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  • Elephant Man

Ha ha ha ha all this arguing is pointless until you get ur hands on the n8. Its specs on paper might be good to some an bad to others(Tom H)This reminds me of Top Gear. A car can have all the specs but unless the stig tests it u never really know how good it is.

  • Anonymous

wow.. very nice phone.. if i have this phone, i'll stop being a jejemon.. jejeje

  • Tom-Helge

kevinaux, 03 Jun 2010I've been going through some of the previous posts and stumbled ... moreWindows XP can run fine on a Pentium 3 machine with 256 MB RAM.

But so can Windows 7 do to.

So you point is?.

  • Roland

N8 rules :-) When can I buy this phone? I have heard it is going to cost below 400 Euro. Why is so cheap? Will Nokia bring a better spec phone? Usually top end phones cost 600+ and not 400-

  • kevinaux

Scorpion, 02 Jun 2010The latest known hardware requirements for Android are: ē 32MB ... moreI've been going through some of the previous posts and stumbled on a coupe that I feel like rebutting. First of all, this little nugget from Scorpion, the one where you pointed out the minimum requirements for Android machines. What, did you like googled "Android minimum requirements" and just posted from which ever site you stumbled on.­d-hardware/2-android-minimum-hardware-requiremen­ts.html

Please read what you post mate otherwise its going to be quite useless. Did you notice the date of that post (03-01-2008) and the comment that this was the requirement in November the year before.

I too googled and found this site, also from 2008.­nt/pdk/docs/system_requirements.html

So tell me, still think 2.2 will run on your "latest" spec?

  • brynn

Firmware Updates, 03 Jun 2010I am Software developer myself and I will tell you how bug fixin... moreThat was the problem with low c-disk space on nokia n97,,all the patches they kepy applying could only go on the c-disk not the rom..The c space was limited and when they thru out n-gage and other big MB downloads as updates they went on c as well leaving less space..This hyper x person whos been chucking out new firmwares for the samsung i8910 hd found an extra 60MB of free c-dick space by getting rid of bulk that samsung had built in ..What i cant understand is that these devices are expensive so why not chuck in more RAM for starters and increase the ROM leaving more c-disk space it cant cost that much more on top of whar is already an expensive device??

  • Tom-Helge

First i will say that i agre to most of what you said Tom.

Yup, like i said, Nokia N8 will be a good device for what that phone is and for that that device can do.

But the CPU will still be the bottleneck for future OS updates, like getting a totally new OS for example.

The Nokia N8 users should really hope that the hardware specs that's needed for Symbian ^4 will be so low that Nokia N8 can run it.

And the link someone posted here earlier that is:­with-eldar-murtazin-part-1-nokia-n8-leak-market-­prospects-and-symbian3/

That pretty much sums it up pretty well.

  • Mark

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2010Which I agree with him because I don't like IPHONE does suck, but his point was it would not be succesfull. it clearly was.

  • Anonymous

mark, 03 Jun 2010yes, i know those things. he also hated the iphone, and thinks b... moreWhich I agree with him because I don't like IPHONE either.

  • mark

I was just sharing, 03 Jun 2010Hi Mark, I was just trying to share an experts view. He ru... moreyes, i know those things. he also hated the iphone, and thinks bada will rule. smart people make mistakes. sometimes they even do stuff to annoy people. like an ex employer. i am taking his opinion here with a grain of salt.

  • I was just sharing

Mark, 03 Jun 2010it is well documented that this individual didnt like the n8. i ... moreHi Mark,

I was just trying to share an experts view.

He runs

One of the best site for MOBILE REVIEW.

If review is available on Mobile review as well as GSMARENA, I would trust Mobile Review site.

