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  • Ray Hipkiss

george_k, 02 Nov 2012@ Ray, Honestly, i'm very glad to hear you after a long lo... more@George_k

Thanks for the kind words.
When I said "I'd be buying into a dead platform", I meant that Nokia will not, in all probability, be producing any new Symbian phones. The 808 Pureview is most likely the last Symbian phone ever. Also, the Symbian OS is in "maintenance mode" which means there won't be any more development for the OS and as of 2016 will be completely killed off.

Nokia's future lies with S40 (Asha) and Windows Phone (Lumia). I am hoping that the Lumia 920 turns out to be a great device because I really don't want to have to leave Nokia for another Samesung/Samdung phone :-D.

All the best.


  • george_k

@ Ray,
Honestly, i'm very glad to hear you after a long long time. (out of topic: after a very itense week of bad mood due to separation with my girlfriend, you really make my day!!! :). Despite your lumia 920 acqusition, i hope your visit will not be temporary. I saw your post to Neil, what do you mean by saying: I'd be buying into a dying platform anyway, i didnt understand it. I've been informed that Nokia will abandon Greece, however i dont know if this is totaly true.
I wish you to have the best xperience with 920 and...all the best!!! Greetings from Athens :)

  • Anonymous

best phone i ever seen

  • N8 user for 2 years

PRITHU, 01 Nov 2012c7 or n8 is best wat's offerN8 is better, but I suggest you to buy another phone because updates with symbian devices is quite poor and Nokia N8/C7 are already obsolete phones. Buy phones that are released this year. You will regret if you buy N8/C7 it was released on 2010 it will make you feel old having this phone, I PROMISE.

  • Ray Hipkiss

Neil, 01 Nov 2012Hi Ray good to hear from you after a long time switching to... moreHi Neil,

It has been a long time but I've been busy with other things.
And yes, I'm taking the plunge and switching to Lumia and WP8.
I've already tried Android but wasn't overly impressed and am not able to get any new Symbian phones in the UK. Nobody is selling them but to be honest, I'd be buying into a dying platform anyway.

All the best.


  • Ray Hipkiss

soni, 01 Nov 2012how to upgrade software sebian to belle............@soni

To update your phone to Belle you will first need to download and install the latest version of Nokia Suite to your PC. Then make sure that Nokia Ovi suite is set as the default USB connection mode on the phone. Go to Settings > Connectivity > USB and tap on Nokia Ovi suite to set it as the default.

Now simply connect your phone to your PC via the supplied USB cable, launch Nokia Suite and click on the software update button.

If Nokia suite says that you already have the latest version then you probably have a SWAP product code. In which case you will need to take your phone to your nearest Nokia Care point to get it updated.


  • Neil

Ray Hipkiss, 01 Nov 2012 Finally, I'm getting the new Lumia 920 on Monday so I ca... moreHi Ray good to hear from you after a long time switching to windows?

  • Ray Hipkiss

Finally, I'm getting the new Lumia 920 on Monday so I can now put my N8 into retirement.


  • mustapha

which nokia phone is the best and latest in the world?

  • anil

today mini update of calender and sms via ota

  • kbasher

i own a n8. but facing bluetooth and low network problem. its giving me such pain.


c7 or n8 is best wat's offer

  • Carol

hams24, 31 Oct 2012thanks a lot my frien. that was the perfect reply i wanted.... moreGlad to be helpful. Good luck with your new acquisition.

  • soni

how to upgrade software sebian to belle............

  • Anonymous

good phone. But ram is low.

  • grover kiran...

it's intersting....

  • kirankumar

  • Lijo

An awesome phone i ever seen & used....after updating it to belle refresh the interface completely changed...!!

  • mayur

I love my n8. it have very good hardware as FM transmitter, 12 mp camera, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Xenon flash, usb on the go & much more........................................

  • Anonymous

The best phone, ever.