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  • mangbecak

hariom, 14 Apr 2011its phone not good camera performencs is avarage only flash &... morewhat do you mean?
it's an awesome phone:
1) it has dual microphone, the other for noise cancellation so that the end listener can hear your voice better
2) pentaband 3g and GSM

and it's an awesome smartphone because it has full connectivity:
1) USB on the go
2) can use it on any networks in anywhere around the world so you're not stuck with roaming fees
3) FM transmitter
4) HDMI output
5) free voice guided navigation
6) free maps for soooo many countries (70 i believe)
7) the camera is not average. it's the best for a phone hands down. it even beat some midrange compact google n8 vs dslr (canon)
8) PROPER multitask (i can play songs, do internet AND play a game with my songs in the background...iphone can do much for 'multitasking')
9) PROPER file manager, so you can delve into your phone memory (like a windows explorer in a computer)

this is what smartphones should be able to do...

what can the iphone do? connectivity issues in america, can't even put your music as RINGTONE (LOL); it's just easy to if you're a grandma/grandpa or anyone else who's technologically illiterate, it's perfect.

it's just a better (TONS better) OS than an iphone, but still lags, in terms of hardware, to symbian phones.

feel free to rip yourself off by buying iphone...

  • Anonymous

just got my nokia n8, its quite good, and its the fastest nokia ive owned, ive owned a nokia 6300, nokia N81(soo awsome at the time), nokia 5330 express music, Nokia 5230 (wind phone), Nokia n86 8mp (sick camera), and now the Nokia N8......only thing that effing pissed me off is setting up the network 3G APN settings, took me like 4 hours to figure out, wow. But thank god thats all done. :) now i can relax and enjoy the phone.

  • Anonymous

hariom, 14 Apr 2011its phone not good camera performencs is avarage only flash &... morei think u dont no anything abt cellphone u no its amzing phone with 12 mega pixels camera

  • Carl

In few words, simply the best phone ever.

  • bounheuang

nokia is total hit and in Laos. Yes, it's a great phone.

  • AnonD-6174

Swiftmichaelo, 14 Apr 2011Pls i'd want to knw, between d nokia N8 and N900, wich is betterN900

  • AnonD-6174

KING, 14 Apr 2011Nokia N900correct

  • shahid

AnonD-6110, 14 Apr 2011I am about to buy N8 in a week , does any one have better option... moredear!
I m using nokia c7 . There is no difference bet. N8 n C7.
But i sugest u to go for nokia X7 which would be in the market in few days. X7 has 4 speakers and quite improved browser so keep using ur older handset till u find X7 in ur mobile market.

  • Anonymous

N8 has all the basic features of a smart phone but smaller screen
E7 doesn't have micro sd slot, if E7 have micro sd slot then N8 will be neglected by the buyers coz most buyers preferred to have a bigger screen with 8mp camera than to have a 12mp camera with smaller screen. So to make the menu sounds more delicious-confusing for the buyers, let all the Nokia's phones incomplete with what the buyers expecting to have in a smart phone. "Business wise!" Same thing with X7, if X7 has front camera, E7 & N8 will be neglected too, because X7 has micro sd slot & wider screen.

Let N8, E7, & X7 compete to each other:

N8 has 12mp camera, pocket friendly size, front camera, micro sd slot
E7 has wider screen, physical keyboard, front camera
X7 has wider screen, micro sd lot, 4 loud speakers

But for me N8 is the winner (against E7 & X7 to make it clear), coz N8 has all what you need.

  • AnonD-3388

n8 can play more than 6hrs of video eeasy!jus finished watching two full length(2hrs) 2gb movies and i had been using 3G to download a couple of apps from ovi, plus music playback. battery is not thaat bad.

  • varun

well i had this phone since 2mnths and be'ieve me,its a really cool phone with such a great pic quality on in..u need nt to pit your handy cam or camera to switch to snaps its all taht u need into..i am pleased with its operating qualities as well...even i am posting my comment via it.

  • KING

Swiftmichaelo, 14 Apr 2011Pls i'd want to knw, between d nokia N8 and N900, wich is betterNokia N900

  • Anonymous

gandako, 14 Apr 2011planning to buy n8,but wondering if i can play facebook applicat... moreyeah you can.....nice phone

  • Anonymous

is it time to change after 8yrs of loyality?

  • Swiftmichaelo

Pls i'd want to knw, between d nokia N8 and N900, wich is better

  • secret_admirer

gandako, 14 Apr 2011planning to buy n8,but wondering if i can play facebook applicat... moreyes it has option of facebook and lot of other options u will definatly love it.

  • CJ

This phone is one of the best phones ever released, I see nothing wrong with it. For those complaining about the rebooting and touch response, OVI etc maybe u ve been sold with the fake or defect one's. This phone ROCKS A MILLION TIME.

  • AnonD-2665

rdca, 14 Apr 2011N8 is excellent camera,hdmi,usbotg,gpu but after using a mont... morehey rdca,wat abt that purplish red screen problem ? Any news ? What r u gonna do ? Whatz ur email ? I would like to b ur friend,if u can ! I am tired of goin to nokia care ! I was watchng movie "mirrors" on my n8 and I was too angry bcoz of reddish colour but I still love N8,just wishing to get a defect free N8 !

  • Anonymous

Anonymous, 14 Apr 2011You are totally right. This comment section has turned into a &q... moreYes, I think its the responsibility of the website admns and moderators. I want to see discussion about N8 here but most of the time I read about superiority of androids and failing of nokia. Why dont people live and let live and why do they want to tell me that I made the wrong decision by buying N8. I mean all the cons of Nokia N8 on one side but can any other phone beat its camera. NO WAY !! I say this because I use it regularly and that was the main reason I bought it. I might be missing on the good features of android phone, but I can live with that, but I do not want to live without the camera on my N8. Thats simple. So my request to all N8 bashers, is to stop moaning, if you cant or dont want to buy it then do not whine, buying a N8 is a very thoughtful decision of all the owners, which would not change by your comments. I also request the moderators to delete all such unwanted comments.

  • rdca

N8 is excellent camera,hdmi,usbotg,gpu

but after using a months now im not happy,

due to very useless firmware update,software update,

after announcing symbian ana, im so disappointed no changes in interface, it same look only icon has changed,

guys its up to you if you want to stay symbian, symbian is good friendly user but not good interface, not so smooth,

this is my last symbian os,

thanks to wheeze,amanity,gitty,,