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  • Anonymous

si papi q buena idea y despues para el kilometro 1

  • Anonymous

jajajajajajajajaj digalo q eso lo borran pero los de samsumg

  • Anonymous

AnonD-12557, 01 Jul 2011Every Nokia N8 has a Bad battery life.My question is is it becau... morei have been using this phone 6 months now... The battery life is just fine... :)
i think you should go to nokia care to have your battery checked to have it replace if necessary.. :)

  • AnonD-8058

AnonD-12557, 01 Jul 2011Every Nokia N8 has a Bad battery life.My question is is it becau... morebattry life is a real challenge for smartphones...whatever even if u have made in china or made in finland or made by nokia, the battry life must be same. i heavily use my n8 daily (including camera, voice call, loads of sms, gaming like angry birds, need for speed, hawx, asphalt 5, assassins creed) i listen to music daily, and bluetooth conexion to my battry last 2 full days... try it with another phone or using other os like g2 wont even last for 8 last 1 n8 even made by nokia last 2 full days and im really happy with it

  • pulakesh deka (pens)

the nokia n8 i really like so more because the slim body the style really i like plz make a hendset like n8 within three thousand prize

  • AnonD-12557

Krillin, 01 Jul 2011Very impressed with this phone as opposed to the Iphone - only p... moreEvery Nokia N8 has a Bad battery life.My question is is it because of being made by Nokia (Chaina made)...I heard Made in Finland has a very good battery life.My one is made by nokia..So it doesnt even last a day..Every day 2 hrs talk+20 sms+ 2 hrs browsing..Thats it and it dies..I previously used a 5800...And that had a very good battery life.. :( Pls post your opinion

  • GINA

it is a beautiful phone and i like it so much but battery is the problem.Another thing when you answer the call, the moment the screen touches the skin underneath the ear automatically it end the call, nokia should have made it in such a way that even if the screen toucnes the skin while busy talking does not end the call.

  • Neil

hi friends can somwbody please tell me which os is better symbiansor bellyor anna thanks

  • venkat

GG, 01 Jul 2011Which phone is better,Nokia N8 or Samsung Galaxy SL?1100nokia is best in world

  • AnonD-11610

Reposting Question plz if any body can help???
Nokia Care Center in United Arab Emirates (Al Ain Branch)
they just dont know about Purple tint problem
i asked them it is wrold wide but they say we havnt got any mail from nokia.I ask them to replace my N8 Lcd for this problem but dont think so that they will.
tell me guyz how to convince that Nokia replace lcd for this problem

can i contact nokia online for this problem and ask them to contack that centre.if i can then how ???
plz help

  • AnonD-11610

Prasan, 28 Jun 2011R u nuts?u can necer transfer ur msgs to ur memory card.its like... moreDude i was shocked to see that N8 dont have option to save msgs in Memory Card....
shocked and disturbed tooooooo
cause i usually saved my msgs memories in memory card when i was having N79 and was 100% sure that N8 will have that too but .............

  • shubhang

nice phone but its battery life is short

  • Krillin

Very impressed with this phone as opposed to the Iphone - only problem is the battery life....VERY BAD without using it and no applications open my battery lasts a day and a half! not sure about everyone else

  • contrail09

The N8 is a fine phone. Mine's been with me for about a month now and I must say despite the heavy use I've been pushing on it it feels responsive - albeit a tiny bit slower than when it was first switched on (when it had no apps). The 680MHz processor and 256MB RAM is hardly felt in daily use - comparing it with phones like the Galaxy S, the simplicity of Nokia's operating system (while still dodgy at times) and less-wannabe-computer-more-phone appeal leaves something to be desired about. I guess everyone has their own preferences, but it's not an excuse to relegate this nicely-crafted phone as a league behind the rest. Think of it more like one would a classic car; it may feel dated, but it's very much so timeless, and the N8 is an homage to the phones of old when the rest of the industry is rushing to get ahead.

  • GG

Which phone is better,Nokia N8 or Samsung Galaxy SL?

  • AnonD-12379

After 2011 Nokia should make a new N70 part 2 . It should have 4.5 inch lcd touch screen, 64 GB phone memory, 2 GB ram, 2Ghz dual core processor, 12MP Back Camera, 5MP frond camera, 64 GB memory card support, mego os, infrared ,bluetooth, wifi, ovi maps, radio, .
It will made a history. May be The best smartphone of entire universe. If you are agree with me please post your opinion ,it will force Nokia to made this phone.

  • AnonD-816

Ram too small 256 only, atleast 512 is enough.

  • amir

Shamee, 30 Jun 2011Hi buddies,I can't mute camera sound in my N8, I'm from Qatar, c... morehi,how r u bro

  • bhagwat

jay, 30 Jun 2011whats ur name? from : jayprise of n8

  • cbn

What is the rice in Malaysia now? I want to buy.