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  • Aries

I have Nokia N8, then i'm upgrade firmware to PR2.0 (anna), but the device can't run some application, then i'm go to the nokia care for discuss, and finally i get some repair, but nokia care downgrade my device with PR1.2 after that my device can't upgrade again wit OTA or OVI Suite, please some body tell me how to get upgradeable my device. thanks. soorry o for bad english

  • omskee

joheb, 26 Jul 2011guyz plz hlp me out..i bought my n8 7 days bk...just today i was... morehi, read Director of Photography review, it says no video light as one of the disadvantages for N8

  • AnonD-2186

Anonymous, 26 Jul 2011Is your connection very slow? no, not slow,it's just because our ovist0re d0esn't support paid apps here in PH..

  • jbpianist

joheb, 26 Jul 2011guyz plz hlp me out..i bought my n8 7 days bk...just today i was... morethe nokia n8 is unable to use the flash in video recording because it is a xenon flash and can only go on for half a second, xenon flash cannot be put on during night video recording....

  • AnonD-13334

hey guys while googling i got an app called brigtness control and it had solvd n8 purple tint issue upto 90% .
Nw no purple tint on da clock and no pixalation in tron trailers.
This soft can disable ambient light sensor.
Doesnt eats up battery also.
Ray wats ur opinion?

  • GLUE

I hope Nokia brings -(Nokia N8 edition)- becz I like Nokia n8 design its so Cute, they need to add screen size 4.0 or more and 1.2 dual core chip.

  • AnonD-10525

Been using an N8 for the last 2 months and it blows the Android I was using - out of the water! It does what I wanted in a phone and it does it very well. The BEST camera on any phone!

  • celladik

joheb, 26 Jul 2011guyz plz hlp me out..i bought my n8 7 days bk...just today i was... moreXen0n flash can't be used as video light

  • Anonymous

best mutimedia phone.........not just a smart phone.....more like a genius phone

  • AnonD-15028

N8 ya X7 plzz reply which one is better

  • Robin Shenanigan

joheb, 26 Jul 2011guyz plz hlp me out..i bought my n8 7 days bk...just today i was... moreN8 doesnt support video light..dis is bcoz its having a xenon flash which will get too hot when lighted up continuosly...n free HD games site for N8 is n peace out...

  • lopez

dhruv, 26 Jul 2011hi,, frnds pl help me whethrt i buy nokia n8 or sony errection x... morebuy N8....its cool

  • New user

I'm having a trouble switching off the wireless network on my N8. When i try to disconnect it it's automatically connecting again and again....Please help

  • hussain

am planning to buy n8 but i heard that nokia had drop 15 percent price of n8.but its not effective in market nw. Any 1 knw when its gng to b drop.
....and wn n8 shipping with anna preloaded.

  • rolabouncer

Have been using these phone for the past 4 weeks, i must confess it's a great phone. But please have been unable to make use of Nokia maps, can someone please put me through on the usage. Thanks in advance!

  • joheb

guyz plz hlp me out..i bought my n8 7 days bk...just today i was using my phone to vdo rcrd at night...but the flash didnt work...otherwise it works while takin piks but it was nt wrking while i was recording...i tried many ways,night mode,low light ,almost tried evrythng..but all in there any other way?plz hlp
and plz name a website to dwnld free hd games..
waitin eagerly for ur suggestions............

  • dhruv

hi,, frnds pl help me whethrt i buy nokia n8 or sony errection xperia x10 im confused abt it pl help me

  • AnonD-2912

Mirogate, 26 Jul 2011I have the n8.I used to have many nokia mobiles before mostly n ... moreDear fu}P,

Are you serious when you said that there's no big difference between your old N97 mini and Nokia N8...??
Oh man... That's the so silly... Please read the followings..

1) Don't you see the AMOLED screen's difference in N8?

2) Don't you see how great N8's camera compared to N97's normal camera?

3) Don't you feel the speed difference when you're navigating here and there in N8?

4) Have you ever tried USB on the Go, HDMI features of N8 and can you do those or can you even think about doing those in you N97?

5) How about N8's Xenon flash vs N97 LED flash?

6) How about build quality of Aluminum made Nokia N8 with Gorilla glass display vs ordinary N97?

7) Can you ever play HD 3D game in your Nokia N97? I know you didn't even know about it... N8 has a dedicated 3D accelerator which N97 can't even come closer.. Please try to play NFS Shift or similar HD game in N8 and you wouldn't even look at your N97 again....

8) Have you ever thought that you're comparing out dated mobile with a new one...? 128 MB ram vs 256 MB ram? 434 MHz vs 680 MHz..? High speed Internet Vs Ultra high speed internet? Bluetooth 2 vs Bluetooth 3? 5 MB camera with 12 MP camera?

Do I have to say more...? Really... That comparison is too silly... I know that you didn't know most of above until this moment... So please know what you're saying before saying it... I wonder whether you've really touched an N8 ever....!

  • AnonD-4190

AnonD-2186, 26 Jul 2011Bro, I'm from Phil and here I can't download paid games via Ovi ... moreYes, Light years cooler than 5. Graphics, sound, gameplay, just bloody, u ll get local blutoth or wifi multiplay n online multiplay. Dont think..just get it

  • AnonD-4190

tanmoy, 26 Jul 2011hi man, i m also carrying a n8 , but i cant get such types of HD... moreJust click the store icon on ur n8