Nokia N8

Nokia N8

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  • soni

how to upgrade software sebian to belle............

  • Anonymous

good phone. But ram is low.

  • grover kiran...

it's intersting....

  • kirankumar

  • Lijo

An awesome phone i ever seen & used....after updating it to belle refresh the interface completely changed...!!

  • mayur

I love my n8. it have very good hardware as FM transmitter, 12 mp camera, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Xenon flash, usb on the go & much more........................................

  • Anonymous

The best phone, ever.

  • hams24

Carol, 31 Oct 2012There is no problem with symbian belle in n8. If you do a p... morethanks a lot my frien. that was the perfect reply i wanted.
m definitely gonna get it.

  • abc

awesome phone. love it

  • sumit

I have this phone and i love it. i will recommend you all to purchase this phone.

  • Carol

Anonymous, 31 Oct 2012Hi! I just want to know if this device is capable of Skype ... moreit has skype, but as i was saying earlyer. No videcalling on it:(.

  • Carol

hams24, 30 Oct 2012hey recent N8 buyers with symbian belle preinstalled..!! c... moreThere is no problem with symbian belle in n8. If you do a proper update then there cannot be any problem. So, if it's with belle preinstalled or anna or pr1 if you do a proper update there will be no errors. Though it is better to buy new manufactured ones, cause some first n8 editions had factory problems... And we don't want you to get one of them, maybe still hiding in some stores. It has skype but no video call unfortunately. If you like this phone. Buy it, you will be surprised on how many things you can find on it. If you like to experience.

  • Carol

pisty, 30 Oct 2012hey please can any one help me, am using nokia n8 and my ph... moreyou cannot move your apps from phone mem to mass mem. Why don't you just uninstall them and install them back to mass mem? Also, if you have opera and use it allot, you should delete the data. Opera saves allot of cache files, i always have to clean 10 mb after i use it. You can also delete cache folder from original browser.

  • Anonymous

Hi! I just want to know if this device is capable of Skype for mobile ? thanks in advance !

  • Carol

SUMON, 30 Oct 2012NOKIA N8 its a good cell phon but i face only camra prpblem... moreMaybe you have some reading errors on mass mem. For how long did you have this problem? When this pop-up? Also, how many apps do you have, how many mod's?. Have you ever formatted your phone? Sometimes needs a full formatting if you installed and uninstalled to much on it. Some files are left inside the mem and with time it maybe getting some errors.

  • syalala

lmt, 30 Oct 2012Yes, best phone ever, but not perfect. Mine has broken and ... moretrue. i also had n8 and broke it. even Galaxy Note cant replace it. i still love it, N8 is the best phone I've ever had.

  • lmt

Tomislav, 26 Oct 2012considering how much I paid for this phone I am happy with ... moreYes, best phone ever, but not perfect. Mine has broken and there is nothing to replace it other than another n8.-

  • Anonymous

i m facing a problem on my n8. I noticed that the display color isnt that same like before. The 720p videos while i watch is ok no differrnce same like before. But when i watch some low resolution videos like 360*640p videos the color and contrast does not appear that much clear and vivid like when i bought new. Do anybody hav any idea? Evrythings is ok in the handset but i m just little disapointed by the display colour.

  • hams24

hey recent N8 buyers with symbian belle preinstalled..!!
could any one tell me is there any problem faced by u all because i think the problems most of them are facing are the old n8 users who have updated their fone from anna to belle.
and also would u tell me is skype video call really possible with this fone.????
actually m gonna buy this camera fone only for it fits into my sub 20,000 budget.
but i wanted to if i can make better use of the secondary camera on it..??
questions (former one) for recent buyers nd latter one for the old owners..
please reply..


VIC, 29 Oct 2012Now I'm more confused. I just wanna know how this happened ... moreIm a N8 user plx buy pureview 808 , it has higher ram and better performance