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  • edward

puRple screen is not an issue. It only affects the scren saver the clock. I have one and thep phone still rocks. Go grab one ane see for yourself

  • playboy

n8 camera with 12 MP, 4000x3000 pixels, Carl Zeiss optics, autofocus, Xenon flash its rlly awesome like anything

  • ME SG

this one can install Adobe Flash Player 10.1?

  • AnonD-112

AnonD-3137, 06 Mar 2011Hi Guy's Can someone please tell me where i can download privac... morecheck on

  • AnonD-112

majid, 07 Mar 2011Im a camera phone lover but as i have seen many bad and over adv... moreMajid, you are very wrong. You can say that the UI/browser/keybpard are rubbish, I can agree, but the Camera by far is the best on the Market no doubt about that.

  • majid

Im a camera phone lover but as i have seen many bad and over advertised camera phones from nokia so im sure n8 is rubbish too.

  • AnonD-112

AnonD-1082, 06 Mar 2011This is not a fan page. This forum gets more hits than the Nokia... moreThe AMOLED screen is not faulty or defected, it's a software issue, I have tried it on my sisters phone and it only happens when you have the Analog clock on, When the Digital clock is on it does not show purple it shows pure black. Go try it yourself and see that this is not true, when the phone is not locked you can see full colors without the excessive purple color, which makes it clear that the screen is not defected.
None the less I bought one and I should have it sometime early this week, I will let you know if it happens on any other programs or photos. :)

  • Anonymous

OMG, too funny....I just saw a HTC commercial (in USA)with one of their phones flying on a helecopter.

Uhhh, nokia had a commercial almost the same for the copycats!

  • celladik

AnonD-2869, 06 Mar 2011I am just letting you know,no need to cover,cos everybody can se... moreHey dude, don't be blind, the amoled issue is true, my two friends have n8 also and they were affected with the purplish brownish thing in screen, lucky me, i dont have any pRoblem with my unit. This serves as a guide for those WHo want to buy n8 in the fuTure, carefully check n8's screen

  • ael35

After using this phone for 1 month, then using a galaxy s for another...I must say that this phone is 3 generations behind the samsung. Sad to see nokia in this condition.

I urge anyone who wants to buy this phone to look at the galaxy s first.

  • Anonymous

AnonD-2869, 06 Mar 2011I'd say poor you because this isn't a Nokia official page this i... moreBecause we don't care for our selves only. We care also for other buyers so that they will buy the Nokia phone that is not defective. If we don't care for others then why we waste our time posting comments here. These what makes the GSM Arena popular, because of the freedom for the mass to post both positive & negative experiences. I don't think Nokia will consider negative comments as destructive criticisms. Negative comments are constructive criticisms that will push Nokia to produce much better products. I strongly feel that the next issue of Nokia phones there is less or no more issue about purple screen because they learned from it. People who wants others to stop posting negative comments are the people that have no right to post anything in GSM Arena, because GSM Arena blog spot is designed for posting both Positive & Negative comments as long as it follows the following rules:

Posting rules

* Please no foul language
* Be polite and use common sense
* English only
* Expressions of hatred based on race/ethnicity, sex, sexual orientation, disability, and religion are strictly prohibited
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* Unlocking discussions are not welcome

If you don't follow the above rules, your post will be probably deleted.

  • AnonD-1082

AnonD-2869, 06 Mar 2011I am just letting you know,no need to cover,cos everybody can se... moreNo. That's not true. There are N8 owners out there who never noticed anything until they stumbled upon a post on this forum about the defect. They tested their units and found out they are affected. I assume they went to Nokia care for a fix but keep in mind that not everyone can go to Nokia Care as some lives far away from the nearest center.

Had they knew about it before then they will surely won't pick a defective unit. This is why it's important to have the public aware of the defect.

  • AnonD-1082

AnonD-2869, 06 Mar 2011I am just letting you know,no need to cover,cos everybody can se... moreThis is not a fan page. This forum gets more hits than the Nokia suport forum about the purple screen. If only rcda had known about the defect when he picked his unit then he would have picked one that's not affected by the purple screen. If I am in the market for a new phone I want to know the pros and cons of it and the defects and faults it may have. Stop trying to control what people wants to post. You are just irritated at him because he's posting something negative like the purple screen defect found on the N8. It's better to have the public informed about the defect so they won't pick a unit that have the purple screen.


very nice phone


very nice phone

  • AnonD-698

now think so its useless to come in gsmarena forum in n8 section bcoz same old stories and comments and problems are seen here everyday since n8 has launched .......

  • SID

very very sexy mobile,.,.,.,.,

  • magnetic

yes the purple screen problem is real. on full brightness it does not show the purple color but it shows poor very poor gradients. there is a gradient test image which is white to black from left to right with smooth gradient. N8 shows this smooth gradient as 10-12 solid blocks. i.e. the ugly difference between the gradient levels are very clearly visible.

  • AnonD-2869

AnonD-1082, 06 Mar 2011Who the hell are you? Let him post what he wants. You own GSMA? ... moreI am just letting you know,no need to cover,cos everybody can see it to be silly to post something useless on fan page which rather should be on Nokia Support page. I am just helping before he gets more silly. Do you have 2 accounts? cos I feel like rcda and anonymous are the same person with different name only. Just try a better way next time ok?

  • Jon

Anonymous, 06 Mar 2011hi just want to ask if anybody had tried uninstalling an applica... moreHi. I was googling mobile anti-virus for N8 and came across a site full of complaints about trying to delete trial version of Kaspersky Mobile. Apparently you have to enter a code which is never given to you when you install it. Go onto the Kaspersky site and query it there. Apparently you have to send in your imei number and some other details. Sorry I don't have the site.
I decided not to install for the above complaints.