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  • White Boi@ CCi

This is hott!!!! I want one

  • Anonymous

The only way for nokia to have a better market share (again) and handset is to replace the management. IMO, CEO have been there for a while, they need the someone else with the new visionary.

I am pretty sure you guys thinks they need the new directions right?

  • Anonymous

Tom-Helge, 21 May 2010Yes, the GPU will help with the graphical stuffs in the OS ... morehave you ever heard of nVidia? their GPU's are capable of performing in the same way as the CPU, just because a GPU is dedicated to graphics does not mean to be restricted to that, both CPU's in this phone will work to make it fast

  • Niraj

Anonymous, 21 May 2010hey guys can u tel advantage of N8 over i8910,except camer,... moreUsb on the go, bluetooth 3.0, symbian^3 (multitouch, visual multitasking, 3 home screen etc), better video capture, flash lite 4.0 (lite version of flash 10), fast 3.5G, Wifi n, web tv, Ovi maps, firmware support from Nokia, new music player and much much more..

  • Anonymous

hey guys can u tel advantage of N8 over i8910,except camer,pls,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

  • Anonymous

Hi guys.I have been using nokia handsets all my a very big fan of them...Now, ive seen the wonderful features on the N8...and i have bein followin apples iphone 3GS for sometime basically torn apart in the dilemma of which phone is a big fan of nokia but i don mind experimenting to other models...if anybody has any suggestions...pls help!!!

  • cobra

nokia should now manufacture duol sim products

  • son

  • Tom-Helge

Niraj, 21 May 2010Though N8 will be not much fast but still it is able to giv... moreThat's true :-).

Like now, my Sony Ericsson XPERIA X10 is kinda sluggish from time to time because of Android 1.6. But that will be fixed in Android 2.1 / 2.2 when it gets that. So the X10 is going to be really smooth to.

  • Niraj

Tom-Helge, 21 May 2010Yes, the GPU will help with the graphical stuffs in the OS ... moreThough N8 will be not much fast but still it is able to give quite smooth performance..

  • Palash

i just want to say that it is the best phone till now and i want to bye N8 any more.........

  • Tom-Helge

And i forgot to say that running an OS very smooth is a totally different thing than running things really fast.

The GPU makes sure things goes smooth while the CPU makes sure things goes fast.

  • Tom-Helge

Yes, the GPU will help with the graphical stuffs in the OS to the N8, but without a CPU, you wouldn't be able to run a game or any softwares. You wouldn't even be able to start up the OS, simple as that.

No matter how powerfull the GPU is, you still need a good CPU to be able to start programs extremely fast and to be able to load games fast and so on.

And yes, Firefox 4 and that will be GPU accelerated. But it still needs the CPU to be able to start up fast and to be able to run things fast.

The GPU will only help to render pictures and other stuffs in the browsers.

Because if you have the crappiest CPU in a phone with a really nice GPU, it's still gonna take you 5 mins to start the web browser and 10 mins to start a game.

So the CPU still needs to be good no matter what if you want a really fast phone. You can't get away from that.

  • KID

Tom-Helge, 21 May 2010No matter how you want to spin it. A GPU can't do all the w... morehmmm, I think this S^3 will be running a lot using the GPU of N8, cause I've read an article that said so, and the result of N8 running using the GPU a lot is that it'll lengthen the battery life. And yes, GPU is graphic processing unit, and that's one of the thing that will make this phone run it's UI smoothly.

Try running a Windows 7 with it's aero effect on using an old GPU, I bet it'll stutter. But maybe you'll say that UI is not only run by the GPU, memory and CPU also factor in it, yes, I agree, but like I said, looks like this S^3 has been made so that it'll depend more on the GPU rather than the CPU, and remembering that N8 has a powerful GPU, that I guess it'll run pretty smooth.

  • Satz

Tom-Helge, 21 May 2010No matter how you want to spin it. A GPU can't do all the w... moreAre you really that stupid or you just want to act like one ?..

Symbian^3 UI is heavily Hardware accelerated by the GPU ! So was Maemo 5.

Video playback is done by a DEDICATED chip in the SoC.

All aspect of the game you run are processed by the GPU, not just "some" part of the game. Only the initial loading is done by the application processor.

are you saying Arm11 at 680Mhz can run 720p @30 fps mkv movie ?? lol. learn before you start advising other.

other than web browsing everything else is hardware accelerated by GPU.. in future even browsing will be GPU accelerated.(like IE9,FF4 etc)

  • Anonymous

well i think i have seen it all now a dog playing snooker a pink elephant flying and a mobile phone who thinks that it is a spaceship for hobbits what next

yours faithfully

bull ship

general complainer

  • PeeT

New King of the Hill

  • nokiaboy

nokia n8 will be released worldwide only in q4, though some counteries will get it before

  • Ali

I hope Nokia get this out by June cause if they don't then they will mess this one up like they did with the N97, htc evo 4G and the next gen iphone will be out next month, who would want to buy this phone in aug/sep. Just a select few maybe.


RONALD, 21 May 2010 more Why samsung is copying nokia (N8) ? (if that licked photo n specs r true) !
Why Samsung is steeling other's specs ?