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  • Ray Hipkiss

AnonD-5010, 09 May 2011hi sir... can i ask u..? is there also purple tint issue here in... more@bloodberry

I believe the purple tint issue is global, but the only way to find out is to ask at your local store to see an N8, and check the analogue screen saver. If the top half of the clock is purple, the screen is affected. If all the of the clock is silvery white then the display is fine.

All the best.


  • manish

Rohit, 01 Apr 2011I like: I'm from India. I bought this phone Today! This is aweso... morebhai from where did u download the games,may i knw????

  • Bahman.1986

I bought a N8 yesterday... and i am too regretful...
the 12megapixel camera of n8 is too bad and...and when you take a flash enabled photo the results are worst!!!!
the video player has some defects and...
N8 is the worst nokia products...

i have WAVE GTS8500 and i sell it to buy N8 but now i understand the benefits of WAVE...
WAVE8500 IS Very Very better than N8...

  • manish

Guys i hv a quest for u...i downloaded spider man hd from n8 fan tuk quite long time to dowload that game coz that is of 130 MB.Aftr downloading when i tried to install it in my mobile it gave me an error msg..i again uninstalled and tried to install it again still i gt the same error msg...may i knw why that awesome game is unable to play in my mobile,pls assist me what to do coz nw m very frustrated with that srsly i need your help guys????

  • shobhi

great phone fully satisfied but it would have broken the necks of other brands if it would have a 1 ghz processor and 512 ram

  • nabeel

helo im nabeel i have n8 green..its vry simple to use,i really love it.maybe i'll not sell it

  • shaf

is it true that the death nokia n8 problem is fixed for new N8 phones? and what are the chances i get an N8 with these problems?? want to get a phone and cant chose between N8, C7 and X6
(would originally go for the N8 but heard it had the death problems, that is why i want to enquire.. plz give me some feedback.)

  • ali

best phone!

  • Hitch kyle

recently, i released all Nokia phones are similar in technical , they are changing their shapes , but this phone i think , is amazing ..

  • Wiki

I would say diz phone is not bad at all but im not saticfied with touch it is not touch it is push touch phone and cam result is not 12mp i comared it with my iphone 4 there is a big difference iphone 5mp looks like 12mp.....

  • anson

I had use the Nokia N8 for almost 1 month and mine don't have purple tint so far so i feel very fortunate on it since I bought it as second hand set from a supplier. But I had face 1 problem is that the phone when play RMVB video the sound is keep going but the video is lag. but that is not a big deal for me since I seldom use phone to watch video. But I am still waiting firmware update for Pr1.2 or Symbian Anna because I still using PR1.1 version.

  • GEO

hello im geo is that n8 can long last?
i want to buy but i want to be careful before buying that phone.

  • AnonD-5010

Ray Hipkiss, 08 May 2011@Suhanoo. The N8 you have that doesn't have the office edito... morehi sir... can i ask u..? is there also purple tint issue here in riyadh..? or is some one here are from riyadh that having a problem like purple tint issue on there n8... plz.. reply sir...

  • celladik

my friend of mine, got c7 in kuwait and he manage to flash it with pr2.0 although its unofficial one. Is it possible to our n8?

  • rio

Hi! does this software update of N8 improves its camera flash output? N8 is the camera phone King of today but not during night time. My N82's xenon flash is more powerful than the xenon flash of N8.

By the way, where can we see the purple tint that many are worrying about? I don't see it in mine. I bought my N8 ten days ago here in Philippines, dark grey color.

  • ZiiimZooon

Patilan, 08 May 2011Hello guys.... and girls I'm thinking about getting this phon... moreMy N8 doesnt have the problem.. Black is black :)

  • AnonD-3469

Patilan, 08 May 2011Hello guys.... and girls I'm thinking about getting this phon... moreHi! I have a black N8 not for long, but i'm very happy with it, at the moment i don't have problems with the purple screen, it appears only when watching movies on the dark side of the screen. I had Nokia N95 it has the same problem on watching movies.

  • Patilan

Hello guys.... and girls

I'm thinking about getting this phone, so I was wandering if anyone has this phone without the purplish tint ?
Does anyone see the black on the phone as .... black ?


  • zazi

nokia n8 is very beautiful cell i use it but the bettry timming is very short.

  • Ray Hipkiss

SUHANOO, 08 May 2011Hey N8 users, I've found something that MIGHT blow your mind. I ... more@Suhanoo.

The N8 you have that doesn't have the office editor can be easily fixed. Just check to see if it is at version 6.4.324. If it is at a lower version, simply un-install it from the applications manager and restart the phone. When the phone reboots the new updated, editor will automatically be there.

All the best.