  • Mark

Anonymous, 03 Jun 2010SB: When you were talking about Nokia N8 on Monday, everyone tho... moreit is well documented that this individual didnt like the n8. i personally think its not too bright to dismiss a proto. also, outside of the n900 nokia doesnt have a flagship. n8 is not intended for that, never was. its a camera phone in n8x series. the thing that was missing for eldar was eye candy. he knew this wouldnt be the device.

the guy is knowledgeable, but his assessment of the n8 was based on a proto and false expectations.

why do you not reason yourself, instead of copying someone elses opinions?

  • Firmware Updates

Dev, 03 Jun 2010SHALL run absolutely smooth without a doubt! Unofficial videos o... moreI am Software developer myself and I will tell you how bug fixing works. We introduce new bugs. Not necessarily though.

Now every bug that we need to fix, we need to put some more IF conditions (sometimes remove but thatís very rare), which ultimately is a load on processing because for normal operation, it needs to go through multiple checks.

Now I have never believed on firmware updates or for that matter service packs for OS.

They may be fixing bugs but just check out all the JUNK they leave on your PC.

Fresh OS installation is much better than all these updates. I always believe that the device released from Company should be able to handle all the issues and firmware updates should be only there to introduce new functionalities and not bug fixing.

  • Anonymous

SB: When you were talking about Nokia N8 on Monday, everyone thought that it will be a flagship device. With a flagship like pricetag of 500-550 Euro. But now as N8 was announced, we see that Nokia is not positioning it as a top of the line flagship. Itís a mid-market/mid-tier device, for a price of 370 Euros.

1. No, itís top of the their line, actually. Because Nokia missed this market and nowadays they are trying to change price segments. For example, yesterday, Nokia cut a price of almost all of itís product line. And it was a very good proposition for the market. For one reason Ė nowadays Nokia has to compete with a lot of Android devices Ė and stay competitive. And Nokia brand is not as strong as it was just a few years ago.
2. For Nokia N8, as far as I know, theyíve dropped itís price at the last moment. Itís my assumption, because the price had to be between X6 and between what N97 price was at launch. There will be very few models with higher price this year from Nokia. And if we are talking about N8 Ė it totally is Nokia flagship, because no other product (except for one Ė the same device version, with keyboard), will have higher price.
3. It means that Nokia is trying to change the rules of the game. They produce very cheap phones. E.g. Ė low end phones for India for $10, very cheap phones from 16-30 Euro, and for these phones they have huge sales. If you check the average selling price for Nokia devices, itís getting lower and lower each quarter. Nowadays itís 62 Euro. It means, that high end phones from Nokia are not selling very well. Nokia sees that, and they are trying to play another game. They are trying to sell more cheaper high end devices. They are trying to push more smartphones into the market. And this strategy is very clear in N8.
4. Later this year Nokia will start adding the service ďComes with MusicĒ for free, with some handsets. It means that nowadays this service is not working. People are not buying this service, people are not buying X6, X3 and other phones with CWM. So yes, Nokia is trying to push the prices lower, and N8 is one of the first examples of that, for this year.

  • Dev

Mark, 03 Jun 2010But do you think the UI, good or not, will run smooth, since the... moreSHALL run absolutely smooth without a doubt! Unofficial videos out till now are in agreement to this, even considering phones and so the firmware used for testing stuff is not yet final, a bit improved optimization should be there in final product.o

  • Symbian 3 & N8

Answer Honestly Plea

Is there anyone who claims that Nokia Phone do not hang at all

I am getting all other consulting answers but no one is claiming that it do not hang at all.

Symbian^3 ďcosmeticĒ update

Symbian^3 OS is dismissed as a cosmetic update rather than an upgrade that could put it on a par with Android, iPhone OS or even a featurephone-platform like Samsungís Bada.

Mobile-Review reports (after a Google translation) that it takes decent photos, noting it "is a bit better than the Sony Ericsson Satio," but there's no ground-breaking features in that department. It can record video in 720p resolution, and it's "pretty fast," but only if you haven't loaded it with heaps of tunes, videos and photos. Of course, the N8 is probably just at prototype stage, so things like the multi-touch (which is a similar experience to using the X6 apparently) may well improve/change.

