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  • celladik

Jam, 28 Jul 2011I had an N8. Had it for 8 months but sold it last month. It... morei dont believe in you. I got mine since it was released and till now i dont have any problem.

  • AnonD-3575

Jam, 28 Jul 2011I had an N8. Had it for 8 months but sold it last month. It... moredude, or should i say troll
symbian phones have a dictionary built in...
go enjoy your games, ill enjoy my bug free nokia

  • omar

n8 is very familar to everyone, they will used in business purpose and more fast service they can reply.

  • Jam

I had an N8. Had it for 8 months but sold it last month. It was a good phone but it gave me problems which got me pissed thus the reason why I sold it. The UI was so slow. Installation of some apps were complicated. Limited apps. There's even no proper dictionary app. The screen had heavy color banding. Battery life was terrible. Although there were some features worth noting like the camera which was the best I've seen on a phone. The USB OTG and FM transmitter were also so handy. But I've now moved on to an iPhone 4. It lacks some features present on the N8 but I hardly miss them. I'm telling you. The user experience on the iPhone 4 is miles better than the N8. User interface is not only eyecandy but lighting fast. Apps open in an literally instant. It's very easy to navigate across the menu even if you're new to the device. My iPhone 4 is jailbroken. I couldn't believe there were so many tweaks that can be applied to it. Jailbroken iOS is probably the best OS there is now, even better than Android. There are also so many apps and games that you can install. Gaming on iPhone 4 is mindblowing. It's like a dedicated console. Sound quality also is so much better than the N8. Volume output is louder. The retina display is so clear and has perfect color reproduction unlike on the N8 which is oversaturated and has color banding. This is the best device ever. If you can afford the iPhone 4 I recommend that you buy it. It is so much better in every way than the N8 except for the camera.

  • Anonymous

nice phone:))

  • celladik

its really nice how many users are being satisfied with this phone.

  • hiddu

[deleted post]yes i will sell u want to buy i live in himalaya mountain,,, just joking yar.
dont be nonsense buying 2nd hand mobile make cry caz you never know how was it any problem may come i.e. IC, RAM, SPEAKER, MEMORY, CAMERA, o god somebody stop me. listen go for new i am sure u will be happy.

  • hiddu

AnonD-15355, 28 Jul 2011I know that Nokia N8 is not the best phone in the world..bu... moreYes! You are absolutely correct, so people who ever reading this judge it, and don’t forget, always comparing with other phone before u buy... Thanks ya,,, i vl give marks 100% out 100%.

  • kb

blazkn, 24 Apr 2011hey..does this n8 have an adobe reader. what files are supported by thi adobe reader

  • AnonD-5490

AnonD-15355, 28 Jul 2011I know that Nokia N8 is not the best phone in the world..bu... morei feel you,it has too small but the output is 3times bigger

  • AnonD-5490

sup n8 lovers,

i downloaded music from ovi using the activasion code they gave me,bt the problem is that the music can only play on the N8, any clue about how the get the software to convert so that it can on any device

  • AnonD-15355

I know that Nokia N8 is not the best phone in the world..but i use everything best on this when i go to trip..i use FM transmitter ( does iphone or galaxy S have? let me guess...NO ) i capture everything around me...i capture like 10000 of picture ( i swear to god 10000 of picture...does Iphone or Galaxy S have 12 MP? hurm.....NO )..and the best of this phone is the design quality...I admit that Iphone have the best design quality.. and Galaxy s design quality is like garbage ( plastic ).....this phone may not give me an entertainment ( Games suck as hell..Internet browser suck always lag..the Symbian OS still behind IOS and Android...thats why i use Galaxy Tab for entertain me )..but this phone entertain everyone around me...If nokia dont have a technology to build 1ghz 1giga Ram please build a highest Megapixels and does have FM transmitter...

  • Phuti

I am about to buy the Nokia N8 tomorrow, so I want to know which applications/softwares can I download to make my cellphone operate much faster and be more entertaining and where can I download these softwares from and their websites please? Thanks in sdvance for your help.

  • hiddu

ahmedra2ol, 28 Jul 2011hi hiddu; Congratulations about ur new phone :D i have my ... morei tried but could not reach, how can i download it? through ovi or where.

  • Isuru

Hey I wanna know the real price of this phone? plz tell me about that....

  • jbpianist21

infoani, 27 Jul 2011no guys stay with nokia. I know we all have endured a lot t... moreyes it is a very much needed improvment nokia did very good with this update, it ironed out some kinks.............

  • mcoy

n8 is better than e7. i suggest if you want to buy and your confuse which you will choose i suggest go fo n8.

  • subas

AnonD-13334, 27 Jul 2011Thanx 4 replying ray thanx a lot.... Does brightness contr... moream also from pkr. my n8 working very fine.. recently i suffer from touch screen not responding problem, but its now ok.. i don't find any purple tint over my screen..n can u tel me how did u buy tht 3$ software..i don't find any way to buy soft in ovi..


i bought my n8 last month because i thought it was (it actually still is) the best phone in the market and you get value for money. i am really happy and impressed with the phone since my needs are really simple, so the phone exceeds my expectations. i just would like to air some quirks that has come forth during my month of use hopefully to learn and be guided by the numerous n8 users and knowledgeable people out there. i know it would be best to bring my concern to the nokia center, anyway, first is my phone hangs, twice where i could not use the phone basically. i naturally turned off the phone and after it's back to normal. next, three times it asked me to insert sim when i have not removed it from its slot, then it restarted itself. it goes offline on its own. i just would like some input, maybe others will benefit from this as well. thanks and more power to all!

  • Reza

Anonymous, 27 Jul 2011dude get out and see what's happening in the world.....noki... moreYou are being sarcastic, right?