my nokia pride badge... moreblah!
beam is slow!

  • Engineer Man

I'm just in an unstable position to swollow my nokia pride badge sooner than was expecting. I may be swayed by the samsung beams beeaty & perfect feature set. Either that or theres too much fudge about to let it go.

  • SO SAD

Ranking of this brand is slowly going down… hhmmmm maybe because many mobile brands today having much cheaper and more smarter phone today.. maybe they are not known by most of people before because of the name of their brand… but they are known now for the smarter phone that they create., and maybe not only phone but other tech… so sad for my brand…


guys.. have you seen the Samsung Galaxy S., my brother already have it.. this phone N8... is no match... the response was very fast.. very very good spec., im a nokia fan before.. but maybe not now....

  • Anonymous

Mark, 07 Jun 2010What are you basing that one?horrible os and proc
i wanna something speeder ar better

  • Mark

[deleted post]What are you basing that one?

  • minjo

Steve, 06 Jun 2010Need A New Phone, Just Sold My Nokia N95 8Gb. Which Phone Is Be... morein my opinion, wait for n8, it has better features than all the others u mentioned...

  • Steve

Need A New Phone, Just Sold My Nokia N95 8Gb.
Which Phone Is Best Do You Think And Why?
Nokia N8 Or Sony Ericsson Satio Or Sony Ericsson Vivaz, Or Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Mini.
Is It Worth The Wait For N8 Release Date Or Not

  • Dubai UAE

people Want Colour 1 GOLD 2 Sliver and 3 Dark Blue please you make colour cover Nokia N8 please you make replay ???????

  • Anonymous

[deleted post]and iphone 3gs is a much cool section than this.. n8 section has recently became pathetic because you samsung and sony fanboys.. GSMarena, you guys are doing great job!! really appreciated and nice to see tom is gone!