Interview with Eldar Murtazin, part 1. Nokia N8 leak, market prospects and Symbian^3­with-eldar-murtazin-part-1-nokia-n8-leak-market-­prospects-and-symbian3/

1. On the other hand, I understand that N8 is a flagship device, and Nokia believes that this device will save the company, will save the brand, as technological leader. I do not believe in that, because, while Nokia N8 is a good product, itís only ďaverageĒ.
2. I remember Nokia N97. I have used N97 for six months. Itís a disaster. Anssi Vanjoki [Nokia VP] said that user experience with this device was catastrophic. I have been using Nokia X6 for 2-3 months, and, in terms of software, this device is very comparable with N97. So, I already have two devices that are bad, from software side. And when Iím writing about Nokia N8 Ė my main point Ė was about impressions. After bad devices, you have to impress the public, you have to show something very special. 12 megapixel camera is not enough. Because if you have very old fashioned icons in the menu, itís not very good. Itís good that you corrected mistakes in the software. But itís not good when you havenít presented any new features in your phone.
3. Symbian^3 is same Symbian, as S60 5th edition, that runs on Nokia X6, for example. Itís totally the same user experience. If you compare it, letís say, to iPhone OS 4, itís totally different. Because iPhone is living in nowadays, Nokia Ė [is living] at some time, 2-3 years ago. You can not compare user interface, user experience for this handset. The same for Android. Android is not mature, but it is developing very fast. Samsung Bada Ė the same story. Theyíve just shown it, and in terms of user interface, itís much more preferable to Symbian^3.
4. Of course, Nokia has a lot of people who say that they like this UI. That they like traditions, etc; And that they can not move very fast, and make this transition smoothly. But they have to make a cut at some place, and show a totally different system. Or maybe just evolve. Itís up for discussion. But in the end of the day [Symbian^3] is just not impressive. Thatís all.
5. Iíve shown Symbian^3, on different devices, to about 40-50 people in different countries. And I asked them one question Ė ďWhat do you think about this device in terms of software? Do you like it, dislike it? Ē. The answer was Ė ďWell, thatís NokiaĒ. Thatís just the thing -itís nothing new. And when I show around some devices with next Android version, for example, they say ĎWow, thatís Android, but itís different. And I like itĒ. In reality itís not that much different, but people like it, and when you compare it, itís a different user experience.

And it goes on and on. Please visit this page.

  • Mark

Nokia & Qualcomm, 02 Jun 2010And all the people claiming that Nokia do not need higher power ... moreYes, they had issues, but that proves nothing. A Snapdragon in a hardware accelerated UI is stupid. Much better to take A8 with PowerVR SGX.

The could have used the Cortex A8 in the N900 for the N8 too. They did not do it on purpose.

It is not a matter of not being able to do it. It doesnt make sense for this device.

  • Dev

Nokia & Qualcomm, 02 Jun 2010And all the people claiming that Nokia do not need higher power ... moreThey might have thought it for MeeGo but lately its Intel doing that job. Sorry Qualcomm AND too old links BTW.

  • Mark

Dev, 02 Jun 2010Honestly speaking, I am not finding it too much I candy as I was... moreBut do you think the UI, good or not, will run smooth, since the GPU supports it?

Excited about Qt too!

  • Nokia & Qualcomm

And all the people claiming that Nokia do not need higher power processor because itís a OS that needs low processing speed.

But Nokiaís CEO hints of a Snapdragon-powered handset­napdragon-powered-handset/

Also, it wasnít that Nokia never wanted to use High power processor. They were not having any choice because only they had issues with Qualcomm

Nokia and Qualcomm tie up after years in court­0217

"I don't see the markets reacting since the products are expected to be sold only around mid-2010," said Nordea analyst Martti Larjo. "(But) at least the cooperation shows that Nokia is focusing its efforts on the North American market."