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  • VIC

Carol, 11 Nov 2012So, i don't know if i'm right but i found some things after some... moreI have been to mobile technicians and straight-up they told me they couldn't fix my phone once I told them my wifi resarts problem. So, I guess I gotta go to Nokia Care somehow.
But based on my own analysis and your tons of help, I have concluded that there is a single WLAN chip that handles wifi on all N8s. Coz my Bluetooth and FM radio and transmitter still works. So, what messed my WLAN, then? Finally, I've got concrete theories now. First and foremost, I have been using my N8 as a wifi hotspot almost all the time as I got unlimited data so my N8 became like a wifi router for my laptop and other mobile devices in the house. That could've burned the single WLAN chip that handles nothing but wifi. Secondly, my N8's two years old already, so something had to break down. Unfortuntely, it's the WLAN chip. Again, could be because of being overused as a wifi hotspot.
Hopefully, my theory isn't correct and that the WLAN chip maybe just loosened up inside from tons of falls my N8 suffered. But again, my WLAN restarts problem started while I was using it as a wifi hotspot and not from a simle drop of the phone.
My niece wouldn't mind for now if the phone has no wifi. She's enjoying it for all the games I installed on it.
I've got arguably the best phone right now in the 808. It's basically an N8 with twice the specs. I have been taking care of it like a new born baby. No more CFWs, not using it as wifi hotspot anymore, and I'm sure I wouldn't drop it anytime soon. You wouldn't do that on a new born baby, would you?
Get an 808 now, Carol. Ok, it's the best phone out there now. One caveat, it lacks the high-end games the dual and quad cores has. The 808 is the most complete phone you can buy.

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  • Anonymous

amazing phone i m using it. No defect no problems at all wit me. I realy enjoy when i conect wit pc via ovi suite. My great timepass phone realy. It plays any videos upto 720p but some higher resolution videos it only plays music. Nfs game of this mobile is so awesome i never feel boared because my mobile always keeps me entertaining :) and the most favourite feature which i like is the photo/video editing and the usb port feature i plug play pen drives anytime and explore watch muvis etc.. And the phone features like a mini adobe photoshop damn i like it very much. Its truly a multimedia phone no doubt. While i see here people discussing about camera, applications, software format, firmware update, bla blah bla.. To be frank i want to tell u dat when i bought my phone it was belle and later i hav updated to belle refresh. Believe me till now i hav instaled only opera mini, uc browser, nimbuz, assasins creed, asphalt 6 and ebuddy on my phone as i told u it keeps me entertaining whole day and is around 1 yr old. My phone is the best. Uuf my n8, i and my pc are in love wit each other..hihi

  • zenon

please make this phone n8 available for skype videocalls

  • Anonymous

compare to other symbian 3 symbian phones n8 is best

  • Carol

VIC, 11 Nov 2012Hey, Carol, I thought you could help me out with my N8's busted ... moreSo, i don't know if i'm right but i found some things after some research. I repair computers. So, smartphones in general are build after pc idea. Specially the new ones. That's why i've told you it may be the system fault first time. Cause a wlan driver (which is not a standalone driver for smartphones) with errors, can cause serious problems in a laptop or a pc. So, this may be also in smaller devices. You said that you installed allot of times your firmware, so this "driver error" is not the answer. Then i told you it may be the module burned (minding the fact that i don't know exact how this phones are build, and also the fact that i don't have the scheme of them). A burned wlan module in a laptop can cause blue-screens and restarts. Then later i found some insufficient specs about n8 hardware, the only problem is that there were mentioned only the chips (processors) of the n8. So i presume, that chip that is responsive for all connections was in fact the wlan module also. Like what you've have said earlier. The only question for me was, how come? This would have been kind of strange, but minding the fact that i don't know how the smartphones really work was a best answer i could have... Now, i found some n8 teardown page. Also not very intuitive but at least they say that n8 has a wlan module from TriQuint : a Semiconductor TQM679002. i still don't know for shore if this is true. But, if it's true, then module being burned comes more clearly as a: maybe a cause of your phones problem. I would like for an Mobile Technician answer to, but...:). I hope this time you understood me better:)

  • Carol

VIC, 11 Nov 2012Hey, Carol, I thought you could help me out with my N8's busted ... moreHey, i told you some time back that i don't think (anymore) is a W-LAN chip being burned, from exact same motives you said. Cause it may be a multifunctional chip (but, though, there can still be a problem with just the wlan circuits from that chip). i also told you i haven't find out why is this happening to your phone. I'm still looking for answers, but nobody from nokia seems to give a straight one. But: go to nokia store. You said that you have some Mobile technicians there, why didn't you paid them a visit?:) maybe you could find an straight answer of the problem, cause we shore all like to know it:). Anyway, how's your new 808?

  • VIC

Carol, 11 Nov 2012Format it and reinstall the firmware... Hey, Carol, I thought you could help me out with my N8's busted wifi before I give it to my niece. I was wondering, if my WLAN chip is burned, how come my BT and FM radio still works flawlessl?. I thought, well I read actually, that those 3(wifi, BT, FM) relies on one single chip. Why is my wifi the only thing fried and non-working on my wonderful N8?

  • sid

the phone hangs alot and have a lot of software issues!!!!!!!

  • Carol

alu, 10 Nov 2012 my phone after updated, restart and freeze to fix it?Format it and reinstall the firmware...

  • Veda

I uses only Nokia phones and N8 is the best one ever made and i have used a few, My only regret is that there is not another version up from this one, i dont know which phone to get for my upgrade next month, i dont think i will have another phone that will provide me with the service and realiability as my N8.

  • george_k

Anonymous, 09 Nov 2012Purple screen problem on my n8 and it's in the warranty period w... moreyes of course Nokia HAS TO fix the problem if its in warranty. However i don't know if the screen is faulty or if its softwear issue.

  • s

Desmond, 09 Nov 2012can i upgrade to windows phone???No, you won't be able to update to WP8. Configuration for WP8 & N8 are not matching.

  • Anonymous

Among all symbian 3 first generation phones n8 is best

  • alu

my phone after updated, restart and freeze to fix it?

  • Carol

Desmond, 09 Nov 2012can i upgrade to windows phone???Nope!

  • Anonymous

Purple screen problem on my n8 and it's in the warranty period will nokia care replace the screen..plz rply me..

  • sam

how to install Skype for n8???

  • Desmond

can i upgrade to windows phone???

  • FrankdeeeeTANK

Why My N8 does not play some MP4 Movie file (Only audio ) (700-1GB)....with resolution of 1280 x 540 ...However it does play 2gb MP4 File of Avenger (1280 x 720) ....Any inputs from anyone, why this is happening ?