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  • Carol

VIC, 27 Oct 2012Had my N8 for quite a while now and now I just encountered ... moreYou said that you did every re-flashing method you know. That means that you've formatted the phone by 3 buttons method, formatted the mass memory and then flashing with phoenix right? Ok, did your phone meet the floor before your WiFi stopped working? Cause this issue can be because of the w-LAN adapter being burned. If everything: formatting, flashing downgrading... does not work, than maybe your adapter is burned:(

  • Anonymous

My N8 suddenly broke. It keeps restarting whenever I use or turn on Wifi. I wanna fix this as I don't want this happening to my 808. Is this hardware-related? Anybody knows how do I fix this?

  • 12xu

Em Yet, 28 Oct 2012I recently bought a N8 NOKIA, I have trouble shooting opera... moreGood morning my friend, can you be more specific so we can help you: You have problem language from the begining, from the first day, you lost language after an update?, suddenly without any reason you lost the language? did you buy N8 from internet or from a shop in your country? do you have access to the shop you bought it?

  • usman

Abhijith, 28 Oct 2012You can make phone to phone videocall using 3g networktell me process of video call

  • Abhijith

srinu, 25 Oct 2012 sri i am using nokia n8 phone. this phone are not wroking ... moreYou can make phone to phone videocall using 3g network

  • digi_bwn-india

I am using N8 for last 1 and half year. It is amazing phone. I never used a phone more than one year, but till now I can not think to replace it.

  • Em Yet

I recently bought a N8 NOKIA, I have trouble shooting operating because of the different type of language appearing in all settings and I only speak english and can not read that language. Therefore operating the phone is difficult.Any one out there experince this can share with me on how to go about correcting that...Cheers!

  • VIC

Had my N8 for quite a while now and now I just encountered the worst prob I could on this phone. Every time I turn on the wifi or try using it for some app, my N8 just reboots/restarts and I've tried almost every re-flash and downgrades and still my wifi doesn't work anymore. Any one encountered this and found a way to solve this would really be a big help as I use my N8 kinda like a router/hotspot all the time.

  • carol

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2012Is brightness on belle extra Buttons different than the one... moreSomething went wrong in my first comment, anyway... I was saying that extra buttons from lanternsoft or from MrAlshahawy are, in fact, deactivating the light sensor from your phone. So you can set a bright level of your choice and that level will be always activated, no matter if it's full sunlight or if it's dark...

  • Carol

harry , 26 Oct 2012thnks dear carol,i tried everything u mentioned in ur posts... moreHey, i'm sorry that i could not help. You may still try to connect your phone to another pc and with another cable, if you can get one. Or if you have a friend with a nokia (any nokia that supports that usb mini-format) you can try his/her's nokia into your pc with your usb cable and see if is connecting. If yes, then maybe your n8 usb support is dead. You can also try the final "resurrection" :) by 3 buttons format method. What sucks about this method is that you will lose all your preinstalled apps (maps, colorize it, photo/video editor store... and the only bugs free way to get them back will be by reinstalling the firmware with phoenix, so you will need your usb to work:)

  • Carol

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2012Is brightness on belle extra Buttons different than the one... moreyes it is, cause extra buttons from lanternsoft or from mr ashalway

  • nitin

this handset lookinn good but a problem with them hang problem in many aplication

  • harry

Carol, 24 Oct 2012It also can be an nokia suite error. Uninstall it, clean th... morethnks dear carol,i tried everything u mentioned in ur posts but i think the prob is related to hardware{usb port of n8}. thnks again for ur replies.

  • harry

iEATapple, 24 Oct 2012i know its ur pc is a problem. f ur pc has a virus, that's ... morethanks everybody for replying to my query, frnds i wanna let u knw that there is no prob. in my pc, when i attach pen drive to pc,it recoznizes pendrive,, so there is no prob. with pc, i think micro usb port of n8 is not working,and also when i make connection with bluetooth of my n8 with pc it connects nd works very well.

  • tomislav

Anonymous, 26 Oct 2012Symbian3 OS would not be able to meet the efficacy of the c... moreWith android I had like bunch of apps that I ended to even using it, its a waste of time, same apps that I used in everyday on android I have on symbian, plus great design phone with of line maps and GREAT camera

  • Anonymous

Rolabouncer, 25 Oct 2012just download ''Belle Extra button'' and increase d brightn... moreIs brightness on belle extra Buttons different than the one from the settings in the phone, like when I go settings brightness all the way up?

  • Tomislav

considering how much I paid for this phone I am happy with it, only 130$ like new condition from amazon, beats any other camera phone besides 808 which I had but is to damn expensive, this is a good fix for a year or two, again main reasons why I got it,very good price, free offline voice navigation, still great camera, beats iphone 5, s3 etc.. design and durability.

  • Carol

Nuwan, 26 Oct 2012 Dear Carol, Certainly it won't fix the screen... But i... moreYou have this problem in 808 to??? Man you are unlucky:)). Sorry, just joking! I don't have this problem, i just tried to explain to the guy that there is no way to fix that screen problem. You can hide it a little, but... Even at full bright when you compare it with a good screen (like mine), man... looks so BAD. My niece has bought this phone because she loved mine. But hers came with the dam* purple tint issue. Maybe her problem is greater then others, but... compared to mine at full bright or not, i can say it is UGLY!

  • Anonymous

Symbian3 OS would not be able to meet the efficacy of the current 4 OS ICS andriod.

  • ajpa

my nokia n8 is very good phone it support better 3Gnetwork.