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  • Stealth

it depends which n8 you got I know allot of people that also have the hanging problem, mine works perfect its never given me this sort problem also update it and youll be happy

  • AnonD-2665

AnonD-51736, 04 May 2012Today Samsung released galaxy S III. N8 is older 2 years ... morei have N8 and I love N808 but it has same belle os n nhd resolution ! I am so dissappointed but I could find a way ! I ll buy a digicam and a new phöne !

  • s at ya

AnonD-51736, 04 May 2012Today Samsung released galaxy S III. N8 is older 2 years ... moream wonderding too dude...!! plannin to buy n8 shortly inspite of it being a 2 yrs old ph... :)

  • AnonD-51736

Today Samsung released galaxy S III.
N8 is older 2 years than this. N8 still has the best camera today. How great is Nokia !!!.
I can't imagine what would happen if Nokia releases 808 pureview based on android with high screen resolution?
Guys can you help me answering my most puzzled question,
Why Nokia beahves by this way and they have the ability to conquer the phone's world easliy? What they meant to do? What are they planning?
I'm really so sad and tired of seeing this great company falling down and I well know they Re the best of best.
Please help me, why that is happening?

  • Ganggang

I have nokia N8 not only the camera is the best of this phone.When i connect it to my desktop it automatically turn any video to its compatibility and whala any video format example xvid,wma,avi can be playable.i dont how exactly it works but its amazing it automatically recommend itself to be playable.Now S3 came up its not comparable to that bec. its only 8MP.for me its the best go ahead and try dont listen to the trolls of this post.

  • AnonD-20711

Deepa Chang, 02 May 2012Biggest mistake of life that I bought this Nokia N8... Plea... moremy guess, you never had the N8 in the first place...

  • Lexyneke

Deepa Chang, 02 May 2012Biggest mistake of life that I bought this Nokia N8... Plea... moreIt is either you are a big lier, or you bought a fake Nokia N8!!! How dare you condemn a masterpiece of all phones in terms of built quality, durability, reliability, call quality, sound quality, Belle-improved UI, great battery life, great connectivity, best in GPS & Maps, the list is endless!!! I restrained myself so much from verbally insulting for such unfounded propaganda!!!

  • maf

The best phone made ever!!!

  • AnonD-7504

loved before buying it, not so after using it first time, even less after few days, now I am frustrated. Except for its camera (which is the BEST!!!!) I guess u cannot plan to use it for anything else, OS BELLE worst!!! and it lags a lot of time while switching b/w apps. Even the review of BELLE update the site have posted mentions it close to android, I would say hell NO!!! If u plan to have very good camera phn under a tight budget then go for it else increase ur budget and buy the best android the market has to offer, camera in it are good generally.

  • Omar Mohamed

Lido, 02 May 2012guys im comfused bet. Nokia N8 Or Sony Xperia Neo ... could... moreGo for Neo.
but you will sacrifice the camera.

  • nik

n8 is simply the best

  • AnonD-28873

babie, 03 May 2012My n8 froze can't do nothing even when I try to shut dwn it... morepress and hold power button for 8 secs until it vibrates

  • AnonD-52014

Anybody plz help, ovi store apps worth INR 5 Or 10 are unable to buy using reliance prepaid gsm. It says price out of range to buy via phone bill.. Plz help friends

  • sanjay

this is the best phone in the world.

  • Worzel

salim, 02 May 2012yes It has upgraded to Nokia belle.. and process is 1Ghz up... more@salim

What are you talking about? The N8's processor has not been upgraded to 1GHz. The RAM hasn't been upgraded to 512 MB either.

  • Anonymous

Hi there , I have a nokia n8 phone I really enjoy it but I don't know how to use the wifi on this phone I do have wireless Internet in my home but how do I get this Nokia n8 to connect to the wireless Internet please help. Thanks

  • neil

AnonD-52984, 03 May 2012i have no problem purchasing app from Ovi store, the store ... moreHi mate i am from mumbai too just wanted to know how have you purchased on the bill because when i try it only gives me the option to buy by card and when ever i try it says payment declined please help also where are you from regards

  • Anonymous

dont call this phone as crap. this is 1 of the best phone nokia have ever produced..

  • AnonD-53085

Amit , 02 May 2012Hi Deepa... Yes I am completely agree with your coments as ... moreHi , I am willing to buy the Nokia N8..Pl. suggest how to take the deal forward...
Bye. DK

  • Sam

Deepa Chang, 02 May 2012Biggest mistake of life that I bought this Nokia N8... Plea... moreMadam Deepa,
I am using Nokia N8 since 2 years, and Believe me it is a very very good phone. It never hangs and it has all those qualities which one smartphone should have.
I am using it for anything which can be done with desktop.
Amazing camera, Great sound quality, many widgets & apps, very nice video/audio player and good browser.
Excellent phone.
You might be keeping many apps open in background, so they are eating your RAM memory and thats making your phone hangs. Pls check.