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  • Anonymous

kamote, 21 May 2010i dont know why some other guys here complains about proces... moreI agree with you!

  • hopefull

must hav problem with their battery..hope nokia use more powerful battery

  • Anonymous

Shadow, 21 May 2010Pure copy of IPhoneIphone use nokia tech, what is yopur point?

  • Shadow

Pure copy of IPhone

  • Anonymous

Let me tell you who are going to buy this phone when it is released

those old nokia users
those cant afford the featureless iphone but they are smart
those cell phone users need to taste the perfect smartphone
those in developing countries, most of the nations
those who are smart

  • Anonymous

Hey, guy, I have HTC HD2 with 1GHz processor and also I have N97... The difference is incomparable, believe me.

  • Satz

From Symbian^3 the processor Speed (1Ghz) doesn't matter much since everything from now on will "RUN" on GPU ..

What matters most is the "GPU speed".. this thing has broadcom GPU which has 3-4 times the power of Cortex A8 used in milestone or Droid or 2 times the GPU power of 1Ghz SnapDragon.

It just shows how ignorant you are.

  • kamote

i dont know why some other guys here complains about processor speed about battery life about new os and bla bla bla things,all i can say is let us wait for this and try it i owned a nokia 6120 classic before with its 369mhz processor but i dont face any problems at all,you know guys we are the users so we must knew how much we can go with our devices.there is no perfect phone to match our own needs with such price tag

  • Glitting

Looks like most of you don't know what you are saying??Symbian 3 doesn't need much Processor speed and Ram to run fast....N8 is much more than what you think it is...Dolby Digital Plus via HDMI ...bluetooth 3.0...comeon guyz...u shodnt jz hate i fone cz u hate d company....This phone is good...and all those Iphone lovers...Do you have a missed call notification or ur fone???messqage notifications??u lack all these yet u try to complete with your one-way stuffs...Please tell the truth sometimes....

  • Sniff

hey people, look at this: Nokia X6 - 434mhz, nokia 5800- again 434 mhz, but nokia n8 - 680mhz, c'mon that is still slow c'mon that is foolish look at htc's - 1ghz that's very cool.

  • Anonymous

The complaint here in this forum about the nokia phone quality

let me wonder if engineers and researchers at nokia pass their uni cert with first class degree.

If i am nokia ceo, i will fire the icons designers, n97 product team, and post a high salary position for talented designers.

  • Mr Mobile

This phone is a Nokia, so is bound to have endless annoying faults. I'm sure Nokia don't bother to properly test their products before releasing them to the general public, who in turn find the faults and return them to Nokia for repair in droves.
Seriously, has anyone, ever bought a high end Nokia when first released that didn't get sent back within the first three months of ownership!
Nokia make cheap, nasty phones and all their high end handsets are always woefully unreliable.
It also looks awful in that green or orange colours.

  • Adam

KT, 21 May 2010As far i know, Nokia N8 has no side stereo speaker. On pres... moreNokia will release a new phone with 100ghz cpu and 1200 mp in quarter final. You must wait until the end of the world to get that phone, i told you it's awesome

  • Anonymous

Niraj, 21 May 2010When Nokia dont have any 12 mp camera phone you Samsung fan... moreSamsung does not have poor support, they would first need to have a support at all, and THEN you could call it poor.

  • Niraj

RONALD, 21 May 2010 moreWhen Nokia dont have any 12 mp camera phone you Samsung fanboys use to say that Nokia is dying.. And when monster N8 has announced you can't digest it.. Lol. Your Omnia hd2 will be failure since N8 is already here. Not to mention poor support from Samsung.. Lol

  • kabee

is this phone support voip calls...

  • KID

Anonymous, 21 May 2010i have to agree with u dat this is fon is not that bad beco... moreyeah, for those who yearn a high end phone from nokia, this is a disappointment of course. But if I'm not wrong, nokia's planning to release their high end device latter this year, around Q4 maybe? Using either S^4 or meego OS.

Besides, for those who want a high end nokia phone, there's already N900 in the market. And believe me, it's a great phone.

  • Anonymous

KID, 21 May 2010Blablablah too mate, you know, your behavior is what people... morei have to agree with u dat this is fon is not that bad becoz of the price....what a sad case to see nokia abandon those user with higher consumption is like toyota targeting the affordable market....this mayb a good strategy for them to get higher profit by selling more product but its a sad case for those who had been waiting nokia for years....

  • Anonymous

it is 350 usd! i can't find any like that!