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Nokia N8

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  • Jack

icedre, 27 Apr 2010the phone looks ugly to me , even if it have 1080p hd 50fps &... moreOnly ugly in green, not in black and silver.

  • Anonymous

just 680 mhz? nokia c5 has 660 mhz at the price of. . . :))

  • Jack

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2010I believe that there’s no one out there who can kill the iphone ... moreThe iPhone sucks and it always has been, people only get dragged into it because of the apps and itunes.

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 27 Apr 2010nokia LIARS! N8 is only animation phone, not yet real... where ... moreIf you don't trust the available infos, and don't manage to check the N8 videos on You Tube, go and see your shrink and tell them Nokia is lying to you.

  • Anonymous

the CPU processing speed of this phone is too weak compared to most smartphones built 2 years ago..

  • Vlad

If phone will not be delayed and review will confirm good screen then I will buy it. At the moment i can see only that battery is not so good N97 has 1500mh this one 1200mh.

I was going to buy Samsung Beam but will choose N8 because it has xenon flash and because I know symbian from long time.

  • Anonymous

Kaushal, 27 Apr 2010Hey frnds, i've got some doubts abt the specs. of N8. The specif... moreYou'll find all the specs here:­kia-n8

  • Kaushal

Hey frnds, i've got some doubts abt the specs. of N8. The specification list at gsmarena shows N8 to b having bluetooth 3.0 nd video recording of 720p@30fps while the initial coverage at the homepage of gsmarena shows it to b bluetooth 2.1 nd video recording of 720@25fps. Plz confirm which of the following is correct?

  • Mutrev

I think that this phone will be THE ONE! It also has a "Dedicated graphics processor with OpenGL 2.0 enables 3D graphics"! Someone forgot to add it to the specs here! ;)

  • r4lph

finally,nokia woke up... two thumbs up nokia! ^_~

  • Anonymous

Is it the end of the world? Did they ACTUALLY go with XENON!!!??? I can't believe it... I'm ready for the N97's successor to come out running Symbian ^3 with the same hardware as this (plus a QWERTY and Snapdragon though)... Come on Nokia!

  • Anonymous

according to nokia site it doesnt have stereo speakers. chk d pics guysss....

  • Anonymous

its got a really impressive spec sheet, but a terrible looking body. They need to work on the design side of things. And also the Sysmbian OS is no longer the best OS in the industry and there are a lot of holes that are fairly obvious.

  • Anonymous

Aqualung, 27 Apr 2010Resolution only 360x640!!! Shame on you Nokia!Are you mad? How much do you want?

  • Bill

While I'm sure the N8 will be a nice phone I honestly think Nokia is a little late to the party with it. Most of the features the N8 offers, with the exception of Symbian^3, HDMI and Wifi N, have been out for awhile with in the SE Satio and the Samsung i8910.

Being a current owner of a i8910 I see no need to toss it in favour of the N8.

  • Aqualung

Resolution only 360x640!!! Shame on you Nokia!

  • Niraj

wow, 27 Apr 2010Come on guys. Lets be honest. This phone is really something. ... moreYou should know 256 mb ram is sufficient to run one application, because this phone have ram booster if you minimize any application it's data will be shift to phone's internal memory or memory card.
If you see 680 mhz processer is good to keep the price low, dont forget it is arm cortex a8 cpu so it could be easily overclocked by 900mhz.
I love its 3.5" screen. If it had bigger screen, then the phone looked bulky, see htc hd.

  • snake

could have been perfect if:

1 GHz processor
a larger screen
android os
why it is HVGA resolution