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  • nokiaboy

nokia n8 will be released worldwide only in q4, though some counteries will get it before

  • Ali

I hope Nokia get this out by June cause if they don't then they will mess this one up like they did with the N97, htc evo 4G and the next gen iphone will be out next month, who would want to buy this phone in aug/sep. Just a select few maybe.


RONALD, 21 May 2010 more Why samsung is copying nokia (N8) ? (if that licked photo n specs r true) !
Why Samsung is steeling other's specs ?

  • Tom-Helge

Satz, 21 May 2010From Symbian^3 the processor Speed (1Ghz) doesn't matter much si... moreNo matter how you want to spin it. A GPU can't do all the work that the CPU have to do. A web browser can't be run by the GPU alone, any games can't be run just from the GPU alone and so on.

GPU is standing for: Graphics Processing Unit. It only takes cares of anything that have with graphics to do.

So a game can't run good without a good CPU. Period.

Movies contains with graphics even if the movie is made of animation or just normal recordings. And that's why the GPU on computers today can run the movies right from the GPU.

So saying Symbian ^3 will run mostly from the GPU is not right. The GPU in the N8 will helps to get games with good graphics to run, but it doesn't mean it will run them totally smooth.

  • Anonymous

GSM arena forgot to put 28mm wide angle lens.

  • bncp

[deleted post]if u didn't like it u can give it to me, what do u say...

  • loooop

Niraj, 21 May 2010In you dream..? Lolhehehe, i agree with u, he must got one in his dreams, dude it's not even released YET...

  • Niraj

[deleted post]In you dream..? Lol

  • Satz

From Symbian^3 the processor Speed (1Ghz) doesn't matter much since everything from now on will "RUN" on GPU ..

What matters most is the "GPU speed".. this thing has broadcom GPU which has 3-4 times the power of Cortex A8 used in milestone or Droid or 2 times the GPU power of 1Ghz SnapDragon.

It just shows how ignorant you are.

  • Niraj

Tom-Helge, 21 May 2010Well yeah ofc clocking the ARM Cortex A8 CPU's to 800-900 MHz wi... moreThe Gpu of N8 (broadcom bcm2727) is alone capable to record 720p videos @30 fps and take 12 mp photos.. This fact tells that how powerful the Gpu is.. So using arm11 cpu @ 680 is wise choice of Nokia. So this phone dont need arm cortex a8 cpu..

  • Anonymous

Hey, this phone looks pretty good. Any idea when is the release date and an approximate price?

  • Nokia Fan

This phone looks quite brilliant! However, I haven't seen any reviews based on the real purpose of the phone - dialing or texting...

  • Tom-Helge

KID, 21 May 2010well, I have check my fact before, but if maybe I got it wrong, ... moreWell yeah ofc clocking the ARM Cortex A8 CPU's to 800-900 MHz will absolutely help.

But there is a thing you have to realize though, and that is that the test i linked to is compared with Android 2.1. And you know that the Android 2.2 is all from 2 to 5 times faster than Android 2.1 when it's about performance.

So things might look way better for Snapdragon on a device with Android 2.2.

But i still want to see a performance test with a device with ARM Cortex A8 600 MHz CPU against another device with 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU when both of them are running Android 2.2.

And like i also said earlier, you get what you pay the 370 euros for. So it would be impossible to have this phone with a screen that have 480x854 resolution and 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU with the rest the phone have for 370 euros.

So yeah, there is a point for that.

But while i thinks about it. When it's about the CPU again. I know the GPU in the N8 is good though. But the thing is, if the GPU can't fully run all movies from the GPU, like i can do with my Radeon HD 4870 GPU to my computer for example, then the CPU in the N8 is going to have big troubles to run high-definition / high quality movies.

So if N8 can make fully use of the GPU that way, then it's good.

And when it's about games for example, then it will be the same for phones as with computers. If you run a Crysis Warhead with a Radeon HD 5870 GPU with a crappy Intel Pentium 4 processor, your CPU will be a big ass bottleneck.

The CPU simply can't drive the game smooth at all then. You can run the game with good graphic settings and the game will lag badly as hell.

And then we takes it the other way. If you have the best Intel 6 core CPU that was released rescently while you have a poor GeForce 8600 GS GPU, then the GPU can't handle Crysis Warhead on high graphic settings for example.

Here you can run the game totally smooth with medium graphic settings.

So you see what i'm talking about here. Smoothness over eye-candy.

But then, i'm not using a mobile phone as a gaming device either. I use my PC or my Sony PSP for that. So for my usage on my phone, then CPU power over GPU power any days.

  • KID

Tom-Helge, 21 May 2010LOL, saying ARM Cortex A8 is as fast and maybe faster than the 1... morewell, I have check my fact before, but if maybe I got it wrong, then I'm sorry, but some of the review I've read says that an ARM Cortex A8 @600Mhz run on par with the Snapdragon @1Ghz, so I'm saying that if those A8 got overclocked to maybe 800-900Mhz, then doesnt it make them faster??

And besides, let me tell you guys something about mobile device industry, a little bit different from a desktop CPU, in mobile industry, less is more!! The more efficient you can get a phone to run at a lower clock speed, the better!! Cause like I said before, mobile device industry always struggling with a power management on their device, how to make a device have a longer battery life, but with a great performance?? Less is more.

that's why N8 is not using a 1Ghz CPU to run, cause it doesnt need it. Instead, I believe that it would run heavily on the GPU, and that way, it'll have a batter and more efficient power consumption, but with a good result.

And if there's another complain or whining about the hardware, then remember, this is a 370 Euros phone, not a 600 usd or another expensive phone. If you want to compare it with another phone, compare it in the same price range, and tell me if you can come up with a better one!!

  • C-note

My friend in the stone age is stil using his 3310. &seems happy. He says it can send & receive sms & it vibrates. & u ar complaining

  • Bong

Man, I can't wait for the N8 to be released. Hopefully it will be somewhere in between June and July. Can't wait to replace my trustworthy N82.

  • Anonymous

Tom-Helge, 21 May 2010LOL, saying ARM Cortex A8 is as fast and maybe faster than the 1... moreis the i phone 3gs that were tested hv GPU like n900??

  • Tom-Helge

KID, 21 May 2010have you tried N900??? it's blazingly fast, and easily overcloc... moreLOL, saying ARM Cortex A8 is as fast and maybe faster than the 1 GHz Snapdragon CPU is not right.

Take a look here:­-faster-than-snapdragon

Check your facts before you post.