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  • AnonD-5490

stink, 27 Jul 2011which is the best choice n8 or xperia x10now rely stink mean
x10 dats an insult,try sgs that mite work and be updated coz you're outdated bro

  • blue

no matter how i mistreat this phone so much by dropped it several times & getting scratch everywhere, but this phone never makes me disappointed..
everything that phone this phone has just feels great for me..
the truth is i was never like Nokia Symbian phone before, but this phone has change my mind & no matter what negative comments or critics that i`ve heard or read, i just love this phone much..

  • saqi

Wich phone is better this one or the n8 one plz answer bcz i want to bye a new phone and i am not knowing what to bye

  • infoani

no guys stay with nokia. I know we all have endured a lot to see nokia n8 compeeting with android. But i've installed anna and it's massive improvement over that old fart symbial^3.. So stay with nokia..

  • AnonD-2665

my favourite appln MOLOME (QT based) exits automatically due to low ram :(

  • New user

AnonD-2186, 27 Jul 2011On the homescreen, tap options and set 'widgets to offline ... moreThank you very much.... It's working.

  • viky

n8 is an awesome phone..with all the HD games,32GB support,and other features makes my n8 to look cool..

  • AnonD-2378

Azharmax, 27 Jul 2011Hi,when im plug my n8 to charging, my phone is going to hea... morei saw this phone and use it. best thing on this phone.good camera,and video,touch( qulity touch is i phone)

bad thing is its not userfriendly.also web browsing too slow.i have motorola quench.its a android phone.beleve me its good phone ,good touch,super web browsing,low battery .but if u are not addicted for long u can save battery 1 1/2 days.

i recomend go for samsung or sonyericsson android phone.thats better.coz android is open software.also its a google. very userfriendly.

  • AnonD-2665

i ve changed ui using n desk 2.6 ! Itz awesome !

  • AnonD-13334

Thanx 4 replying ray thanx a lot....
Does brightness control app degrades the lyf of amoled!!!!!??
Ray m in pokhara (nepal )and I dont think there is any ncc around .
I think here in nepal threre is only one ncc in kathmandu.
And evry one knows poor country poor service quality hahahaha....
I hav read sum comments of europian guys wen they sent there phone for amoled replacement to ncc there phone has been handled carelessly and got serious scratch and many other prblm. nd after all this pain, still there is purple tint on da screen..,.
Hahahahahaha....poor guy 4m poor country got fooled by nokia ....
On the screen side only otherwise this is a grt phone .....
Ray yestarday i hav installed da 3$ app camera pro and whoilaaa .... I m stunneed by the pics it had captured specially pics taken in macro mode mind blowing, superb camera!!!
I think nokia shuld call bak da faulty phones and fix them cause dis is creating a bad impression on da mind of customers all ova da wold .
If nokia will do this they will simply earn respect nd apreciation among da new customers and loyal old customes too....
Any way i hav vry high xpectations 4m anna update hope that will solve the purple tint
And guys plz. forgive me 4 my bad english...

  • Azharmax

Ray Hipkiss, 27 Jul 2011 Azharmax I am using an N8 and the battery life lasts f... moreMr.ray, when im using net browse phone is turn to heat,normaly its cool,how many hours you can use your mobile for net browse,then do you have facebook id? If u have send it. My battrey is average for one day,im using net 2 hours and some calls videos and music, my phone is secondhanded,im going to change my battrey from nokia care center,u think my decession is correct?

  • celladik

its so nice that many of us still admire what n8 can serve to us. Despite of the criticism from android and ios fans

  • Ray Hipkiss

Azharmax, 27 Jul 2011Mr.ray,are you using n8? Whats abt its battry life? After c... more Azharmax

I am using an N8 and the battery life lasts for approximately two days on average. If your phone stays cool during normal operation then everything sounds fine to me.

All the best.


  • Azharmax

Ray Hipkiss, 27 Jul 2011@Azharmax The phone getting warm during charging is nor... moreMr.ray,are you using n8? Whats abt its battry life? After charging its normaly cool,wht u think about this?

  • Anonymous

can i put in a sim card?

  • Ray Hipkiss

Azharmax, 27 Jul 2011Hi,when im plug my n8 to charging, my phone is going to hea... more@Azharmax

The phone getting warm during charging is normal, so nothing to worry about. If it becomes hot to the point of being uncomfortable to hold then there may be a problem, in which case take it to a Nokia care point.


  • Azharmax

Hi,when im plug my n8 to charging, my phone is going to heat, im from srilanka, any one facing this problem, reply soon my dear friends

  • Jana

I've been through most smart phones in the Android world. I've tested Blackberries. I currently also hold an iPhone 4. And Also own a nokia N8 for the last one year. Believe me, despite it's slow OS, it has the best hardware in terms of an anodized aluminum body, AMOLED screen, Gorilla glass display, a 12M sharp shooter with Xenon flash, capability to play many video codecs, HDMI and USB OTG, Dual charging mechanism (via Micro USB and regular charging port) It's a very sensible phone. Excellent Call quality, Good battery life, Good Speaker volume for music, watching movies and calls. What a camera!!! Despite it's so called low processor speed the N8 is nippy most of the time. What more can you want in a mobile. OMG, If this hardware was on the iOS platform!!!! The Androids are good but the battery management leaves much to be desirable. Even with a 2000mAH battery, the Motorola Atrix lasts for just more than a day with medium usage. Can't blame the manufacturers, can we? Good work Nokia! And thank you for a complete box kit with all the necessary cables. Very rarely these days can you find phones with a complete kit.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-1782, 27 Jul 2011N8 if you capture lots of photo (inclusive of documents) an... morethnks

  • Ray Hipkiss

AnonD-13334, 27 Jul 2011hey guys while googling i got an app called brigtness contr... more@ san n 8

The brightness control app does " fix " the purple problem as you say, by setting the screen to a fixed brightness level. However, it's not a true solution as such because the screen is still faulty. In other words, the screen should not be displaying shades of purple or brown when the screen is at it's lowest brightness. A proper fix is to get the screen replaced by Nokia with a good working one. That is easier said than done though. It all depends on the Nokia Care Point you are dealing with.
There is a massive discussion about the purple problem running to 33 pages over on the official Nokia support site. If you have the stomach for it, you can read it at the following link.

The last two pages are more interesting than the rest of it as there are some success stories of people having their phones fixed.
Their are also reports that the Anna update, which some people have flashed onto their phones, also solves the issue as well.

The only problem I have with the brightness control app is it may shorten the life expectancy of the display. So you should use it only on a temporary basis until you find a permanent solution. Also, use it only when needed.

Best regards.