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  • Anonymous

AnonD-52014, 02 May 2012Bought this master piece 2 days ago... Previously i was usi... moreTry crdeit card

  • AnonD-13049

tating, 30 Apr 2012i have nokia n8 the camera not so clear medyo malabo how to... morehi tating, check the lens, maybe it got smudged by oily fingerprints or dust. then, take photos with a steady hand, i prefer using the camera shutter button than the touch button on the screen. also try to get into the habbit of half pressing the button and then fully press it when the red frame turns to green because that means you are in focus.

  • AnonD-13049

i bought a second-hand nokia n8 and afterwhich i used it as my primary phone - i had a samsung galaxy ace and nokia n97 mini. the nicest feature i like about the n8 is the camera of course, i love the quality of pictures taken with it! and my friends on facebook are quite impressed! the battery life is also good, with power saving mode is on, i recharged the phone after 3 days with moderate use. then the screen, i can read it even under a glaring sunlight outdoors, no need to strain my eyes or rush to a shaded area to read what's on the amoled screen. the build is very solid you would not worry if you accidentally drop it on the floor, i did but the phone did not suffer a major damage, or even a tiny scratch! one complaint though is that the unit i have is experiencing the purple tint from time to time. but with the right amount of brightness setting and theme, you wouldn't notice the tint. overall, i'm glad i go for this phone and i got it a lower price.
nokia phones in general rule when it comes to calling. i struggled first with the qwerty keypad but got used to it eventually. the swype is a good alternative, i switched keyboard input from time to time.

  • Omar Mohamed

sony, 01 May 2012Which fone is better?n8 or nokia701 701

  • salim

Tim, 01 May 2012Guys, do you think this Phone's OS today is upgraded to Sym... moreyes It has upgraded to Nokia belle.. and process is 1Ghz updated... with 512 RAM.. best phone..

  • Jimbo

AnonD-52861, 01 May n8 refuses to come on. the button below the displ... moreYou have to reboot the cellphone press the power button and wait till it vibrates 2times and then turn the power on....

  • AnonD-52014

Bought this master piece 2 days ago... Previously i was using c7.. What to say, just mind blowing smartphone...what realy surpriced me was my n8 played 720p mkv with x264 at 89521 kbps with ac3 5.1 audio like a champ...
But i am in india, ovi store has provided huge price drop for paid apps, and i use a reliance gsm. Yesterday when i tried to buy an app worth Rs.5, i cant purchase it with phone bill says " price out of range to pay with phonebill option". But apps above Rs.25 are working and i can to purchase them, problem with apps below Rs.25. Since about 90% of paid apps in store is below Rs.25, i dont knw what to do.. Anybody plz help.

  • AnonD-46547

Tim, 01 May 2012Guys, do you think this Phone's OS today is upgraded to Sym... moreIt's pretty good,smoother than Anna, also getting small update which is part Belle Feature Pack 1 soon also.

  • Jack

Guys m using Nokia n8 from 5 performance c6 is better than this.and handy.n8 is little slidi.m using both c6 n n8.i loves my c6.n8 sucks,only 1 advantage is cam,dat's al.

  • AnonD-28873

AnonD-52861, 01 May n8 refuses to come on. the button below the displ... morepress and hold power button for 8 secs

  • JayN8

What can I say after moving from Nokia 5800 to N8 is the best,fell in love with the camera the first time i saw it. To be honest I only bought it for the camera but got to love the device on a whole. Have it for over 8 months now and I won't be letting it go even when I buy the 808 PureView. The N8 update to Belle is the best, i must say Belle is the best symbian OS i've seen thus far fast,smooth,just a nice UI,had it (Belle)for over 2 months now and it has never crashed,even when the phone is being stressed(running 8 plus apps @ the same time). Battery life is good and i'm loving my FM transmitter on this bad boy.By the way i've never have any problems playing games on my N8 and i'm talking serious games like Assassin's Creed,Need For Speed, Eternal Legacy,Dungeon Hunter, Shrek Go Kart, Spiderman, Pool, Asphalt 6 and many more. LUV MY N8!!!!

  • AnonD-52861 n8 refuses to come on. the button below the display screen illuminates with light but the phone doesnt come on. it didnt fall from my hand. what could be wrong?

  • mykali

guys...i bought my N8 a few days ago and it was working perfectly. then later i realized that the battery doesnt last as it should for a nokia and device and just today, the phone went off but the button below the screen continues to illuminate with the light. i have tried charging it but it doesnt come to life. what could be the problem?

  • joe

friends tell me an app to read ebooks in n8

  • arunvino

Master in hardware..........

  • sony

Which fone is better?n8 or nokia701

  • Medo

iam using it for like a year and it's the best phone ever !!! don't get tricked by other brands screen's and os systems n8 is a nokia master piece

  • AnonD-28873

AnonD-20711, 01 May 2012Fellow N8 users, the N8 daily interest is impressive, but ... moreyeah n8 deserves to have a high votes

  • AnonD-28873

Ratish, 01 May 2012friends which set is good N8 or E7...reply fastif camera matters to you go for the n8

if not go for e7

n8 over e7
fm transmitter
card slot

e7 over n8
bigger screen
hardware qwerty

the rest of the features are all the same

  • AnonD-20711

Fellow N8 users, the N8 daily interest is impressive, but we are not voting for our phone! Lets all give it some number...