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  • amine

comment établir le rappel automatique dans N8 ?

  • AnonD-2665

hi ray plz help me ! I ve set the installation to E memory ! But still the ovi store is installing the applications to the phone memory !

  • AnonD-17794

I purchased a silver colour N8 two days ago.... now I'm in love with that fone... its really amazing.. the touch screen of N8 is something 2talk is feather touch & enticingly cool.. N8 is loaded with lot of features.. stay tuned for further updates.. my contact 09446 390 593..all N8 lovers & new buyers are welcome for suggestions,help & feedback's..

  • DANZ

nokia n8 has flash lite 4 is true ,but not support flash 10.x ??is wrong...!!check it at has
support 10.1....but not 10.2.

Camera Quality perform use macro modes range 1-5 meters for object.
macro mode enable if u choose an close up mode+contrast up 1 levels..
for brightness use exposure.

  • Dutch

nikitha, 14 Aug 2011dear frnd, u told me don't go for nokia n8 and e6.but some... moreYou are right nikitha. let me clarify you something. i m using both the phones. I am a fan of nokia for its ease and compatibility what so ever it is. like bluetooth with phone, computer headset, speakers anything. it connects easily. this apply to every thing while sync to computer connect wifi etc its very nice. As i said earlier that Nokia N8 is slow as compared to S2.Infact very slow infront of S2.
S2 heats atleast after 2-3 hours of continuous usage say playing games surfing etc.battery life is of max 16 hours of good usage. if only attend calls nd mesg then it is of 1.5 days. On the other hand N8 battery last to 2 days on good usage. In S2 you can download the applications from Internet using the phones connection or a wifi.There is a very long procedure to intall the apps using your computer. In N8 you can do that also.
S2 has live wallpapers you can find n number on the internet too. they look gorgious on your desktop.N8 doesnt have.
S2 has a voice call message means you can just say the message nd it will type then send it to the person you ask. N8 doesnt have that.
S2 has a very bright display. N8 doesnt hae that much.

One more thing I would like to state is that you must have found many comparision videos of camera of N8 and S2. I say that the camera of both the phones are nearly equal. In some cases S2 is better infact.
You dont get a USB on th go cable with the handset.S2 no HDMI output. N8 does have it.S2 has a pathetic sound.
Android is a collection of different phones OS as i said earlier. I love N8 for being original.
So, I suggest that if you want speed, n number of applications, brighter display, very smooth touch go for S2.Battery for 1 day max.
If you need good compatibility, ease, good sound, HDMI output (cable supplied),USB on the go cable included in the box. Battery 2.5 days MAX.

  • Ray Hipkiss

Neo, 14 Aug 2011Please any body tell Me that N8 support Flash 10.1?and what abou... more@Neo.

The N8 doesn't support Flash 10.x. It only has support for Flash lite 4 which is compatible with many video sharing web sites such as youtube.


  • Ray Hipkiss

Anonymous, 14 Aug 2011wat is the videos formate dat n8 cnt play?????? is is youtubes ... moreSupported video formats are DivX/XviD/MP4/H.264/H.263/WMV

You can download youtube videos directly via an app called youtube downloader free from the Ovi store­search&pos=1


  • Anonymous

wat is the videos formate dat n8 cnt play??????
is is youtubes videos downloadable??????? please rply me

  • Sooraj

I purchased a silver colour N8 two days ago.... now i'm in love with that fone... its really amazing..

  • DANZ

symbian anna coming out of region...
n8 is the best ever...
ofcourse it support for future symbian belle OS...

  • Neo

Please any body tell Me that N8 support Flash 10.1?and what about the camera result?

  • Krish

AnonD-3359, 13 Aug 2011i wanna to buy a n8 or xperia arc...plz any1 wud tell me whch 1 ... moreN8 is best

  • nikitha

Dutch, 11 Aug 2011I recommend S2 for you. Inspite being a N8 fan & owing it.dear frnd,
u told me don't go for nokia n8 and e6.but some frnds tell me that the samsung s2 having heating problem,i mean that suddenly it becomes it true or not...and about the battery life too has a problem..plz tell me.awaiting for ur reply..?plz niki

  • AnonD-13383

LMGZSL, 13 Aug 2011Does anyone know if the anna update will improve the smoothness ... moreWHAT ARE YOU TALKING ABOUT???? the nokia n8 plays HD games really smooth......
im not sure what you really want????

  • Janu

Its cam is amazing and a very very big screen.It was really wonderful.

  • Cedrick

i have a white line in the middle of my nokia n8 phone. Can any one tell me how to solve this issue?

  • OthaB

In my 9th month using this ph0ne and we all kn0w the p0sitives. But i'm gna be b0ld and call out all the negatives.
1. The battery! Its a must that i charge my ph0ne EVERY single day. (Heavy user)
2. It is very sensitive to mass storage - I sometimes loose data after disconnecting and safely removing from a pc.
3. My fone blacks out each and every single day. Like I'd be using it then bang it restarts itself... And this only started hapenin bwt a month ago

  • Sun

AnonD-17489, 12 Aug 2011Can any one please tell me is it possible to change my green nok... moreBuy panel at ebay and get changed at nokia care

  • fred

usman ashraf , 13 Aug 2011hey. tell me how can i update my nokia n8 aymbian anna....tell m... moreyou should wait until anna release by the end of october. then just update using software updater

  • Riz

harry s.., 12 Aug 2011hi frnds, i brought this phone yestarday. Now hve been facing pr... moreI think your phone is from the China...
not the original one...
the fake one...
why Chinese always make something that is fake...
like N95 it N8...