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  • AnonD-50635

AnonD-77781, 17 Nov 2012I am talking about Indian mobile model : Battery backup ... moreSudhakar .. i m from India like you dear..
and your phone must be a faulty one..
May i know when and from where did u purchased it?? is it from Nokia Priority dealer?

  • Laur

mustapha, 16 Nov 2012pls what is the use of the HDMI on top of the n8 between th... morethe use is for TV out via HDMI, you can view your phone files on a tv that supports HDMI, the "old" tv out is the jack 3.5 ...

  • Anonymous

My N8 rulez well I needed a better camera though

  • Mika

When i confuse n8 ya lumia 800

  • Carol

AnonD-50635, 17 Nov 2012What are u saying buddy!!! I am about to buy this phone...... moreI really don't think there is a difference between n8 and the countrys has be bouth. It is not there is a n8 build for every country... I hqve no problems with my battery. Yes, last 24 hours sometimes a bit more more. But. I always talk more then 3 hours per day on it. And play just as much, sometimes i use internet wile talking and my battery still give me 24 hours. Go to s3 and see how they are proud with 12 hours on avarage usage... Pathetic! But this is the smartphone world this days, so the n8 is quite good on it's battery when it last 24 hours. If i use it normaly, like: don't play so much with it and don't talk so much on the phone, it last from 2 to 3 days. Right now i'm on my n8 charged yesterday. Since the last charging i was talking more then 5 hours on it, i played on it, and now i'm using the internet from one hour o it. Still hqve 14% of the battery and i go straight to 24 hours in just about 15 minutes. If i stop using it right now, this 15% WILL take me through the night. But that no go for me cause i will use it. Big time:)).

  • AnonD-77781

AnonD-50635, 17 Nov 2012What are u saying buddy!!! I am about to buy this phone...... moreI am talking about Indian mobile model :

Battery backup is WORST !!!. Read my previous post. It will last only 20 to 24 hours.

Read my previous post.

I have given my mobile to Nokia care. I may get back this month end (may be on 29th or 30th Nov).

Look at the 7th point in main disadvantages section in . Then say.

I don't know the case with foreign Nokia N8-00 models.

  • Ayman

mustapha, 16 Nov 2012pls what is the use of the HDMI on top of the n8 between th... moreHDMI is an interface used to connect your phone to a monitor, tv, or projector.

  • AnonD-50635

What are u saying buddy!!!
I am about to buy this phone...(i m from INDIA too).. ppl please comment on batery backup specially those who have got belle os out of the box..
please... battery backup is must for me.. sold 2 phones in 4 months just coz of this reason..

  • Salman

AnonD-77430, 16 Nov 2012I didn't know people still were commenting on the N8 but si... moreyes dear i am also using n8 from 2 years and its best cell phone but failed in skype video calling and a bit slow in office documents when zoomed.

  • n8 user

when i feel like replacing my n8, i just read the posts here to remind me how great n8 is.

  • Anonymous

Reliable. Never hangs. Long battery life, no decline even after 1.5 yrs. Excellent camera. Can't find a smartphone to replace it with.

  • AnonD-20890

The battery backup of this phone is worst.

It lasts only for 20 hours under 65% display brightness, 30 seconds back light timeout, and ringtone volume at 7, without using WiFi or watching videos, 30 minutes voice call (not continuous) and also no background application.

Please don't buy this phone since battery backup is worst.

If you remove the SIM and memory card, the battery charge gets reduced only 11% (89% remaining) after 24 hours !!!. Then whats the use of this mobile phone?. Remove the SIM and memory card and keep it idle?.

To all :


  • carol

mustapha, 16 Nov 2012and how to update to belle? And the anna and the belle whic... moreAnna ANd belle are quite good and stable. So, at this part they are both good. Belle, people say is faster, i never so the difference to tell you the truth. Belle's UI (user interface) is more eye-candy, this is true, also has some allot of things changed. You can have a look here to see a small comparison between them To install updates you need the usb cable, a good pc and nokia suite, download and install nokia suite from, follow the instructions then plug the phone in. Will tell you to wait cause will install some plugins in your phone. After everything is done hit tools and software update and install. That's it

  • Carol

mustapha, 16 Nov 2012pls what is the use of the HDMI on top of the n8 between th... moreJust wanna ask... Where have you been until now?:). It is like a very old thing, now every phone has an HDMI output. It is for HDMI compatible monitors or TV's. Meaning? You can duplicate your phone screen on a big screen when connected. Here you have a clip on how it behaves on the big screen

  • mustapha

and how to update to belle? And the anna and the belle which of them is better?

  • mustapha

pls what is the use of the HDMI on top of the n8 between the switch and the handsfree?

  • AnonD-77430

I didn't know people still were commenting on the N8 but since I'm here, I'd like to throw in my 2 bits.

I've owned my N8 for a little over 2 years and I can't find myself replacing it with any other phone at the moment.

I'll say little about the camera since it's a given that the N8 is the second best camera phone in the world.

One thing that is a MAJOR suck about this phone is the lack of apps. I don't care what anyone says about the top XX% apps available on Symbian, it's just a plain sad fact that the apps MOST people want AREN'T on Symbian. I wanted and also needed some apps so I bought a Samsung Exhibit 2 Android phone to try it out since it was relatively inexpensive and had decent specs for the price. All I can say is that I hate it. It gets super laggy when the RAM gets full, which happens often. This also affects the phone calls because when the RAM is full, the Answer and Speaker Phone button become unresponsive.

I don't know why people give Symbian such crap since it has true multi-tasking. Not this fake crap that Android, iPhone and WP8 have. In addition to the multi-tasking, Symbian has a true file manager that lets you move your files around at will within the phone's browser or hooked up to a computer. Symbian is quite laggy on the N8 and the apps take a while to launch as opposed to Android which launches it's apps very quickly but I wish Nokia had stuck with Symbian since it would run really fast on today's Dual and Quad core CPUs.

I also love the design of the N8. It still looks and feels sleek in my hands after all these years. The anodized aluminum body has held up really well for me and I like the added touch of having an LED ring around the Home button that acts as a notification light to let me know if I have missed a call or a message.

Since I can't let go of my N8 but still would like to have apps, I carry around a Samsung 7 inch tablet with me. I downloaded an app for the tablet that enables Bluetooth Dial-up Networking to share my phone's internet connection which the N8 handles very well. I do have the paid Joikuspot app for my N8 for Wifi hotspots but the Android tablets can't pickup the Ad-hoc signal that the N8 uses so that's why I have to use the Bluetooth DUN app.

We'll see how long I could go with this setup since carrying 2 devices sucks sometimes. I don't want a WP8 device yet since the apps just aren't there yet and I keep eying the Samsung Galaxy Note 2 because it has the best of both worlds of being a small usable tablet and being a phone.

But if anything, I'm rooting for Blackberry with their new BB10 OS. I feel it's the closest thing to Symbian with it's true multi-tasking and I feel a phone manufacturer should make their own OS.

  • Prit

Super phone

  • Prit

My Nokia n8 phone is super to use internet.
And best to listen music

  • Anonymous

one of the best phone from nokia still rocking